Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Harirad- Tomb of Ugaas Samatar 1812 and Burial Place of Dudub Osman

According to legend, the present-day territory of Harirad was covered by lots of trees and a wadis. On their way to Zeila, nomadic pastoralists sometimes stop in the town to water their flock. The town houses the burial sites for many of the historical figures of the town, among them Ugaas Samatar (died: 1812), of the Reer Ugaas subclan of the Makayl-Dheere, who was the chief of the Gadabuursi clan. Also, buried in the town is Dudub Osman, who is the ancestor of the Reer Dudub branch of the Jibriil Yoonis subclan of the Gadabuursi. The town also hosts a shrine dedicated to the memory of Sheekh Issa, the ancestor of the Issa (clan) clan.

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