Saturday, June 30, 2012

The rite and rituals of Sheik Hussein Bale

Sheik Hussein (variably Nur Hussein) was a benevolent, virtuous, and religious missionary who lived in Bale around 1300 A.D. Nur Hussein, a comrade of Sof Omar -- another prominent religious disciple of the same era -- is credited for introducing and spreading Islam in the region. There are conflicting reports about Sheik Hussein's ancestry including those that claim he was born in Saudi Arabia. Others suggest, his grandfather, Sayyid Abdallah, emigrated from Saudi Arabia in the way of Somalia sometime before the 12th century.

Baalee dirree shekhusien oromia oromiyaa oromoo
Sof Omar and Bale Mtns
A short trip to Bale Mountains, Sof Omar Caves - up some new gorgeous road heading to Harrar- but detoured off to Awash National Park instead, visited a gorgeous mosque along the way- in the of Spring 2009 - oops a bit of Awassa too.


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