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Liiska magacyada odayaasha dhaqanka ee Muqdisho ku shiraya

May 6, 2012

"Dar Alle looma duubine Daash ayaa lagu Dumin Rabaa"

"Garama oo kala baxa"



Somalia faces acid test ahead of new order

Abdirashid Hashi, Daily Nation | 12 May 2012

On a political path strewn with obstacles and dangers, Somalia stands at a new crossroads.

The term of the current Transitional Federal Institutions ends in three months and everybody is wondering what will come next.

Elections are not possible, so Somali politicians and their UN-led international backers have agreed that traditional tribal elders will lead the next phase in the transition process.

But questions remain over who exactly represents Somali clans, and any mistakes in naming them have the potential to unravel the significant political and security progress that has been made so far.

Over the next two months, traditional elders will be the most important actors in Somali politics.

Instead of foreigners or politicians appointing the next members of parliament, 135 genuine tribal chiefs would exercise those powers.

The elders are tasked with doing two things. They will select an 825-member Constituent Assembly, which in turn, will debate and adopt the new constitution.

They will also appoint the incoming 225 or 275 Somali parliamentarians. Parliament, in turn, will elect Somalia’s next president.

But there is a caveat; these leaders must be uncontested and recognised elders.

The selection process and commissioning of these elders could usher in a new dawn or send Somalia sliding back into chaos.

General expectation

On the whole, traditional elders are well-respected by their clans and most are anointed for their integrity, impartiality and cultural acumen.

The general expectation, if the process is not manipulated, is that these chiefs will select credible and competent political representatives.

On the other hand, if politicians with personal agenda corrupt the process and empower phony clan elders, these imposters could sell seats in parliament to the highest bidder.

The whole enterprise of ending Somalia’s dysfunctional transition and ushering in a more progressive political era would then be futile.

Any resulting institutions would lack legitimacy, and the strife-torn country could enter a new era of uncertainty, if not full scale disorder.

This need not happen, and the international community has both the obligation and the ability to make sure that the process is neither hijacked nor tarnished unnecessarily.

The process of assembling these traditional elders in Mogadishu is already under way.

What is needed is that the government, or those doing the inviting, must publish the list of the 135 traditional elders. They must be genuine representatives of Somali communities.

Most Somali clans have uncontested and recognised traditional elders, so the selection or invitation criteria should be transparent. But there is another important consideration.

Some elders will not be able to assume their new responsibilities due to poor health, indifference to politics or for reasons of inaccessibility, certainly if they live in Al Shabaab-controlled areas.

In these cases, there must be clear criteria to establish the validity of clan leaders who replace elders who are unable, or unwilling, to take part.

In some instances, clans do not have agreed-upon traditional leaders. How they will be represented in the conference of elders and their deliberations should be explained in advance.

The issue of who should represent communities in Somaliland is another important question. Elders from Somaliland might not want to come to Mogadishu due to government blockage or because they don’t want to. How then will Somaliland MPs be selected?

To address the need for transparency and establish the vital buy-in of the public, a joint Somali and international monitoring and verification committee should be set up.

This small and specialised committee could consist of a representative from the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, for instance the British ambassador; a representative of the OIC, like Turkey’s ambassador to Somalia; an Arab League representative, say from the United Arab Emirates; and four respected Somali civil society and/or political leaders.

The team’s main task would be to check the credentials of, and endorse, the 135 traditional elders as well as the overall integrity of the process to end the transition.

It would work like traditional election monitoring committees, and could present written recommendations on how to overcome technical problems.

Another important consideration in the transition process is the adoption of the new constitution.

The international community invested heavily in the preparation of this document, but most Somali people either don’t care about, or don’t like, the whole constitution drafting process.

This lack of enthusiasm is due to the poor communication strategy of the Somali government and its UN backers.

In terms of content and quality, the draft constitution is an improvement of the current contradiction-ridden transitional charter, but many citizens are pessimistic.

New constitution

There is a Somali proverb that says “a man who dons his garment in an odd way comes across as though he is hiding something”.

The constitution and the constitution-making process suffer from a similar prejudice. The new basic law has been getting bad press from many quarters.

It is high time that its sponsors stopped ignoring the backlash and began actively engaging the Somali public.

It is also important to restore public confidence by dispelling misinformation and distortion about the draft constitution.

Somalia sorely needs a new political apparatus, but the process that leads to it has to be fair and transparent – the selection of the traditional elders is the litmus test.

The writer is the International Crisis Group’s Somalia analyst

Digil iyo Mirifle Traditional Elders List

Yusuf AbdiyowEelaay

Malaaq Xasanow CumurowHariin

Mohamuud Xasanow MacalinLeysaan

Macallin Cali BarreJaroon

Xaaji Xasan Gaale Nuunow (wakiil)Haraaw

Malaaq Madey MalaaqMacalin weyne

Malaaq Malabow Malaaq XasanGarwaale

Sheekh Aadan GardhuubReer Dumaal

Sheekh Aamin BarwaaniEimid

Malaaq Deerow Malaaq YacquubDisow

Kuusow Maxamed Maxamuud (Wakiil)Qoomaal

Shariif MuxidiinAsharaaf

Malaaq Cali ShiineWaanjeel

Osman Ibdiyo EnowHeledle

Malaaq Maxamuud Maxamed CabdiHadame

Malaaq Isaaq Ibraahim XuseenLuwaay

Ibraahim Macallin Ali (Wakiil)Geelidle

Hassan Buule Abdulle (Wakiil)Jilible

Malaaq Xasan ShuuriHubeer

Cabdirashiid Sheekh CabdisalaamYantaar

Ahmed Aadan LaamowGowaabwiin

Maxamed Cali XussenGasaaragud

Malaaq Cabdulqaadir Aadan MataanEeyle

Siidow MaadowShanta Caleemood

Cusmaan Axmed CabdiGeledi

Suldaan Faqi Saciid FaqiTunni

Suldaan Buube Suldaan Abdalla BuubeBagadi

Warsame Ibraahin Caliyow IbrowJiide

Aadan Ali Macalin BaninGare

Siidey Xaaji Maxamed NuurDabare
Daarood Traditional Elders List

Suldaan Cabdi Suldaan Cali SokorMaxamed Subeer

Suldaan Faarax Suldaan Cusman (Nageeye)Maqaabul

Ugaas Hussein Ugaas Cismaan (Nur)Tolomooge

Ugaas Maxamed Ugaas Hassan (Shangolow)Bahgari

Ugaas Cumar Ugaas XiireeyCawlyahan

Ugaas Cabdulqaadir Ugaas Cusmaan Ugaas AadenBartire

Suldaan Maxamed Axmed Cabdulle Suldaan Burtinle -Awrtable

Ugaas Xasan Ugaas YaasiinDashiishle

Garaad Jaamac Garaad CaliDhulbahante

Garaad Saleebaan Garaad MaxamedDhulbahante

Ugaas C.llaahi Ciise NuurDhulbahante

Garaad C.llaahi Soofe DuraanDhulbahante

Maxamuud Ugaas AxmedLeelkase

Suldaan Subeyr Xaaji MaxamuudLeelkase

Sultan Saciid Sultan Cabdisalan Sultan CaliWarsangeli

Suldaan Maxamed Cabdullaahi CartanWarsangeli

Burhaan Boqor MuuseCismaan Maxamuud

Islaan Bashiir Islaan CabdulleCumar Maxamuud

Suldaan Saciid Maxamed GaraaseCiise Maxamuud

Beeldaaje Jaamac Cabdullahi BeeldajeCali Saleebaan

Beeldaaje Ismaaciil Beeldaaje Yaasiin BeeldaajeSuwaaqroon

Suldaan Cabdiqani Suldaan Xasan Xaaji Cali BaalleReer Baciidyahan

Beeldaaje Cali Beeldaaje Faarax Beeldaaje MaxamuudCali Jibra├Čil

Ugaas Mohamed Ugaas Hashi Ugaas HirsiMareexaan

Nabaddoon Cabdulle Cabdi IbraahinMareexaan – Hawraarsame

Hussein Deer Caddaawe / Mohamed Hassan YarowMareexaan – Reer Xasan

Ibrahin Mohamed AadenMareexaan – Uurmidig

Axmed Barre Cali XaabbuunMareexaan – Galgaduud

Sheekh Hassan HusseinMareexaan -

Hassan Cilmi (Xasan Yare)Mareexaan – Galgaduud
Hawiye Traditional Elders List

Ugaas Saciid Ugaas Maxamed CarabDuduble

Jaamac Rooble SabriyeDuduble

Ugaas Cabdullaahi Ugaas Xaashi Ugaas FaracaddeMurusade

Maxamed Axmed YalaxawMurusade

Xasan Axmed SabriyeMurusade

Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Muuse Xaaji LugolooxSheekhaal

Faarax Ugaas MuuminXawaadle

Nabaddoon Cali Maxamed OosbitoXawaadle

Axmed Cabdi CaalinXawaadle

Maxamuud Cabdullaahi YuusufXawaadle

Imaam Maxamed Yusuf CaliMudulood

Ugaas Maxamud Cali UgaasMudulood

Xuseen Guure CalasowMudulood

Cabdi Abshir GuddeMudulood

Maxamed Cabdi ShiddoMudulood

Ugaas Cumar Ugaas Cismaan Ugaas CilmiMudulood

Warsame Ali SuuleeyMudulood

Ugaas Mire Maxamed DucaaleSaruur

Ugaas Xasan Ugaas MaxamedCayr

Ugaas Cabdullaahi Ugaas FaaraxSaleebaan

Nabaddoon Axmed Diiriye CaliSaleebaan

Maxamuud Axmed Aaden CaddaaweSacad

Garaad Aadan Cilmi QoorweyneSacad

Maxamed Axmed Xasan / Ugaas Xuseen Maxamed DaudSilcis

Islow Abukar Islow XasanWadalaan

Ugaas Cabdiraxman Ugaas Cabdullaahi Ugaas MuxamadGaaljecel

Cabdi Xuseen CabdulleDagoodi

Islaw Maxamed Wabar Axmed Wabar CabdiBaadicadde

Islaw Cabdinasir Ugaas Nuurre Ugaas CismaanJiidle

Wabar Geedi Wabar Xasan Wabar KutubowJijeelle
Dir Traditional Elders List

Suldaan Cabdillaahi Kibaar FaaraxSamaroon

Nabadoon Abiib Maxamed MaxamuudSamaroon

Suldaan Mohamed Aadan AshkirSamaroon

Suldaan Diiriye Geelle CaliSamaroon

Caaqil Idriis Jaamac CiiltireCiise

Caaqil Maxamuud Jaamac Boqorre (wakiil)Ciise

Caaqil Maxamuud Ibraahin SahalCiise

Feysal Boodhle Caddaawe (wakiil)Ciise

Suldaan Maxamed CabdulqaadirCidagale

Boqor Raabi JilaalCidagale

Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Xasan BulbulHabar Yonis

Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Xirsi QaniHabar Yonis

Suldaan Xamid Aadan MataanHabar Yoonis

Suldaan Xuseen Cabdi CabdullaahiArab

Suldaan Xuseen Suldaan Xaaji CabdillaahiArab

Suldaan Xasan Ibraahin IsmaaciilHabar Awal

Suldaan Maxamed Aadan Sheikh (Ciise Muuse)Habar Awal

Cabdiraxman Aadan Cali AadanHabar Awal

Boqor Cusmaan Maxamuud BuurmadowHabar Jeclo

Siciid Diiriye – wakiil (Suldan Mustafe MaxamedHabar Jeclo

Faarax Maxamuud Maxamed – wakiil (Suldaan Cali Xirsi Axmed)Habar Jeclo


Suldaan Ibraahim Cali Suldaan Xaaji Cabdalle Ciise – wakiil-Biyamaal

Ugaas Aaden Diiriye Ibrahin –wakiil -Biyamaal

Nabaddoon Cumar Abshir CumarIsmiin -Biyamaal

Ugaas Saalax Cabdinur
Ugaas Xuseen Xaaji Cumar

Ugaas Cabdiraxmaan Xaaji Xuseen /
Ugaas Maxamed Khaliif Ibraahim

Ugaas Cabdixakiim Ugaas MaxamedBajamaal

Ugaas Maxamed Buulle JiirowWarday

Siid Axmed Sheekh Cabdullaahi Sheekh IbraahinOw Siciid
Beesha 5aad Traditional Elders List

Ugaas Aweys Xuseen HoneroMushunguli

Suldaan Maxamed Osman Orow / Ugaas Xaaji Xuseen MaxamadowHintiro

Ugaas Cali Ugaas Xasan Ugaas RaageMakanne

Imaam Cusmaan Maxamed CusmaanBanaadiri

Nabadoon Suufi Muude Cali (Bandhabow)Banaadiri

Ugaas Amiin Cali MuuminBarawaani

Ugaas Maxamed Bashiir Ugaas XasanRootis – madhibaan

Suldaan Axmed Jaamac XirsiRootis – Yibir

Faarax Gacal GuuleedRootis – tumaal

Suldaan Cabdixaliim Cabdimaalik YusufAjuuraan

Ugaas Abdulkadir Ugaas Ahmed Der / Ugaas Mohamed Ugaas CabdullaahiReer Aw Xasan

Suldaan Cabdulqaadir Cumar FaaraxCarab Saalax

Ugaas Saalax Maxamud CabdiCarab Soomaali

Ugaas Cabdi Guure Ugaas MaxamedGarjante


Xaflad loogu Dabaaldegay Degmada Bohol-garas oo ka dhacday Mareykanka

Xaflad loogu Dabaaldegay Degmada Bohol-garas oo ka dhacday Mareykanka

Xafladweyn oo lagu soo dhaweynayo Degmada cusub ee kusoo biirtay Gobolka Gedo oo lagu Magacaabo Bohol-garas ayaa maanta lagu qabtay Gobolo ka tirsan wadanka Mareykanka.
Xafladan ayaa waxaa isku soo qabanqaabiyay dhalinyarada, culu’maaudiinka iyo waxgaradka kasoo jeeda Degaanada Luuq, Qooneey iyo Boholgaras ee Gobolka Gedo.
Xaflad lagu qabtay Xarunta Villa Soomaaliya bishan todobadeedii ayaa Madaxweynaha Dowlada KMG Somaliya Mudane Shariif Shiikh Ahmed waxa uu Degmo cusub ugu dhawaaqay Deegaanka Bohol-Garas oo ahayd Deegaan qadiimi ah oo ku taala Gobolka Gedo.
Xafladkale oo lagu soo dhaweeyay Degmada cusub ee Bohol-garas ayaa lagu qabtay hotel kuyaala magaalada Muqdisho, xafladan waxaa kasoo qeybgalay wasiiro, wasiiro kuxigeeno iyo Xildhibaano katirsan Dowlada KMG soomaaliya, waxaa kaloo kasoo qeybgalay Ganacsato, Oday dhaqameedyo iyo waxgarad kasoo jeeda Gobolka Gedo. waxaa halkaa ka hadlay Xildhibaan Cabdinaasir Maxamed Gaarane oo si fiican u faahfaahiyay muhiimada ay leedahay Degmadan cusub ee bohol-garas.
Gobolka Gedo oo ka mid ah Gobolada ugu baaxadaweyn Soomaaliya ayna ku dhaqan yihiin Dad aad u tiro badan ayaan helin wax aqoonsi ah tan iyo intii ay Burburtay Dowladii Kacaanka.
Degmada Boholgaras ayaa ahayd Degaan istiraatiiji ah oo ay maraan gaadiidka u kala goosha Somaliya, Kenya, iyo Ethiopia 20kii sano ee lasoo dhaafay taasoo dhalisay in Degaanka uu yeesho horumar lixaadleh xaga dhaqaalaha, waxbarashada, iyo Deegaankaba, isla-markaana lagama maarmaan kadhigtay in ay noqoto Degmo caalami ah.
Gabagabadii Xafladan ayaa Waxgaradka kasoo jeeda Degmada Bohol-garas waxa ay balanqaadeen inay horumariyaan Degmadan cusub waxayna ku booriyeen shacabka reer Gedo inay gacan kusiiyaan kobcinta Degmada cusub ee Bohol-garas.
Mohamed Ali

Bohol Garas waa deegan Beesha Direed ay Dagaan dhaman Beelah Surre iyo Gadsan Siiba iyo Beelo kale.  Degmoyinka Gobalka Gedo oo beesha Direed ku badantahay ayaa durba loo qeybsaday ilaa 9 degmo oo sida tan loo burburshay:

 The town of Bohol Garas (a settlement described as 40 km NE of Luq town)

  7. BOHOL GARAS oo ku taal xadka Soomaaliya iyo Itoobiya .
  8. LUUQ


Dagmadi 9aad oo lagu soo kordhiyay Gobolka Gedo iyo Muraan ka taagan
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 Wararka naga soo garaya  Xarunta Madaxtooyada Viila Somalia ee Magaalada Muqdisho aya  tibaxaya  in  Madaxweynaha  Dowlada km ah ee Somalia manta Dagmo Cusub uu  uso magacabay  deegaanka Bohol Garas ee gobolka Gedo. Halkan ka Daawo Qaar ka mid ah  Masuliyinta Dowlada  kmg ah ee ka soo jeeda   Dagmada Bohol garas aya siweyn u soo dhaweyay  waxaayna  shegeen in ay mudo  ku mashqulsanayeen  sidi ay u helilahayeen  Dagmo  ka tirsan Gobolka Gedo. Gobolka  Gedo aya waxaa uu sidaasi ku noqonaya Gobolka  Ugu dagmoyinka Badan Wadanka Somalia  waxaana  Isku geyn Dagmoyinka Gobolka Gedo ay  tagayaan 9 Dagmo wana sidaan. 1-Casimada Gobolka oo Garbahareey ah 2-Dagmada Luuq 3-Dagmada Ceelwaaq 4-Dagmada Dooloow 5-Dagmada Ceel Cade oo uu magacabay  Madaxweyne  Cabdilahi Yusuf 6-Dagmada  Buurdhuubo 7-Dagmada Baardhere 8- Balad Xaawo Waxaa 9 ku noqonaya  Dagmada Cusub ee  Bohol Garas  oo u manta magacaabay  Madaxweyne Sh. Shariif Balse waxaa Muran badan uu ka tagan yahay  sida ay Sharci u noqonayso  Dagmadaas Cusub oo Magaalada luuq u jirta  in ka yar masaafada rasmiga ah ee logu talo galay in ay isku jiraan labo dagmo taas oo ah 90 km waxaana arinkaas  markiba  doodweyn ka keenay Qaar ka mid ah

Gedo oo degmo lagu soo kordhiyay

Xaflad lagu soo dhoweynayay degmo cusub oo uu dhowaan madaxweynaha Soomaaliya, Shariif Sheekh Axmed u magacaabay gobolka Gedo ayaa maanta lagu qabtay magaalada Muqdisho.
Degmada oo lagu magacaabo Bohol-garas ayaa horay u ahayd deegaan ka tirsan gobolka Gedo, waxaana xafladda lagu soo dhoweynayay degmo ahaanshaheeda ka qeyb galay wasiirro, xildhibaanno iyo odayaal dhaqameed.
Xildhibaan Cabdinaasir Maxamed Gaarane oo ka tirsan baarlamaanka Soomaaliya ayaa sheegay in degmada la magacaabay ay howsheeda socotay muddo dheer, isagoo madaxweynaha iyo raysul wasaaraha uga mahadceliyay degmo ka dhigisteeda.
Madaxweynaha dowladda KMG ah ee Soomaaliya, Shariif Sheekh Axmed ayaa toddobadii bishan u magacaabay Bohol-garas inay noqoto degmo ka tirsan gobolka Gedo oo markii hore ka koobnaa 6 degmo.

golaha dhallinyarada soomaaliyeed ee sudan oo u dabaaldegay aqoonsigii degmada bohol-garas

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Magaalada khartoum ee xarunta dalka sudan ayaa galabnimadii manta
lagu qabtay xaflad ballaran oo ay soo qabanqaabiyeen golaha dhallinyarada soomaaliyeed ee sudan iyada oo xafladani loogu dabaaldagayay dagmo cusub oo dhowan kusoo biirtay degmooynka soomaaliya laguna magacaabo bohol-garas
oo dhacda galbeedka gobolka gedo. degmadaaani ayaa si rasmi ah u aqoonsatay dowladda kmg soomaaliya uu hogaamiyo madaxweyne sheekh shariif sheekh axmed. xafladani ayaa ka dhacdey
Hoolka weyn ee midowga ardayda suudaan. waxaana kasoo qaybgaly dadyow aad u fara badan oo isu jiray aqoonyahanno, mas,uuliyiin arday gabdho iyo wiilalba leh
Waxaana Xafladda halkudhig looga dhigay (bohol-garas horumartayee ha liicin)
Xafladan ayaa ugu horeyntii daahfur looga dhigay aayado quraan qoolkii eebe intaa kadib waxaa xigay kalimad soo dhaweyn ah oo loogu talagalay marti sharaftii kasoo qeybgashay waxaana kalimadasi ku hadlay mudane: c/laahi daahir duqow oo ah xoghayaha guud ee golaha dhalinyarada somaaliyeed ee sudan mr doqow ayaa ugu horeyntii soodhaweyn ballaaran iyo mahadnoq buuxa oo usoo jeediyay dhammaan marti sharaftii ka sooqeybgashay xafladda . jawiga xafladda oo ahaa mid farxadeed waxaana laga dareemayay wajiyadii kasoo qeybgalay sida ay ugu faraxsanyihiin aqoonsiga degmadaasi cusub .
Waxaa daqiiqado kadib goobta xafladda looga yeeray sheekh c/laahi tanzaani waxa uuna kalimad dhaxalgal ah kasoojeediyay goobta isaga oo dhalinyarada kula dardaarmay inay alle ka cabsadaan meel waliba oo ay joogaan kana shaqeeyaan midnimada waxaana uu mr tanzaani taariikh kooban kabixiyay degmada bohol-garas iyo waxyaabaha ay degmadaasi ku caanbaxdey
Xafladani oo lagu marti qaaday mas,uuliyiin kala duwan ayaa waxaa kamid ahaa mas,uuliyiintii goobta ka hadashay maama xaliimo boolo oo kamid ah mas,uuliyiinta sare ee munadamada dacwada islaamiga xarunteeda muqdisho soomaaliya qeybta caafimaadka kuna joogta booqasho munadamada dacwada xarunteeda sudan . maama xaliimo oo dhowaan soogaartay magaalada khartoum ayaa ugu horeyntii usoo jeedisay dhalinyarada inay ka shaqeeyaan horumarka dalka iyo inay wadanka dib ugu soo laabtaan si looga faa,ideysto dhalinyarada garaadkooda waxbarasho . sidoo kale waxaa kamid ahaa mas,uuliyiintii xafladda lagu martigaadey siyaasiyiin ka tirsin dowladda kmg ee soomaaliya waxaana kamid ahaa axmed xasan oo ah wasiiru dowlaha wasaaradda kalluumeysiga iyo kheyraadka badda iyo xildhibaan c.naasir gaarane waxayna labadani mas,uul ay si toos ah qadka telefoonka uga qeyb qaateen barnaamijka iyaga oo farxadda la wadaagaya dhalinyarada waxayna mahad ballaaran u jeediyeen golaha dhalinyarada soomaaliyeed ee sudan oo soo qabanqaabiyay xafladda iyaga oo talaabo wanaagsan ku tilmaamay aqoonsiga degmada cusub ee bohol-garas
Sikastaba ha ahaatee xafladan dabaaldega ah ayaa soo dhaweeyay dhammaan dhallinyaradii kasoo qeybgashay xafladda iyaga oo ku tilmaamay arin lagu farxo ugudambeyntii xaxafladan ayaa kalimado kooban oo dhaxalgal ah kasoo jeediyay mudanaayaasha kala ah ismaaciil c,naasir gaarane oo ah xoghayaha maaliyadda golaha dhallinyarada soomaaliyeed soona qabanqaabiyay xafladda una mahadceliyay dadkii kaalinta lixaad kageystay qabsoomidda xafladda dhan fikradeed iyo mid maaliyadeedba gabagabadii xafladan ayaa soo xeray mudane yusuf c,raxmaan daahmacaane (yuusuf deeq) oo ah guddoomiyaha golaha dhallinyarada soomaaliyeed ee dalka sudan isaga oo mahad ballaaran usoo jeediyay dadkii kasoo qeybgalay xafladda waxa uuna mr yuusuf sheegay inay qabandoonaan barnaamijyo dhaxalgal ah si ay ugu faa,ideystaan dhallinyarada wax kabarata dalka sudan.
yuusuf c/raxmaan daahamcane (yuusuf deeq)

War degdeg ah
Caawa waxaa socdo shir deg deg ah oo looga hadlayo gobol cusub oo caasimadiisu tahay BOHOLGARAS aya lafilayaa in lagu dhawaaqo goor dhow taasi oo ay u fadhiyaan waxgaradka iyo siyaasiyiinta ee kasoo jeeda deegaanadaas.
Gobolkan cusb oo ay degmooyinkiisu noqon doonaan sida tan :- caasimada magalada BOHOL GARAS .
degmoyinkisana waxaa kamid ah :- diida caani ,qooneey, waladayo iyo madhaweey.
Dooda caawa waxay ubadneed in laga dhigo magaca gobolka BAAY(2) halka qaarkamid ah odayasha ay kabiyadiidsanyihiin magacaasi oo ay doonayaan in ay ubixiyaan magac kamadax banan gobolka bay.
Hadaba waxii kusoo kordho shirkaasi degdega waxad kala socon kartaan wararkeena danbe.

Bohol garas State waa dagmo cusub oo madaxwaynaha soomaaliya uu magacaabay bishan febrayo. Bohol garas waa degmada 9 aad ee gobolka Gedo.
cammaara: Madaxweynaha Ganaane State Oo Digniin  Adag U Soo  Jeediyay  Madaxweynaha Qaranka Dalka Soomaaliyed Md Shariif Sheekh Axmed

Madaxweynaha Ganaane State Oo Digniin  Adag U Soo  Jeediyay  Madaxweynaha
Qaranka Dalka Soomaaliyed Md Shariif Sheekh Axmed
cammaara on 13 February, 2012 01:17:00
Madaxweynaha Ganaane State of Somalia Md. Nuur Maxamed Macalin ayaan digniin
kulul ujeediyey Madaxweynaha dowladda Federalka Somalia Shariif Sheekh Axmed
kaddib markii uu deegaanka Bohol Garas ee degmada Luuq u magacaabay degmo uu
siiyey beesha Direed ee degta waqooyiga Somalia.
Madaxweyne Nuur Maxamed Macalin wuxuu wasiirka Gaashaandhiga Xuseen Carab Ciise
ku eedeeyey inuu
isaga ka dambeeyo isku dayga ah in deegaanka Bohol Garas la siiyo Dir, wuxuuna
uga digay inuu ka waantoobo arrintaas, isagoo madaxweynahana ku eedeeyey inuu
qaadi doono wixii masuuliyad darro ah ee ka dhaca deegaanka Bohol Garas ee uu
isku dayayo inuu siiyo beel aan deegaanka meelba ka degin
Warsaxaafadeedka Madaxweynaha Ganaane State wuxuu u qornaa sidan.
Maamulka dowlad Gobaleedka Ganaane State ee ka arrimiya gobalada koofureed ee
Jubbooyinka iyo Gedo, wuxuu aad uga xun yahay tallaabada sharci darada ah ee uu
qaaday Madaxweynaha Dowladda KMG-ka ah ee Soomaaliya Shariif Sheekh Axmed oo si
sharci darro ah oo xadgudub ku ah Digil iyo Mirifle deegaan aanu leenahay ugu
magacaabay degmo sharci darro ah.
Deegaalka Bohol Garas ee uu madaxweynaha degmada u magacaabay waxaa iska leh
Digil iyo Mirifle, dadka uu madaxweynaha ku sheegay inuu siiyey degmana uga
dhigay ma laha deegaankaasi, lamana siin karo, mana ogolaaneyno.
Dhul qofkiisi baa iska leh, Digil iyo Mirifle dhulkoodii xilligii la hunguriyeyn
jiray wuu soo dhaafay. Dadka Digil iyo Mirifle waxaan u sheegeynaa inay ka
kacaan hurdada, dhulkooda boobka lagu hayana ay ka ceshadaan cid walba oo
duulaan ku ah.
Madaxweynaha lama tashan, sooma wargelin, mana ogeysiin maamulka Ganaane State
iyo dadka Digil iyo Mirifle toona, sida sharci darada ah ee beesha Direed ee
deggan Waqooyiga Soomaaliya ugu samaayey degmo ku taala deegaan aanay laheyna
waa xadgudub ka dhan ah dadka Digil iyo Mirifle oo madaxweynaha si bareer ah ugu
kacay, Bohol Garas waa deegaan ka tirsan degmada Luuq Ganaane, cidna looma
sharciyeyn karo aan Digil iyo Mirifle aheyn.
Waxaan u sheegeynaa inay arrintaas tahay sharci darro iyo isku dir beeleed,
haddii aysan ka waantoobinna waxay keeni doontaa dhibaato dhiig badani ku daato
oo xanuun badan.
Madaxweynaha waxaan leenahay xaq uma lihid inaad deegaankeena aad siiso Xuseen
Carab Ciise iyo beel uu soo dhoodhoobay, waana shaqsi xafiiskiisa Wasaaradda
Gaashaan dhiga ku dhibaateeya Digil iyo Mirifle iyo maatidooda oo keliya,
waxaana u aragnaa nasiib darro in madaxweyne uu ku garab siiyo arrintaas.
Haddii aan nahay Maamulka Ganaane State, waxaan si cad u sheegeynaa in
Magacaabistaasi Bohol Garas degmada laga dhigay, isla markaasna beesha Direed la
siiyey aysan waxba ka jirin, Xuseen Carab Ciise Dir xoog kuma geyn karo Bohol
Garas, Madaxweynahana sidoo kale, marka waa inay ka waantoobaan falkaas damaca
ku dhisan, haddii kale waxay qaadi doonaan masuuliyadda dhibaato kasta ee ka
dhalata arrintaas.
Ugu dambeyntii Madaxweynaha waxaan ugu baaqeynaa inuu ka laabto Go’aankaas
xadgudubka ah ee gardarada ah, haddii kale dhibaatada ka dhacda masuuliyadeeda
isaga iyo wasiirka u geeyey in deegaankaas Dir la siiyo ayaa qaadi doonaan.
H. E. Nur Mohamed Macalin
President, Ganaane State of Somalia
Tel: +252 61 5977777
Axmed Xasan
Warfaafinta Madaxtooyada Ganaane State
Kismaayo, SomaliaH. E. Nur Mohamed Macalin
More Info Coming Soon

Xinhua News Agency filed a news report on 27 February under the headline "Volcano erupts in Somalia" but the veracity of the story now appears doubtful. The report disclosed the volcano's location as on the W side of the Gedo region, an area along the Ethiopian border just NE of Kenya. The report had relied on the commissioner of the town of Bohol Garas (a settlement described as 40 km NE of the main Al-Itihad headquarters of Luq town) and some or all of the information was relayed by journalists through VHF radio. The report claimed the disaster "wounded six herdsmen" and "claimed the lives of 290 goats grazing near the mountain when the incident took place." Further descriptions included such statements as "the volcano which erupted two days ago [25 February] has melted down the rocks and sand and spread . . . ."
Giday WoldeGabriel returned from three weeks of geological fieldwork in SW Ethiopia, near the Kenyan border, on 25 August. During his time there he inquired of many people, including geologists, if they had heard of a Somalian eruption in the Gedo area; no one had heard of the event. WoldeGabriel stated that he felt the news report could have described an old mine or bomb exploding. Heavy fighting took place in the Gedo region during the Ethio-Somalian war of 1977. Somalia lacks an embassy in Washington DC; when asked during late August, Ayalaw Yiman, an Ethiopian embassy staff member in Washington DC also lacked any knowledge of a Somalian eruption.
A Somalian eruption would be significant since the closest known Holocene volcanoes occur in the central Ethiopian segment of the East African rift system S of Addis Ababa, ~500 km NW of the Gedo area. These Ethiopian rift volcanoes include volcanic fields, shield volcanoes, cinder cones, and stratovolcanoes.
Information Contacts: Xinhua News Agency, 5 Sharp Street West, Wanchai, Hong Kong; Giday WoldeGabriel, EES-1/MS D462, Geology-Geochemistry Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545 (Email:; Ayalaw Yiman, Ethiopian Embassy, 2134 Kalorama Rd. NW, Washington DC 20008.

Degmada Jammaame iyo saameynta ay ku yeesheen abaaraha ku habsaday geeska afrika(Sawiro)

Degmada Jammaame iyo saameynta ay ku yeesheen abaaraha ku habsaday geeska afrika(Sawiro)Beesha Dir

Magaalada Jammaame waxay ka mid tahay magaalooyinka ugu caansan magaalooyinka dowlad goboleedka UDUBLAND. Jammaame waxay ka tirsan tahay Jubbada Hoose.

Hadaba magaalada Jammaame waxay ka mid tahay magaalooyinka ay saameynta weyn ku yeelatay abaaraha ka jiro geeska afrika, dadka reer Jammaame waxaa isku baheystay ABAARO, WAXBARASHO LA'AAN, DARYEEL CAAFIMAAD LA'AAN.

Daawo sawirada muujinayo dhibaatada haysato dad weynaha ku nool Jammaame iyo tuulooyinka hoos yimaada.

Waxii warbixin ah ama caawimaad ah fadlan la xiriir telefoonada hoos ku qoran:
+252615863058 Ahmed sheikh osman [Ahmed tawane]
+252615542570 Omar mohamud mohanmed[barkadheere]
Fiiro Gaar ah: Xuquuqda sawirada qaar ka mid ah waxaa iska leh shabakadda This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated (Monday, 29 August 2011 06:21)

1950 Somalia Shilling



HAWIYE1. Cabdisamad Macalin Maxamuud Sheekh Xasan, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha iyo Amniga Qaranka {Hawiye, Habar-gidir, Ceyr}.
2. C/qaadir Maxamed Axmed, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Warfaafinta, Boostada iyo Isgaarsiinta Hawiye, Murasade, Sabti, Maxaad-xasan.
3. Dr. Cabdulqaadir Maxamed Dhicisow, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Macdanta, Biyaha iyo Batroolka {Hawiye, Gaaljecel, Abti-same}.
4. Cabdullaahi Goodax Barre, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Qorsheynta iyo Iskaashiga caalamiga {Hawiye, Xawaadle, Agoon-cabdalla}.

1. Axmed Xasan Gaboobe {Ugaas Bile}Wasiirka Wasaaradda Garsoorka, Arrimaha Diinta iyo Awqaafta {Dir, Gaadsan}.
2. Xuseen Carab Ciise Ra’isul wasaare ku xigeen, ahna Wasiirka Wasaaradda Gaashaandhigga {Dir, Isaaq Cida-gale}.
3. Dr. C/casiis Sheekh Yuusuf Ibraahim Wasiirka Wasaaradda Caafimaadka {Dir, Surre, Fiqi Muxumad}.
4. Maxamed Muxiyadiin Sheekh Mursal Wasiirka Wasaaradda Shaqada, Dhalinyarada iyo Isboortiga {Dir, Isaaq, Haba- Awal}.

1. Dr. Cabdinaasir Maxamed Cabdulle, Wasiirka Waasaaaradda Maaliyadda iyo Lacagta {Daarood, Miriixaan, reer Diini}.
2. Cabdiwahaab Ugaas Xuseen Ugaas Khaliif, Ra’isul wasaare ku xigeen, ahna Wasiirka Wasaaradda Ganacsiga iyo Warshadaha {Daarood, Ogadeen, Cowlyahan}.
3. Avv. C/raxmaan Xoosh Jibriil, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Dastuurka iyo Dib u heshiisiinta {Daarood, Leel-kase}.
4. Prof. Axmed Caydiid Ibraahim, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Waxbarashada, Hiddaha iyo Tacliinta Sare, {Daarood, Dhul-bahante}.
1. Maxamed Maxamuud Xaaji Ibraahim, Ra’isul wasaare ku xigeen, ahna Wasiirka Arrimaha dibadda {Raxa-weyn, Digil, Dabare}
2. Cabullaahi Xaaji Xasan Maxamed Nuur, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Beeraha iyo Xanaanada Xoolaha {Raxa-weyn, Mirifle, Leysaan}

3. C/raxmaan Sheekh Ibraahim Max’ed Xeydar, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Kalluumeysiga, Kheyraadka Badda iyo Bay’adda {Raxa-weyn, Mirifle, Eelay.
4. Aadan C/llaahi Aadan, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Gaadiid Cirka, Dhulka, Badda iyo Dekadaha {Raxa-weyn, Mirifle, Hadame}

1. Jeylaani Nuur Iikar, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Howlaha Guud, Guriyeynta iyo dib u dhiska {Beesha shanaad, Banaadiri, Shaanshi}.
2. Marwo Caasho Cismaan Caqiil, Wasiirka Wasaaradda Haweenka iyo Arrimaha Qoyska {Beesha shanaad, Jareer Weyne, Shiidle, Sagaalle}. {Xigasho Wargeyska Xog-ogaal}

MagacaQabiilka Wasaarada
Prof. Axmed Caydiid IbraahimHarti /DhulbahateWaxbarashada
C/wahaab Ugaas Xuseen Ugaas KhaliifOgaadeenGanacsiga
Dr. Cabdinaasir Maxamed CabdulleMareexaanMaaliyada
Cabdiraxmaan Xoosh JibriilLeelkaseDastuurka

Cabdisamad Maxamuud Sh XasanHabar Gidir/CayrArimaha Gudaha
Cabdulqaadir Xuseen MaxamedMurursadeWarfaafinta
Cabdullaahi Goodax BarreXawaadleQorshaynta
Cabdulqaadir Maxamed DhicisowGaal JecelMacdanta & Biyaha

Xuseen Carab CiiseIsaaq/Ciida galeGaashaandhiga
Axmed Xasan GaboobeBiya MaalGarsoorka & Diinta
Dr. Cabdicasiis Sheekh YuusufFaqi MuxumadCaafimaadka
Maxamed Muxiyadiin Sheekh MursalIsaaq/Habar awalShaqada & Isboortiga

Digil & Mirifle
Maxamed Maxamuud Xaaji IbraahimDabareArimaha Debeda
Cabullaahi Xaaji Xasan Maxamed NuurLeesaanBeeraha & Xoolaha
Aadan Cabdullaahi AadanHadamoGaadiidka & Dekedaha
Cabdiraxmaan Sheekh IbraahimRaxanweynKaluumaysiga

Kuwa Kale/Others
Caasho Cismaan CaaqiilJareerArimaha Qoyska
Jaylaani Nuur IikarShaanshiHawlaha Guud

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali "Gaas" announced his new cabinet with elite ministers who will be ruling until August 21st, 2012.

There are 18 elite ministers shared 4.5 Somali clan formula, and their names is as the following:-
The New Ministerial List:

1-Mudane Axmed Xasan Gaboobe (Ugaas Bille) Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Garsoorka, Arrimaha Diinta & Awqaafta

2- Mudane Maxamed Maxamuud Xaaji Ibraahim Waxaa loo magacaabay Ra’iisul-Wasaare ku-xigeen ahna Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibadda

3-Mudane Xuseen Carab Ciise Waxaa loo magacaabay Ra’iisu-Wasaare Ku-Xigeenka ahna Wasiirka Wasaaradda Gaashaandhigga

4- Mudane Cabdiwahaab Ugaas Xuseen Ugaas Khaliif Waxaa loo magacaabay Ra’isul-Wasaare Ku-Xigeen ahna Wasiirka Wasaaradda Ganacsiga & Warshadaha.

5- Mudane Cabdisamad Macallin Maxamuud Sheekh Xasan Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha & Amniga Qaranka.

6- Mudane Dr. Cabdinaasir Maxamed Cabdulle Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Waasaaaradda Maaliyadda & Lacagta.

7- Marwo Caasho Cismaan Caqiil Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Haweenka & Arrimaha Qoyska,

8-Mudane Cabullaahi Xaaji Xasan Maxamed Nuur waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Beeraha & Xannaanada Xoolaha

9- Mudane Dr. Cabdicasiis Sheekh Yuusuf Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Caafimaadka

10-Mudane Cabdulqaadir Maxamed Axmed Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Warfaafinta, Boostada & Isgaarsiinta

11-Mudane Maxamed Muxiyadiin Sheekh Mursal Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Shaqada, Dhallinyarada & Isboortiga

12-Mudane Cabdiraxmaan Sheekh Ibraahim Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Kalluumeysiga, Kheyraadka Badda & Bay’adda

13-Mudane Aadan Cabdullaahi Aadan Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Gaadiidk Circa, Dhulka, Badda & Dekadaha

14-Mudane Avv. Cabdiraxmaan Xoosh Jibriil Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Dastuurka & Dib-u-heshiisiinta

15-Mudane Jaylaani Nuur Iikar Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Howlaha Guud, Guriyeenta & Dib-u-dhiska

16- Mudane Cabdulqaadir Maxamed Dhicisow Waxaa loo magacaabay asiirka Wasaaradda Macdanta, Biyaha & Batroolka

17- Mudane Prof. Axmed Caydiid Ibraahim Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Waxbarashada, Hiddaaha & Tacliinta Sare.

18- Madane, Cabdullaahi Goodax Barre Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Qorsheenta & Iskaashiga Caalamiga

Thank you very much,

Friday, November 12, 2010 Ra'iisal Wasaare Mudane Maxamed Cabdullaahi Maxamed ayaa soo magacaabay Golaha Wasiiradda Dowladda Soomaaliya.

Xubnaha cusub ee golaha wasiiradda waxay kala yihiin:

1. Maxamed Cabdullahi Oomaar, Raiisul wasaare ku xigeen, ahna Wasiirka arrimaha dibedda.

2. Cabdixakiim Maxamuud Xaaji Fiqi, Raiisul Wasaare ku xigeen, ahna Wasiirka arrimaha gaashaandhiga.

3. Cabdiweli Maxamed Cali, Raiisul Wasaare ku xigeen ahna Wasiirka Qorsheynta iyo iskaashiga Caalamiga.

4. Cabdullahi Abyan Nuur, Wasiirka garooska arrimaha diinta iyo awqaafta.

5. Cabdishakuu Shiikh Xasan Faarax, wasiirka arrimaha gudaha iyo amniga qaranka.

6. Xuseen Cabdi Xalane, Wasiirka maaliyadda iyo Lacagta.

7. Maryama Qaasim Axmed, Wasiirka Haweenka iyo Arrimaha qoyska.

8. Yusuf Macalin Amiin Baadiyow, Wasiirka Beeraha iyo xanaanada xoolaha.

9. Dr Aadan Xaaji Ibraahim Daaud ,Wasiirka caafimaadka iyo daryeelka Bulshada.

10. Cabdikariim Xasan Jaamac, Wasiirka Warfaafinta iyo Boostada iyo Isgaarsiinta.

11. Cabdinuur Macalin Maxamuud, Wasiirka arrimaha bulshada, shaqada iyo horumarinta shaqaalaha.

12. Maxamed Macalin Xasan, Wasiirka Kaluumeysiga, Beyada iyo kheyraadka badda.

13. Axmed Cabdiraxmaan Abaade, Wasiirka dekedaha gaadiidka badda cirka iyo dhulka.

14. Maxamuud Maxamed Boonoow, Wasiirka Dastuurka Federalka iyo Dib u heshiisiinta.

15. Cabdirashiid Khaliif Xaashi, Wasiirka Howlaha guud iyo dib u dhiska.

16. Cabdirisaaq Shiikh Muxudiin, Wasiirka Macdanta, Biyaha, Tamarta iyo Shidaalka.

17. Cabdinuur Shiikh Maxamed, Wasiirka Waxbarashada, hidaha iyo tacliinta sare

18. Maxamuud Cabdi Ibraahim, Wasiirka Ganacsiga iyo Warshadaha.
Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Soomaaliya Maxamed C/llaahi Maxamed ayaa maanta soo magacaabay Wasiir ku xigeenno iyo Wasiiru-dowlayaal, kuwaasi oo ay tiradooda dhan tahay 18 Wasiir ku xigeen iyo 9 Wasiiru-Dowle.

Magacyada Wasiir ku Xigeennada iyo Magaca Wasaaradda loo magacaabay

1-Mudane Xaji Cali Sheikh Maxamed Nuur

Wasaaradda Garsoorka, Arrimaha Diinta, iyo Awqaafta

2-Mudane Cumar Shiikh Cali Idris

Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dibadda

3-Mudane Ibrahim Isaaq Yarow

Wasaaradda Arimaha Gudaha iyo Amniga Qaranka

4-Mudane Mukhtaar Shiikh Shuute Shiikh Cali Maye

Wasaaradda Maaliyadda iyo Lacagta

5-Mudane Daauud Cabdikariim Xaaji Cumar

Wasaaradda Gaashaandhiga

6-Mudane Cabdicasiis Lafta Gareen

Wasaaradda Qorshaynta iyo Iskaashiga Caalamiga

7-Mudane Maxamed Cabdulle Faarax (Geeseey)

Wasaaradda Warfaafinta, Boostada, iyo Isgaarsiintan

8-Mudane Maxamed Cali Shire

Wasaaradda Ganacsiga iyo Warshadaha

9-Mudane Cabdirashid Maxamed Xidig

Wasaaradda Arrimaha Bulshada, Shaqada, Homumarinta Shaqaalaha, Dhallinyarada iyo Isboortiga

10-Mudane Cabdi Cali Maxamud (Riyaraac)

Wasaaradda Howlaha Guud iyo Dib-Udhiska

11-Mudane Xasan Yacquub Geescade

Wasaaradda Beeraha iyo Xanaanada Xoolaha

12-Mudane Cabdullahi Abokor Jaamac (Gardowe)

Wasaaradda Kaluumaysiga, Bayada, iyo Khayraadka Badda

13-Mudane Cabdulqaadir Haji Maxamed Suldan Lugadheere

Wasaaradda Dakadaha, Gaadiidka Badda, Cirka iyo Dhulka

14-Mudane Siciid Maxamed Jimcaale

Wasaaradda Dastuurka, Federaalka iyo Dib-uheshiisiinta

15-Mudane Cabdiraxmaan Yusuf Faarax (Dujana)

Wasaaradda Macdanta, Biyaha, Tamarta iyo Shidaalka.

16-Mudane Faisal Cumar Guuleed

Wasaaradda Waxbarashadda, Hidaha iyo Tacliinta Sare

17-Marwo Faduma Xasan Cali

Wasaaradda Haweenka iyo Arrimaha Qoyska

18-Mudane Cisman Libaax Ibraahim

Wasaaradda Caafimaadka iyo Daryeelka Bulshada

Wasiiru-Dowlayaasha Magacyadooda iyo Wasaaradaha loo magacaabay

1- Marwo Sahra Maxamed Cali Samatar Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirudawlaha Xafiiska Raisulwasaaraha.

2- Mudane Cabdulqaadir Macallin Nuur Maxamed Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirudawlaha Madaxtooyada.

3- Mudane Maxamed Cali Xaamud Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirudawlaha Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dibadda

4- Mudane Maxamed Xasan Aadan Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirudawlaha Wasaaradda Maaliyadda & Lacagta.

5-Mudane Maxmed Cabdi Abtidoon Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirudawlaha Wasaaradda Gaashaandhigga.

6-Mudane Axmed Cali Yaqle waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirudawlaha Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha iyo Amniga Qaranka.

7- Mudane Maxamed Cali Xagaa Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirudawlaha Wasaaradda Kalluumeysiga, Bey’adda & Kheyraadka Badda.

8- Mudane Cabdirashid Xaaji Deerow Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirudawlaha Wasaaradda Dekadaha, Gaadiidka badda, circa & Dhulka.

9- Mudane Dr. Maxamuud Shiikh Xasan Akhi Waxaa loo magacaabay Wasiirudawlaha Wasaaradda Caafimaadka iyo Daryeelka Bulshada.

Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Soomaaliya Mudane Cabdirashid Cali Sharmaje oo magacaabay Xubnaha Xukuumaddiisa

Wasiirrada uu soo magacaabay Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Soomaaliya oo gaaraya 36 Wasaaradood ayaa waxay u badan yihiin wejiyo cusub, waxaana ku jira xubno yar oo ka tirsanaa Dowladdii TFG-da

Magacyada Wasiirradda iyo Wasaaraha loo magacaabay

Prof. C/raxmaan Xaaji Aadan Ibbi:
Ra’iisal Wasaare ku xigeen ahna Wasaaradda Kalluumeysiga iyo Kheyraadka Badda

Shariif Xasan Shiikh Aadan:
Ra’iisal Wasaare ku xigeen ahna Wasaaradda Maaliyadda

C/Waaxid Cilmi Goon-jeex:
Ra’iisal Wasaare ku xigeenka ahna Wasaaradda Tamarta iyo Shidaalka

Maxamed C/llaahi Oomaar:
Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dibadda

Prof. Maxamed Cabdi Gaandi:
Wasaaradda Gaashaandhigga

Shiikh C/qaadir Cali Cumar:
Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha

Col. Cumar Xaashi Aadan:
Wasaaradda Amniga Qaranka

C/raxmaan C/shakuur Warsame:
Wasaaradda Qorsheynta iyo Iskaashiga Caalamiga ah

Madoobe Nuunow Maxamed:
Wasaaradda Dastuurka iyo Arrimaha Federaalka

Shiikh Cali Aadan:
Wasaaradda Awqaafta iyo Arrimaha Diinta

Fowsiyo Maxamed Shiikh:
Wasaaradda Haweenka iyo Arrimaha Qoyska

Dr. Maxamuud Cabdi Ibraahim:
Wasaaradda Gargaarka iyo Aadamiga

Farxaan Cali Maxamuud:
Wasaaradda Warfaafinta

Maxamed Cali Xagaa:
Wasaaradda Cilmi-baarista iyo Tiknoolojiyada

Qamar Aadan Cali:
Wasaaradda Caafimaadka

Maxamed Cabdi Xayir Maareeye:
Wasaaradda Shaqada iyo Shaqaalaha

C/llaahi Axmed Cabdulle Azhari:
Wasaaradda Jaaliyadda Dibadda

Axmed C/llaahi Waayeel:
Wasaaradda Warshadaha iyo Barbaarinta

Maxamed Cabdi Yuusuf:
Wasaaradda Howlaha Guud iyo Guriyeynta

Khadiijo Maxamed Diiriye:
Wasaaradda Horumarinta Reer Miyiga

Saleebaan Colaad Rooble:
Wasaaradda Dhalinyarada iyo Isboortiga

Abuukar Cabdi Cusmaan:
Wasaaradda Xanaanada Xoolaha

C/raxmaan Maxamed Faarax Jinaqow:
Wasaaradda Cadaaladda iyo Garsoorka

Xasan Maxamed Nuur Shaargaduud:
Wasaaradda Beeraha

Maxamed Ibraahim Xaabsade:
Wasaaradaha Dekedaha iyo Gaadiidka Badda

Maxamed Mursal:
Wasaaradda Hantida Qaranka iyo Qalabeynta

Prof. Ibraahim Xasan Caddow:
Wasaaradda Hidaha iyo Tacliinta Sare

Cabdalla Boos Axmed:
Wasaaradda Macdanta iyo Biyaha

Xuseen Ceelaabe Faahiye:
Wasaaradda Dib-u-dhiska

Maxamed Xuseen Saciid:
Wasaaradda Dalxiiska iyo Duur-joogta

C/risaaq Cusmaan :
Wasaaradda Boostada iyo Isgaarsiinta

C/rashiid Cirro:
Wasaaradda Ganacsiga

C/raxmaan Jaamac:
Wasaaradda Warshadaha

Cali Jaamac Jengeli:
Wasaaradda Gaadiidka Cirka iyo Dhulka

Burci Xamza:
Wasaaradda Deegaanka iyo Ilaalinta Bii’ada

Waxaa harsan oo marka ay Dowladda Xamar u guurta la magacaabi doonaa Wasiir ku xigeenno aan iyana tiro-yareyn, kuwaasi oo ka mid noqon doona Dowladda Midnimada Qaran ee Soomaaliya, iyadoo ay xusid mudan tahay in ay iyana jiri karaan Wasiiru-Dowlayaal.

Ganacsade Carab Ciise oo shalay lagu aasay Minneapolis

Last Updated on Sunday, 18 March 2012 00:53 Friday, 16 March 2012 16:58    

Waxaa shalay magaalada Minneapolis lagu aasay alle ha u naxariistee Carab Ciise Xayd. Mudo dheer ayuu xanuunsanaa oo uu ku jiray isbitaal.
Carab Ciise wuxuu ahaa ganacsade si weyn looga yaqaano Soomaaliya loogana qadariyo. Wuxuu kaloo ahaa siyaasi kasoo qeybqaatay xornimadii. Wuxuu xubin ka ahaa ururkii xornima-doonta ee SYL. Markii uu ururka SYL ka mid noqonayay wuxuu jiray 15 sano.
Wuxuu qeyb libaax ka qaatay midawgii Waqooyi iyo Koonfur. Wuxuu ka mid ahaa wafdigii ugu horeeyay ee Koonfurta ee loo diray Waqooyi.
Ganacsiyo badan ayuu ku jiray Carab Ciise. Wuxuu lahaa warshad dhagaxa hagaajisa. Dhagaxa warshada lagu sameeyo waxaa loo iibgeyn jiray wadamada Yurub. Wuxuu caan ku ahaa oo dadka intooda badan ay ku yaqaaneen ganacsiga mooska. Wuxuu dhoofin jiray 5 kun oo karton oo moos ah isbuucii. Wuxuu kaloo ku jiray ganacsiga xoolaha.

Carab Ciise wuxuu Mareykanka yimid 1987. Warshad sameysa kaluunka ayuu ka furtay gobolka California.
Wuxuu ahaa nin ay ku weyntahay Soomaalinimada kana soo shaqeeyay in ay xoroobaan oo ay midoobaan. Cabdullahi Cabdi Ciise ayaan ka wareystay sida uu Carab Ciise u arkay markii wiilkiisa Xuseen Carab loo magacaabay Wasiirka Gaashaandhiga. Cabdullahi waxaa adeer u ah Carab Ciise wuxuuna ku soo koray guriisa. Wuxuu yiri “aad ayuu ugu farxay. Wuxuu u arkay in wiilkiisa uu u shaqeynayo Soomaalida kana shaqeynayo Soomaalinimada sida aabihiis oo kale. Wuxuu wiilkiisa marwalba kula dardaarmi jiray in uu ka shaqeeyo Soomaalinimada. Wuxuu ahaa nin ay ku weyntahay Soomaalinimada oo aanan jeclayn kala go’ooda.”
Carab Ciise Xayd ilmaha uu dhalay iyo ilmaha ay sii dhaleen waxay gaarayaan 30.

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