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Midgaan Yibir Tumaal Groups Somali Caste Groups


Each is connected as clients, former slaves, or servants to a noble clan group. They include the Kuulbeer, Hildid, Khayr, Hubane, Aden, Aarsade, Howie, Afarta Ganbar, Gaakaab, Madaraale, Magtal, Omar, Hussein and others scattered all over the Somali regions, including Ethiopia, Kenya and the broader Somali diaspora. The Midgan constitute the largest Somali outcaste family, and its subclans include the Madhiban, Maxamed Gargaarte, Muuse-Darye, Tumaal, Yibir, Howle, Mahaad-Bare, and, according to SIMA, hidden others.

Kuulbeer amoung Duduble and Dhulbahante. Also memebers of Bah Gari Ogaden. This is Tubeec's clan

Xawaadle amoung them is Yaxye Salax considered Yaxar or Midgaan. note related to The Majertain Arab Salax and Yaxye Salax.

Amoung the Ogaden are Gagaab considered midgan who are of Ceyr Habargidir origin

Amoung Galjecle are the Barbarow who are despiced after refusing and expedition against the Warday.

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