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Black Athena (The Fabrication of Ancient Greece)

Examine the claims of Professor Martin Bernal who questions the assumption of the "Europeaness" of our civilization, placing instead the "black" Egyptians and Phoenicians at the center of the West's origin. Black Athena examines Cornell Professor Martin Bernal's iconoclastic study of the African origins of Greek civilization and the explosive academic debate it provoked. This film offers a balanced, scholarly introduction to the disputes surrounding multiculturalism, "political correctness" and Afrocentrist curricula sweeping college campuses today. In his book Black Athena, Prof. Bernal convincingly indicts 19th-century scholars for constructing a racist "cult of Greece" based upon a purely Aryan origin for Western culture. He accuses these classicists of suppressing the numerous connections between African and Near Eastern cultures and early Greek myth and art. Leading classical scholars, on the other hand, contend that Bernal, like the 19th-century classicists he attacks, uses evidence selectively, uncritically and ahistorically to support his own Afrocentric agenda. They argue that cultural diffusion alone can't account for the distinctive achievements of the Greeks during the Classical Period. Black Athena can help students begin to distinguish between sound scholarship and cultural bias - whether inherited from the past or imposed by the present.

Debate- Dr. Clarke & Professor Martin Bernal debate professor Mary Leftkowitz and Professor Guy Rogers. Mid 90's, Topic of discussion and debate is the book 'Black Athena' written by Professor Bernal.

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Short Curriculum Vitae

Martin Gardiner Bernal

1937 Born London.

1957 Matriculated King's College, Cambridge.

1958 1st class Honours in the Preliminary Examination to the Oriental Tripos.

Elected to the John Price Minor scholarship.

1960 Diploma of Chinese language, Peking University.

Distinction in Oral Chinese, Cambridge.

1961 1st class Honours, Oriental Tripos, pt. II.

Elected to the Augustus Austin Leigh Studentship.

1962 Harkness Commonwealth Fellowship.

1963 Graduate Student at the University of California (Berkeley) invited to join PSA.

1964 Graduate Student at Harvard.

1965 Prize Fellow of King's College Cambridge University.

1966 Ph.D. Oriental Studies at Cambridge University.

1972 Associate Professor in the Department of Government, Cornell University.

1984 Adjunct Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University.

1987 Mellon 'Folding Chair.' for Interdisciplinary Teaching at Cornell University.

1988 Full Professor in the Department of Government, Cornell University.

2001 Retired, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University. 2

Selected Publications
Chinese Socialism Before 1907, Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press.
Black Athena The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization 1: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985. London: Free Association Books. and New Brunswick: Rutgers University.
1988 "The British Utilitarians, Imperialism and the Fall of the Ancient Model," Culture
and History 3: 98-127.
1989 "Classics in Crisis: An Outsider's View In,"
Classics: A Discipline and Profession in Crisis? Ed. P. Culham and L. Edmunds. University Press of America. Pp. 67-76.
"Black Athena and the APA." in
The Challenge of Black Athena " Special issue of Arethusa. Pp.17-37.
1990 "Responses to Critical Reviews of Black Athena: Volume I: in the
Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 3/1:111-137.
Cadmean Letters: The Westward Diffusion of The Semitic Alphabet Before 1400 B.C.
Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns.
Black Athena 2: The Archaeological and Documentary Evidence. London, Free Association Books; New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.
"Black Athena Ten Years After" special issue Talanta.
"Mythologies of Neoconservatism in the American Academy,
New Political Science
Black Athena Writes Back ed. with David Moore Duke University Press.
2002 "A Hot Proposal" pp. 24-43 in II Corno di Heimdall ed Luca Cesari Rimini: La Moderna
2005 "India in the Making of Europe," pp. 37-65 in
Journal of the Asiatic Society vol. XLVI, 4
In Press
Black Athena 3 The Linguistic Evidence.
New Brunswick: Rutgers University; London: Free Association Books
"Moses, Akhenato, and Oedipus," Rivista di Historiografia, Madrid
"Racism in the Origin of Classics" Paper for a conference on "Transferts culturels et historiographie de l’antiquité: L’historiographie gréco-romaine dans l’Europe des XVllle et XIXe siécles "Special Issue of" Rivista di Historiografia.
Tentatively titled monograph "Eleusis, a study in the origins of Greek Religion," which is being sent out for comments and criticisms.
Monograph on the ancient oracular cult at Dodona
Black Athena
I. Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.
Black Athena
II into French, Italian, and Japanese.
Book against my work
Black Athena Revisited.
ed. Mary Lefkowitz and Guy Rogers. University of North Carolina Press. 1996.
Book about my work
Heresy in the University: The Black Athena Controversy and the Responsibilities of American Intellectuals.
Jacques Berlinerblau. Rutgers University Press.1999.


Indira Gandhi Memorial Gold Medal, from the Asiatic Society of Kolkata, 2005.
Mainichi Shimbun Book of the Year: Japanese translation of
Black Athena II, 2005

Prizes For Black Athena I.

A.N.C. Kwanzaa Prize;

Socialist Review
Book Award. 4

American Book Award 1990.

Prizes For Black Athena II

A.N.C. Kwanzaa Award 1991.

Mainichi Shinbun Book of the Year 2004


Apr. "Black Athena and the Politics of Scholarship" Grinnell College.
"Black Athena and the Politics of Scholarship: New Paradigms in World History" Wells College.
Led Cambridge Alumni Tour of "Imperial China."

. "A Hot Proposal" Rimini: Centro Pietro Manz.

. "Are Classical Studies Sufficient?" De Paaw University.

Feb. "The Afro-asiatic Component in the Greek Vocabulary"
"Black Athena: Her Friends and her Enemies" John Hope Franklin
Humanities Institute Duke University.
"Can the War be stopped?" Great St Mary's Cambridge.

Jan. "Africa en la gènsi d'Occident" at conference on "Άfrica Camina; IV
Congréss Internacional D'estudis Africans del món lbèric." Barcelona.

"Black Athena Again" Wells College.

. "L'Inde et la Chine dans l'éclaircissement franςais," Lecture to Graduate
Seminar on the French Enlightenment at Cornell
"Canetti as Svengali: Direct and Indirect Memories of Elias Canetti." The
German Institute Cornell.

Jan. "India in the Making of Europe," Indira Gandhi Memorial Lecture, The
Asiatic Society, Calcutta.
"J.D. Bernal, My Father," Pavlov Institute, Calcutta. 5
Black Athena, and her enemies," Berea College.
"Egyptians in the Hellenistic Woodpile" Conference on Ptolemy
Philadelphus, University of Auckland NZ.

Feb. "African Language Families and the Greek Vocabulary," Florida
International University.
"African Language Families and the origin of Greek", Universities of Witwatersrand, Durban, Fort Hare, Capetown, and Stellebosch

Sept. Lead Cambridge Alumni Tour along the "Silk Road"

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