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Most Somalis trace their origins to Samaale:[1]
The eponymous ancestor of majority of Somalis today had 9 sons:

Although Quranyow is part of the Garre confederacy, the sub-clan actually claims descent from Dir, son of Irir, son of Samaale.[8][9] This example does indeed strengthen the Somali saying: "Tol waa tolane", which means "clan is something joined together"[8][9] The same could be said about Gaaljecel, Degodi and Hawadle who have allied themselves to the Hawiye section of Irir in the borders of Somalia,[10][11] the Dabarre and Irrole of Maqarre and the Garre who have allied themselves to the Digil Rahanweyn confederacy and 'Awrmale to the Harti Darood section.[6][7][12]
The Rahanweyn (Digil and Mirifle) clan traces descent from a separate patriarch called Sab. Both Samaale and Sab are said to have descended from a forefather named "Hiil", whose is held to be the common patrilineal ancestor of all the Somali clans.[1][13]

Mandaluug Dir Clans of South

The Mandaluug Dir of Southern Somalia and their Past Migrations From the North West to the South


1. Daauud Madaluug (Gadabursi Madaluug Dir)
2. Isaaq Madaluug (Isaaq Madaluug Dir)
3. Reer Ahmed (Ahmed Madaluug Dir)
4. Reer Xasan (Xasan Madaluug Dir)
5. Jire Madaluug Dir
6. Irrable Madaluug Dir
7. Geelwaaqle Madaluug Dir
8. Masalalay Madaluug Dir
9. Xuseen Madaluug Dir

The Madaluug Dir in Western Somali Region (So-called Ogaden) were in the 1870s pushed South in large numbers during the Menelike Amhara invasions from Tug Fafaan down to Beledweyn and Dolow region where they settled with other Dir groups.

The 1880 famines which caused Amahara millitias of Menelike to reach as far South as Beledweyn and Eel Buur in order to raid Somali herds to finance his invasion of Southern Muslim lands, pushed the Manadaluug in large numbers, dispersing them, mostly found other Dir groups and settled with their kinsmen even though impoverised.

This coupled with Ogaden/Absame raids who lost their life stock to Amhara dwindelled the once powerful Madaluug today they are about 120,000 strong but very dispersed over large territories in Western Somalia and Jubba / Shabeelle valley.

In 1880s, the Menelik forces who were expanding and raiding the farming villages of upper Shabeelle and exacting tribute from Somali nomads in villages of upper shabeelle and exacting tribute from nomades at the dry-season watering sites

These raids led to the destruction of many Dir groups which included the Mandaluug, Bajimaal, Gadsan and Suure, which caused many to move futher south.

These raids also motivated many Darood clansman like the Ogadeen and Mareehan to move inland fearing the vicious Amhara Christian raids,these Darood Somali clans fled into Somalia and away from these aggressive blood thirsty Christian Amhars.

There are nine distinct Southern Madaluug Dir in Kenya, Doollo/ Nageele and Jubba Shabelle Valley. The remaining are in Harrara and Western Somali regions.

 Makahil Mikadore and Reer Idleh

Reer Isaaq ( Largest group) Live in Godey, Qabri Dahare, Shilaaba Jarati and Jubba Shabeele valley. The Mekhaahil subclan lives in Jilib -Kismaayo area

Reer Ahmed- Shilaaba, Jarati and large numbers in Kismayo,Jamaame, Afmadow mixed with Bimaal, Suure and their Gadsan Kinsman

Reer Hassan are in Godey, Qallafe and Nageelle. Large numbers live in Hiiraan and own farms with their Suure (Fiqi cumar and Fiqi Muxummed) The Reer Nuure live West of Baladweyn. The Reer Maajuun live in Bay Region with the Quranyow Maxammed Dir and some settelled amounf Rahanweyn Eelay. The Reer Majuun and a Madaxweyn Dir group the Reer Aw Said live in this are.

Jirre Madaluug- only group remaining in Tog Faafan, Jigjigga

Masalalay- NFD Kenya Bardheere Dollow

Reer Xuseen

Samaroon Saciid of Awad proper Gadabuursi

Reer Majjuun amoung Eelay and Quranyow Maxammed Garre Dir of Bay

Makahiil large numbers amoungst Dir Bimaal and Surre of Jammaame and spreading out as far as Afmadow and Kismayo. Also in NFD amoung Quranyow and Dir of Bardheere and Doolow Ado. In this region the Mandaluug live closely with the Reer Yaxye, Dheere Madaxweyn and R. Dayo

Buufow Ethiopia near great bend of Shabeelle Xamaro Xaddad

Angoolle and Xeeble and Reer Nuure all live in Dollow but own large farms West of Beledweyn this group alone numbers about 22,000 souls.

Even though most Dir geneologies record that Dir had 4 Sons Madaxweyn, Madoobe and Mahe Dir and Mandaluug Dir which includes the Samaroon Saciid and Mandaluug clans of the south. I was suprised by the Lower Jube and Shabeelle account of the Mandaluug Dir. And this was observed in Kenya, most Mandaluug identify themselves as Mandaluug Maxammed and they Say that Mandaluug and Samaroon are the sons of Mahe Dir Maxammed Xiniftire. This claim would make the Mandaluug of south direct cousines of the Biyomaal Maxammed, Baajimal Maxammed, Quranyow Maxammed (Garre) and Dabruub. Also the Surre ( Cabdalle and Qubeys clans of South and Mudug). I was also suprised to see quite a number of Madiigaan clans who referred to Mandaluug as Abti (maternal uncles because they said their lineages were Baho Samaroon. The Madigaan and Barsuug (Barsuuk I saw identified with the numerous Mahe Dir in the region stated they were Curads of Dir because they are Madaxweyn Dir) especially the Mandaluug their are part of the same Diya groups of Madaxweyn Dir Hordare (Alaab weyne clans)

 Kismaayo: Murashax Cali Cusmaan Xirsi Oo Ku Guuleystay Kursiga Beesha Madaluug/Dir Ee Xildhibaanada Aqalka Hoose Ee Laga Soo Dooranayo Gobolada Jubbaland

November 23, 2016

waxaa shaley magaalada Kismaayo dib uga furmay doorashadii xildhibada Aqalka hoose ee Baarlamaanka Federalka gaar ahaan xildhibaanada laga soo dooranayo deegaanada Jubbaland.

Waxaa las doortey shaley hal kursi kaliya kaasoo ah kursiga beesha Madaluug Direed ee gobolada Jubbaland.

Waxaa kursiga beesha Madaluug ee Jubbaland ku tartamay musharax Cali Cusmaan Xirsi iyo Dr. Axmed Aadan Axmed oo soo noqday wasiirka caafimaadka iyo xildhibaan hore.

Waxaa kursiga kusoo baxay Cali Cusmaan Xirsi oo heley 27 cod halka Dr. Axmed Aadan Axmed uu helay 23 cod.

Doorashada xildhibaanada aqalka hoose ee Baarlamaanka Federalka ee Jubbaland ayaa maalmihii la soo dhaafay hakad la geliyey kadib markii la ogaaday in murashaxiinta qaarkood adeegsanayeen laaluush si ay ugu guuleystaan kuraasta beeshooda, shaley ayaa doorashada dib looga bilaabay markale magaalada Kismaayo.

1890 Chart lists these subclans amoung Ogaden clans of Mandaluug Dir
Reer Axmed
Reer Makadoor
Reer Ider

Ali "Gadabursi" Madalug Dir

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United Nation's List: the High and Chairman of all Dir Sultans was the Honorable Mandaluug Sultaan-Suldan Hassan Dhi’is Dir Madaluug and he was elected unanimously by all Dir Sultans as their sole representative that includes all: Isaaq, Gadabuursi, and Isaas all come under him. The Southern Dir Guure, Surre, Gadsan, Bimaal, Quranyow, and R.Dayo all consider Madaluug as supreme sultans.

Name Clan Sub Clan (Beesha)

Suldan Hassan Dhi’is Dir Madaluug
Mohamed Sheikh Hussein Dir Madaluug
Abdi Yare Jama Dir Madaluug
Rage Hashi Kalif Dir Madaluug
Name Clan Sub Clan
Ugas Abdihakim Ugas Mohamed Dir Baajamaal
Ali Muhumed Abdi Dir Baajamaal
Yusuf Abdi Mullah Dir Baajamaal
Diriye Mohamud Abdi Dir Baajamaal
Name Clan Sub Clan
Abdalla Mohamed Ali Dir Biimaal
Sheikh Gedow Ahmed Mohamed Dir Biimaal
Nur Ali Hussein Dir Biimaal
Sheikh Muhidin Sheikh Ali Mumin Dir Biimaal
Abdirahman Hussein Mohamed (Qaxoti) Dir Biimaal
Abdi Afeyle Sumow Dir Biimaal
Hamido Sid Ali Hussein Dir Biimaal
Mohamud Mohamed Hussein Dir Biimaal
Abdullahi Ali Mohamed Dir Biimaal
Muneso Ahmed Nur Dir Biimaal
Ahmed Mohamed Barre Dir Biimaal
Ibrahim Mohamed Barow Dir Biimaal
Mohamud Sid Awkar Dir Biimaal
Amina Sheikh Osman Mohamed Dir Biimaal
Hassan Mohamed Sheikh Dir Biimaal
Nur Hassan Ali Dir Biimaal
Muhidin Mohamed Haji Dir Biimaal
Omar Abshir Omar Dir Biimaal
Adani Ahmed Diqow Dir Biimaal
Ya’quub Abdi Ya’quub Dir Biimaal
Mohamud Ali Hamunle Dir Biimaal
Ugas Farah Abdi Sheikh Dir Biimaal
Abdiwali Sheikh Abdurahman Mubarak Dir Biimaal
Adan Moallim Abdi Dir Biimaal
Ahmed Ileye Ali Dir Biimaal
Sheikh Mohamud Nur Isse Dir Biimaal
Abal Mohamed Sheikh Dir Biimaal
Muslimo Barqadle Dir Biimaal
Ali Abdalla Olow Dir Biimaal
Guled Takhal Dir Biimaal

Name Clan Sub Clan (Beesha)

Mohamed Sheikh Mumin Sheikh Hassn Dir Sure-Qubeys
Ibrahim Haji Omar Dir Sure-Qubeys
Dr.Osman Hassan Dirshe Dir Sure-Qubeys
Drs.Fadumo Hassan Osoble Dir Sure-Qubeys
Eng.Abdirashid Ahmed Isak Dir Sure-Qubeys
Mohamed Ahmed Osman (Dholey) Dir Sure-Qubeys
Nur Isse Adam Dir Sure-Qubeys
Mohamud Gedi Burgal Dir Sure-Qubeys
Hussein Gedi Jimale Dir Sure-Qubeys

Name Clan Sub Clan (Beesha)

Ugas Mohamed Ugas Adan Haji Hussein Dir Sure-Abdalle
Col.Osman Ahmed Gedi (Bale Tag) Dir Sure-Abdalle
Dr.Abdiwali Adan Abdi Dir Sure-Abdalle
Ibrahim Sheikh Adan (Indhagaduud) Dir Sure-Abdalle
Haji Ahmed Hassan Adan (Dhagaweyne) Dir Sure-Abdalle
Sheikh Ahmed Sheikh Muhumed (A/Noc) Dir Sure-Abdalle
Ali Dhuh Mohamud Dir Sure-Abdalle
Drs.Istarlin Ahmed Sahal Dir Sure-Abdalle
Mohamed Said Mohamed Dir Sure-Abdalle
Hassan Nur Dhegod Dir Sure-Abdalle
Maryam Jama Hirsi (Nero) Dir Sure-Abdalle
Mohamud Adan Elmi (Odawa) Dir Sure-Abdalle
Sheikh Khalif Abdi Dirshe Dir Sure-Abdalle
Mohamud Warsame Farah Dir Sure-Abdalle
Mohamed Hassan Ali Dir Sure-Abdalle
Suldan Abdinur Amed Shiekh Muse Dir Sure-Abdalle

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Name Clan Sub Clan (Beesha)

Ugas Sheikh Hassan Jama Dir Gadabuursi
Mohamed Ali Mohamud Dir Gadabuursi
Ali Obsiye Badaar Dir Gadabuursi
Mohamed ali Dhiirrane Dir Gadabuursi
Abiib Sh.Mohamed Mohamud Dir Gadabuursi
Abdullahi Kibar Farah Dir Gadabuursi
Ibrahim Xussein Muse Dir Gadabuursi
Ahmed Kaahin Barre Dir Gadabuursi
Ibrahim Abdi Tukaale Dir Gadabuursi
Diriye Awale Hande Dir Gadabuursi
Farah Kulmiye Hami Dir Gadabuursi
Suleyman Omar (Ali Haydh) Dir Gadabuursi
Ibrahim Abdi Tukaale Dir Gadabuursi
Mohamed Idhamod Igal Dir Gadabuursi
Hussein Kamil Abise Dir Gadabuursi
Daud Omar Guled Dir Gadabuursi
Said Hassan Gedi Dir Gadabuursi
Abdulkadir Mohamed Hadi Dir Gadabuursi
Mohamed Muse Amir Dir Gadabuursi
Mohamed Abdullahi Arab Dir Gadabuursi
Mohamed Elmi Mihile Dir Gadabuursi
Idiris Hadi Qalinle Dir Gadabuursi
Barkhad Awale Adam Dir Gadabuursi
Mohamed Osman Jabril Dir Gadabuursi
Osman Hassan Roble Dir Gadabuursi
Abdullahi Abdi Adan Dir Gadabuursi
Yusuf Adan Abtidon Dir Gadabuursi
Sheikh Osman Hashi Fure Dir Gadabuursi
Sheikh Yusuf Ibrahim Obsiye Dir Gadabuursi
Sheikh Ibrahim Hussein Abulle Dir Gadabuursi
Sheikh Adan Abdullahi Ali Dir Gadabuursi
Hibo Haji Ibrahim Buni Dir Gadabuursi
Bureqo Mohamed Hadi Dir Gadabuursi
Asha Mohamed Omar Dir Gadabuursi
Abshiro Ahmed Moallim Dir Gadabuursi
Maryan Yusuf Kibar Dir Gadabuursi

Name Clan Sub Clan (Beesha)

Al-Haaji Hirsi Haji Gaboobe Dir Ciise
Aqil Ahmed Diiriye Ige Dir Ciise
Mohamed yusuf Ahmed Dir Ciise
Abdirisak Yasin Hassan Dir Ciise
Bashir Abdullahi Diriye Dir Ciise
Idiris Haji Jama Dir Ciise
Mohamed Ahmed Wabari Dir Ciise
Mohamed Idle Dir Ciise
Abduwahab Dahir Burale Dir Ciise
Dr. Muse Sheikh Abdi Dir Ciise
Sheikh Bule Elmi Wabari Dir Ciise
Sheikh Ahmed Diriye Dir Ciise
Sheikh Osman Abdi Dharar Dir Ciise
Sheikh Ali Ige Bile Dir Ciise
Sheikh Hamud Duale Dir Ciise
Amino Muse Hadi Dir Ciise
Mulki Diriye Diheye Dir Ciise
Shamso Dahir Farah Dir Ciise
Amino Adan Aynan Dir Ciise
Sahro Yonis Sa’ad Dir Ciise
Habiibo Ateye Giire Dir Ciise
Sargalo Mohamud Dir Ciise
Gele Rirash Abdi Dir Ciise
Abdirisak Sheikh Abdi Dir Ciise
Macaad Nur Igal Dir Ciise
Qalinle Burale Muse Dir Ciise
Faysal Hussein Dir Ciise
Abdi Duran Aqan Dir Ciise
Omar Ali Wa’ays Dir Ciise
Sakariya Ali Molid Dir Ciise
Yusuf Abdow Ali Abiikar Dir Ciise

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Name Clan Sub Clan (Beesha)

Mohamud Mohamed Ali Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Hassan Badmaax Meegaag Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Jama ali matan Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
omar ali moulid Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Soleman Hussein Muse Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Mohamud Ahmed Duale Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Ahmed Ali Hsaan Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Dahir Mohamed Abdullahi Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Ali Mohamed Hashi Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Mohamed Buhi Dhegoole Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Abdullahi Hassan Mohamed Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Abdiweli Abdullahi Mohamud Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Qowdan Abdullahi Mohamud Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Suudi Elmi Hireey Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Sahra Ahmed Kariye Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale
Asha Ali Mahdi Dir Isak-Ciida-Gale

Name Clan Sub Clan (Beesha)

Omar Ali Hassan Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ismail Ahmed Cige Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Hassan Arabala Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Abdullahi Dahir Abdi Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Abbas |Mohamud Mumin Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Sheikh Said Abdalla Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Bashir Mohamed Abdirahman Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ahmed Abdikarim Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Hariir Adan Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ahmed Ali Nur Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Abdullahi Ali Said Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Farah Jama Farah Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Abdirizak Mohamed Hersi Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ismail Cadantegey Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Mohamed Abdullahi Abbas Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ali Abdi Ahmed Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Said Abyan Hayd Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Mohamed Hersi Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ahmed Abdirahman Mohamed Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Hassan Sheikh Ibrahil Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Yahya Ahmed Reygal Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Hawo Musse Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Safiya Hassan Qalinle Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Sahra Kahin Abdi Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Amina Osman Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Nimo Ali Hassan Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Said Yusuf Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis

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Said Yusuf Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Musse Ali Elmi Dir Issak-Arab
Khadar Iman Adan Dir Issak-Arab
Omar Ali Arale Dir Issak-Arab
Ahmed Iman Adan Dir Issak-Arab
Elmi Warsame Mohamed Dir Issak-Arab
Abdullahi Nur Mohamed Dir Issak-Arab
Mohamed Hassan Abdullahi Dir Issak-Arab
Amina Awil Ali Dir Issak-Arab
Yurub Raabi Osman Dir Issak-Arab
Ebado Mohamud Diriye Dir Issak-Arab
Ahmed Mohamed Guled Dir Issak-Arab
Ahmed Elmi Warsame Dir Issak-Arab
Hussein Ali Adan Dir Issak-Arab
Mohamed Ali Adan Dir Issak-Arab
Awil Ali Mahaad Dir Issak-Arab
Nimo Karrani Dir Issak-Arab
Ahmed Mohamed Omar DirIssak-Ayub
Ahmed Bajir Ahmed Dir Issak-Imran
Mohamud Abi Warsame DirIssak-Imran
Adan Ismail Roble Dir Issak-Sanbuur
Said Adan Mire Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdi Haji Mohamed Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdirizak Hussein Hassan DirIssak-Habar Je’lo
Yusuf Botan Duale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdullahi Hayir Duale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Adan Jama Duale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Farah Subie Mohamed Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Mohamed Ismail Gedi Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Egeh Waeys Roble Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Amina Omar Jama Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Faduma Ali Abdi Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Nuro Mohamud Mohamed DirIssak-Habar Je’lo
Istar Duale Warsame Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Haweya Sahal Gedi Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Jibril Aydid Mohamed Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdi Osman Awale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Ali Osman Hassan Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdi Saleban Biyole Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Mohamud Adan Dirir Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Hussein Ahmed Hassan DirIssak-Habar Je’lo
Warsame Jama Isse Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Ali Hassan Jama Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Ali Saleban Duale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdi Ahmed Garyare Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Salah Nur Ismail Badbado Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Omar Haji Awad Qurshe Dir Issak
Ahmed Yusuf Shide Dir Issak

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If you want to know where they are located and how many are divided MADALUUG Clan are: 1) Samaroon which is (Samaroon saciid daa’uud Madaluug) or some people know Godabiirsi which is a nickname and not the really name. The really name is Samaroon. Their locations are northern Somalia beginning above Arabsiya which near to Hargeysa till you reach Djabuti republic, and also other sides till you reach Hawaas which is in Ethoipia an above DIRI DHAWA in between this area. 2) Reer Isaaq (Isaaq Madaluug) their location is starting from Dhagaxbuur, Qabridahare to Godey in between this area. Their is also other area you can find it like area around Shilaabe, Jarati and some part of southern Somalia like kismayo as I knew so far. 3) Reer Axmed (axmed Madaluug) Their location southern Ethiopia like the area Shilaabe, Jarati, also you can find southern Somalia, like area around Jowhar, also Kismayo to Afmadow, also around Baardheere. You can also find north Kenya like BANGAL which is not so far the border between Kenya and Somalia. 4) Reer Xasan (Xasan Madaluug) their location is starting Godey, Qalaafe till you reach Hiraan Region. You can find also in between Ethiopia and Kenya particularly Nageyle Region. 5) JIRE Madaluug they are located in between Jigjiga till you reach Faafan area which is in Ethiopia. 6) Irablle Madaluug you can find in central Africa like Rwanda and Burindi, these sub clan they immigrated the central Africa when Portugal brought army force to Ethiopia how to defeat the army of Imam Ahmed Ibrahim Gurey who was the leader of MADALUUG Clan at that time. His army when is defeated and their family they moved to ward to central Africa. changed there religion and become Christian in nowadays as we heard it. 7) Geelwaaqlle Madaluug you can find area between southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. 8) Masalalay Madaluug you can find the triangle between three east African nations Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. 9) Xuseen (Hussein) Madaluug I am not exactly sure where they living particularly but I heard they living beside Xasan (Hasan) Madaluug. If you want know what it mean the word (Reer) =

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Peoples of the Horn of Africa (Somali, Afar and Saho): North Eastern ..., Part 1
By I. M. Lewis

Other Dir groups which have not succeeded in maintaining their tribal autonomy so successfully as the Bimal in their dispersal from the north, are the Dabrui ( Dabruube) living amoung the Bimal of Merca, the Bajumal amoung the Shebelle Negroids, the Gorajno with the Garre, the Madaweni amoung the WaGosha and in Abyssina, and the Madeluk found amoung the Ogaden, Helai, Shebelle, in Jubbaland and at Serenlei(Bakool) and Margherita( Italian name for Jammame).

The Bursuk are a small Dir tribe to the east of Harar and are mainly cultivators. According to Burton, payment of blood-compensation is unknow amoungst them and fighting does not give rise to the interminable feuds characteristics of the nomadic Somali.

I.M Lewis oo ahaa Qoraa Ingriisa oo Dirka Necbaa ama isku taxluujin in uu Baaritaan ku sameeyo isagoo buunbuuni Jiray un Darood iyo beesha Direed ee Isaaq kaliya kuwa kalena bah dilijiray ayaa halkaan wax ka qoray beesha Mandaluug. Mandaluug dad kala firdaday maah siduu ku tilmaamayo. Inkastoo ay jiraan Dir badan oo kala lumay hadana Mandaluug waxa ay dagan yihiin :

1) Asal Ahaan Dhagaxbuur/ Qabridahare/Shilaaba

2) Mandaluuga waxa ay dhexdagaan beelaha Direed ee Qalafo area: Iyagoo dhex Dagan Bajimaal/Gadsan/Surre

3) Mandaluuga waxa ay uga guureen Qalafo area Hiiraan iyo Bay oo ay dhex dageen beelo kaloo Direed oo beeraley ah. Bay Mandaluuga wexey dhex dagaan beelaha Dir Madaxweyn.

4) Qab Kale oo Mandaluuga uguna bada Mandaluug ayaa Jamaame/Kismayo area dagan iyagoo Bimaal- Dabruub-Surre Dir dhexdagan.

5) Dhanka kale Mandaluuga Jarati/Guro dhaamoole iyo Rubdhuura-Qoomeey waxa la dagaan beelah Surre (Fiqi Maxamed/Fiqi Cumar) iyo walalhooda beesha Gaadsan.

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