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 Our Roots

Independent TV producer Mark Stucke founded the company in 1990. One of the first to make the new co-production formula work for the independent sector, Mark produced cutting edge documentaries and magazine features for most of the world's leading broadcasters. After four impoverished years traipsing around the world's most risky places, from the Gulf War to Sarajevo to Somalia, he realised that with a wealth of valuable copyright in his library he would be foolish to continue producing such dangerous material for the pay he was receiving for his work. It was at this stage that he set his mind to formulating a distribution system, which would bring greater returns to broadcast journalists. As the company's experience grew it utilised a unique knowledge of one of the most difficult markets in the world to become one of Europe's leading factual distributors. Today the company has a very successful commercial catalogue as well as remaining at the cutting-edge of international actuality.

Film DistributionA selection of their top documentary titles include:

'Shouting in the Dark' (2012)

'Children of the Tsunami' (2012)

'Tipping Point: The End of Oil' (2011)

'Norman Mailer: The American' (2011)

'King Leopold's Ghost' (2011)

'Scientology: The Ex Files' (2010)

'Iraq's Secret War Files' (2010)

'There Once Was an Island' (2010)

'War Child' (2010)

'The Good Soldier' (2009)

'Soldiers of Conscience' (2008)

'Hot House' (2006)

'McLibel' (2005)

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Our Mission

The free flow of information is the elixir of healthy democratic life. As journalists the company has spent ten years at the forefront of the international current affairs agenda. We've helped uncover and shed light on some of the most dangerous international issues of the last decade. Cutting edge documentaries produced by our group have helped to change the world for the better. Our films have had an impact on the proliferation of the corporate mercenary who kills for diamonds, others have driven the human rights agenda in China, and one of our most recent films is turning heads in Washington with its incisive exposure of the nastier side of the US drugs war being waged in South America. Such films define who we are and where we shall remain. Our dedication is to the producers who believe such stories are worth making despite the time, danger and self inflicted poverty, which often comes with the territory. Our promise is to make their endeavours not only broadcast but to also create new revenue for their work into the future.

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