Thursday, October 11, 2012

Somali Worrior Fighter Dagalyahan nin Waalan


Mustafa Abdul Basit -Nasheed Muhammad and Quadir Lateef: Two Muslim Rappers Must Watch

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Mustafa Abdul Basit -Nasheed Muhammad

The music performed by Mustafa Abdul-Basit is inspired by his Islamic faith, background and personal experiences. His music is fused by impassioned lyrics and rhythmic sounds. He aims to use his music to reach a broad spectrum of people from various backgrounds, cultures and classes and as a means of promoting spiritual and social consciousness. His style differentiates him from other artist as his music not only leaves his listeners entertained, but captivated by the messages within. As a Muslim artist, Mustafa challenges the standard philosophies portrayed by society, and uses his music as a vehicle for diffusing such messages. These lyrical messages are centered around his Islamic faith.

As a devout Muslim, Mustafa aims to apply the principals of the faith to his everyday life. Not only does he have a deep love and admiration for the faith, but he has spent his time studying under an Alim (Islamic scholar) and providing lessons to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Mustafa not only acts as a musical performer, but is also a spoken word poet. He has spoken in several cities around the US. His poetical rhyme and rhythm also reflect his passion for the Deen and communicate an eloquent plea to his audience. You will find that many of the messages within Mustafas music and poetry were inspired by his teacher, Sheikh Harun Rashid Faye. Mustafa has studied under Sheikh Harun for the past 6 years and continues to do so. Sheikh Harun is originally from Senegal West Africa and is a renowned scholar both in the US and abroad. He single handedly established the Muslim ommunity in Moncks Corner, SC. He maintains a Quran school in Senegal and has spoken at many venues in several different countries. Sheikh Harun also continues to provide spiritual direction to his students. Under the sheikhs guidance and instruction Mustafa has studied the essentials of Islam (submission), Iman (faith) and Ihsan (perfection of worship). He plans to continue his instruction under the Sheikh and advance in the areas of Quran memorization and tafsir.

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