Monday, April 9, 2012

The Mandaluug Subclans according to one Account

Not verified and may not be accurate

MADALUUG Clan are:

1) Samaroon which is (Samaroon saciid daa’uud Madaluug) or some Godabiirsi Samaroon.

2) Reer Isaaq (Isaaq Madaluug) Dhagaxbuur, Qabridahare to Godey Shilaabe, Jarati and Kismayo

3) Reer Axmed (axmed Madaluug) Their location southern Ethiopia like the area Shilaabe, Jarati, also you can find southern Somalia, like area around Jowhar, also Kismayo to Afmadow, also around Baardheere. BANGAL which is not so far the border between Kenya and Somalia.

4) Reer Xasan (Xasan Madaluug) their location is starting Godey, Qalaafe till you reach Hiraan Region. You can find also in between Ethiopia and Kenya particularly Nageyle Region.

5) JIRE Madaluug they are located in between Jigjiga till you reach Faafan area which is in Ethiopia.

6) Irablle Madaluug you can find in central Africa like Rwanda and Burindi,

7) Geelwaaqlle Madaluug you can find area between southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya.

8) Masalalay Madaluug you can find the triangle between three east African nations Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

9) Xuseen (Hussein) Madaluug I am not exactly sure where they living particularly but I heard they living beside Xasan (Hasan) Madaluug.

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