Monday, January 18, 2010


Brave Worriors: Biyomaal Maxammed Xiniftire Mahe Dir

While Boqor Cismaan and Keynadiid of the Majeerteen were selling Somalia to the Italians. And Isaaq, Warsangali, and Dhulbahante submitted to the British colonialist without putting up any struggles the proud Biyomaal Dir faced the enemies with bare spears and clubs the killed many and every time you see Xawo Tako and Mahammed Somali remember it was the Biyomaal.

The Biimal clan is divided into Sacad, Ismiin, Daahow and Suleyman.

The Bimaal was the only Somali clan that put up a major resistence against Italian colonialism and they have lost thousands of worriors in their struggle with the Italians.

This is know as the Biimal Resistence Movement which the Bimaala killed Captain Cecchi and thirteen Italian soldiers at place called "Lafoole" the place of bones.

Also at Turunley thousands of Biimal worriors faced an Italian regiment with primitive weapons and sustained high casualties.

Culture and customs of Somalia By Mohamed Diriye Abdullahi, P 23

The Biimaal retained their Pastoral way of life and maintained " Slaves" that is not true the Bimaal allowed freed slaves who escaped the Gelledi and other Rahanweyn groups to settle in their territories and to cultivate. They exchanged and bartered with the Bantu: the Biyomaal provided meat, Ghee (subag) and milk while the Bantu who were under their protection provided Barley, wheat and farmed cotton as early as 1890.

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Read What the Dictionary of African People said about Dir dictionary By James Stuart Olson

The peoples of Africa: an ethnohistorical dictionary By James Stuart Olson

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