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How Somali Dir man clinched seat in Nyanza Kenya (Gurre Dir)

Wed, April 3rd 2013

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed's wife is more gorgeous than yours (photos)
Suna East MP Junet Mohammed's wife is more gorgeous than yours (photos) Read more:
See the source image
See the source image
Suna MP Mohammed Junet and his wife, Deka Jamaa, at their home. [Photo: Nick Oluoch/Standard]

By Nick Oluoch Migori, Kenya: Mohamed Junet became the first Kenyan Somali to be elected Member of the National Assembly in Nyanza Province.

Location in Kenya.

Although he is a former Migori town Mayor, having been nominated as a councillor in 2003, Mr Junet’s rise to become the first MP of the new Suna East constituency, attests to how far politics has evolved in Nyanza. In the nominations, the MP beat strong candidates who included former area MPs John Pesa and Owino Likowa, to win the Orange Democratic Movement party ticket. And in the General Election, the 35-year-old beat a host of candidates, to capture the seat, hived off from the former Migori constituency. Speaking soon after he was declared the winner, Junet said unlike most parliamentary candidates who won on the basis of their clans, he had an all-inclusive campaign team. “I could not simply come and try to make my campaign based on members of the Somali community,” he said. Campaign He said his leadership would be all-inclusive and acceptable by all constituents to move ahead together. Coming from a ‘minority’ community and vying against an incumbent, Junet was aware he needed to stage an effective campaign to attract many people. The MP ensured his campaign was coordinated by people from all parts of the constituency to make them own the process. “The constituents had to come up with what they wanted the MP to do for them,” Junet said adding that he formed a number of campaign teams in every location. Another thing that worked for the former councillor, is that although he has his roots in Mandera, Junet was born and bred in Migori town where he has many friends. “Most older people here actually saw me grow up and go to school here,” he said, adding a number of his former school mates joined his campaign team. The second born in a family of nine, the MP attended Migori Primary before proceeding to Lenana School in Nairobi, and eventually University of Nairobi where he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. A businessman with interests in Nairobi and Migori, Junet believes his election to Parliament is clear sign that Kenyans have matured democratically and anybody with good vision could be elected despite his background. “I believe I was elected because I presented the best policy to the Suna West people. My election can serve as an encouragement to those who feel they have something to offer but are not sure whether they can make it through the elections,” he said. His father, Sheikh Nuh Mohamed, settled in Migori town where he set up a wholesale business in the 1970s. Junet said he plans to ensure economic growth in the region during his term in Parliament. “This is my home and I would want to leave a legacy,” he said. The father of five is married to Deka Jamaa.

- Junet Mohammed is seeking re-election as MP of Suna East in the August 8 polls- Despite his position in ODM and his closeness to Raila Odinga, he has an uphill task to retain his seatADVERTISING Read more:

I had no clue Somalis even lived in that province, until I was talking to a brother from Kenya and we were discussing some shit and he filled me in about the Quranyow who have three MP's, a senator and hoping for a gubernatorial seat in next general election. and this Suna MP who is Gurre Madaxweyn(Ras) Direed same clan as Minister of Transport Ethiopia, Axmed Shide cousins to Gurgura and the most active icon currently in opposition. 

First Kenyan Somali who was elected in Nyanzan Province, Kenya, Mohamed Junet - Guul Dir

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