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China's Muslim City Where Middle Eastern and Muslim Trader

China's Muslim City Where Middle Eastern and Muslim Traders Ship 10000 containers a day Hui are of Arab Descent and Han consider them shrewd businessmen and are foriegn traders of Silk road. Internmarried with Han and are dispersed through China. Hui of Ningxia province.

China's Muslims Uyghur Xinjiang

Yiwu Mosque and Hong Lou Hotel

Yiwu 300 Km S.W of Shanghai boasts over 300,000 products Fashion, accessories, Electric Sockets and winshield wiper daily 8000 foriegn traders. 75% of 1000 are purchased by Middle Eastern Traders and go to the Muslim world. Muslims have 3000 permanent offices.

Xitu Ji Mosque catering to Chengdu's large Muslim population

Hui Yunnan Province


Think Like Chinese
By Haihua Zhang, Geoffrey Baker


*Reliable data are difficult to obtain, but China's estimated 20 million to 30 million Muslims

*The largest community among the Chinese Muslim groups is the Hui. Numbering about 10 million, the Hui are descendents of Middle Eastern traders and their converts who first traveled to China along the silk route during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-906).

In 2004, for example, large parts of Henan province were placed under curfew after fighting between Hui and Han left dozens dead.

'Muslim restaurants' (8) in Luoyang

For Beijing Uighur Islam was intertwined with ethnic separatism in the western province of Xinjiang

Ningxia's Hui Muslim population's

Yinchuan's Xi Guan mosque

Yiwu Manufactures Attended 63 World Top Exhibitions in 2010

14 Jan. 2011

In March 2010, Chicago International Home & Houseware Exhibition helped Yingjia Daily Commodity, a Yiwu company, successfully sold their mats to the fourth largest distributor in this industry.

In June, Oukazi Cosmetics Co., Ltd, another Yiwu company, attended the exhibition in Dubai Beauty, which specialized in middle and high line, introduced their products to Middle East.

Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce organized a total of 409 times overseas exhibitions for yiwu enterprises, a total of 63 various exhibitions, and total booths reached 625.

Yiwu is well known as the world's largest wholesale market, and is accredited by both the UN and the World Bank.

Pictures of Products Yiwu Market

There are 28 categories and 100,000 kinds of commodities, such as: Imitation jewelry & fashion accessories, Oil painting & frame, Arts & crafts, Cosmetics, Hand tools & hardware, Daily use items, Kitchenware & house ware, Toys (plush toys, plastic toys, inflatable toys, electronic toys, wooden toys), Stationery & sports items, Undergarments & socks, Scarves & shawls, textiles, ties & garments, Hosiery & knitted cotton, Electrical & electronic appliances, Clock & Watches, Glasses and optical equipment, Bags & cases, Artificial plants & flowers, Umbrellas, raincoat & tents, Key chains & mobile phone covers, Shoes & slipper and so on.
It is really a sea of commodities and the paradise of buyers. It opens his arms to welcome all the friends from any corner in the world!

Product Description

Yiwu market is located in yiwu city, nearly Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai, it takes 3 hours to Shanghai, 2 hours to Nignbo, one hours to Hangzhou. In the market, there are more then 43, 000 booths showed different items, around more then 2000 series items, they are as followings:

Toy: Plush toy, plastic toy, water toy, electronic toy, cars and so on
Flower: Plastic flower, paper flower, glass flower
Glass: Items glass cup, glass bowl, glass decoration, glass gift
Crystal items: Gift, desk decoration, key decoration, flowers
Ceramic items: Cups, bowls, gift
Holiday items: Christmas items, hollowing items and so on
Jewelry items: Ring, ear ring, brooch, waist chain, finger ring necklace, bracelet, sea shell decorations, hair clip, imperial crown, strap clasp and hair decorations
Kitchen ware: Stainless items, electronic items, locks, lights
Bags: School bags, luggage bag, backpack bag, fashion bag, glass bag, teenage bag, pvc bag, beach bag
Tools: Handle hardware tool, automatic tool, garden tool, sewing sets
Electronic items: Radio, ear phone, player, calculater
Watch: Fashion watch, student watch, wall watch, electronic wath
Starionary: Pen, ball pen, ereaser, book, stationary set, office mat, globe, crayon and so on
Sunglass: Sight glass, children glass and fashin woman sun glass, man sports sunglass.

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