Thursday, July 19, 2012

Culture jamming

Ideas and theory
Spectacle ·Degrowth ·Culture jamming ·Corporate crime ·Media bias ·Buy Nothing Day ·Alternative culture ·Simple living ·Do it yourself ·Advanced capitalism ·Microgeneration ·Autonomous building ·Cultural Creatives ·Commodity fetishism ·Consumer capitalism ·Cultural hegemony ·Conspicuous consumption ·Ethical consumerism ·Social Democracy ·Progressivism
Related social movements
Punk ·Social anarchism ·Libertarian Socialism · Alter-globalization ·Anti-globalization movement ·Environmentalism ·Situationist International ·Diggers ·Postmodernism ·Occupy Wall Street
Popular works
Society of the Spectacle (book) ·Society of the Spectacle (film) ·Evasion ·No Logo ·The Corporation ·Affluenza ·Escape from Affluenza ·The Theory of the Leisure Class ·Fight Club (novel) ·Fight Club (film) ·Steal This Book ·Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers ·Profit over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order ·So, What's Your Price? ·What Would Jesus Buy?
Persons and organizations
Adbusters ·Freecycle ·Slavoj Žižek ·Ralph Nader ·Green party ·John Zerzan ·Noam Chomsky ·Ron English ·Naomi Klein ·CrimethInc. ·Thorstein Veblen ·Hugo Chávez ·Abbie Hoffman ·Guy Debord ·Michael Moore ·José Bové ·Michel Foucault ·RTMark ·Rage Against the Machine ·Jello Biafra ·The Yes Men ·Merce & Ruben ·Democracy Now ·Reverend Billy ·Vandana Shiva ·Bill Hicks ·Columnanegra · Anomie Belle ·Occupy Wall Street ·Thom Yorke ·Kurt Cobain
Related subjects
Advertising ·Capitalism ·Economic problems ·Left-wing politics ·Sweatshops ·Anti-consumerists ·Social movements

List of culture jamming organizations or people

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