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Sheikh Imran Hosein The Sufi, The Salafi & Akhirruzaman

Sheikh Imran Hosein The Sufi, The Salafi & Akhirruzaman

Britain is involved in a secret high-stakes dash for oil in Somalia

Mark Townsend and Tariq Abdinasir Saturday, February 25, 2012 Britain is involved in a secret high-stakes dash for oil in Somalia, with the government offering humanitarian aid and security assistance in the hope of a stake in the beleaguered country's future energy industry. Riven by two decades of conflict that have seen the emergence of a dangerous Islamic insurgency, Somalia is routinely described as the world's most comprehensively "failed" state, as well as one of its poorest. Its coastline has become a haven for pirates preying on international shipping in the Indian Ocean. David Cameron last week hosted an international conference on Somalia, pledging more aid, financial help and measures to tackle terrorism. The summit followed a surprise visit by the foreign secretary, William Hague, to Mogadishu, the Somali capital, where he talked about "the beginnings of an opportunity'' to rebuild the country. The Observer can reveal that, away from the public focus of last week's summit, talks are going on between British officials and Somali counterparts over exploiting oil reserves that have been explored in the arid north-eastern region of the country. Abdulkadir Abdi Hashi, minister for international cooperation in Puntland, north-east Somalia – where the first oil is expected to be extracted next month – said: "We have spoken to a number of UK officials, some have offered to help us with the future management of oil revenues. They will help us build our capacity to maximise future earnings from the oil industry." British involvement in the future Somali oil industry would be a boon for the UK economy and comes at a time when the world is increasingly concerned about the actions of Iran, the second-biggest oil producer in Opec. Hashi, in charge of brokering deals for the region's oil reserves, also said Somalia was looking to BP as the partner they wanted to "help us explore and build our oil capacity". He added: "We need those with the necessary technical knowhow, we plan to talk to BP at the right time." Somali prime minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali said his government had little choice but to entice western companies to Somalia by offering a slice of the country's natural resources, which include oil, gas and large reserves of uranium. "The only way we can pay [western companies] is to pay them in kind, we can pay with natural resources at the fair market value." Britain is not the only country looking to develop Somalia's vast natural resources. Last month oil exploration began in Puntland by the Canadian company Africa Oil, the first drilling in Somalia for 21 years. Hashi, who sealed the Africa Oil deal, said the first oil was expected to be extracted within the next "20 to 30 days". The company estimates there could be up to 4bn barrels (about $500bn worth at today's prices) in its two drilling plots. Other surveys indicate that Puntland province alone has the potential to yield 10bn barrels, placing it among the top 20 countries holding oil. Chinese and US firms are among those understood to have also voiced interest about the potential for oil now that, for the first time in 20 years, the country is safe enough to drill. Yet it is the extent of oil deposits beneath the Indian Ocean that is most exciting Somali officials. One said the potential was comparable to that of Kuwait, which has more than 100bn barrels of proven oil reserves. If true, the deposits would eclipse Nigeria's reserves – 37.2bn barrels – and make Somalia the seventh largest oil-rich nation. The state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corporation has tried to acquire an interest in Somalia's reserves. Senior officials from the Somali transitional government are adamant that the imminent extraction of oil in Puntland next month would kickstart a scramble from the multinationals. On Thursday, the last day of the London conference, BP and Shell unveiled an initiative to support job-creation projects in the coastal regions of Somalia. A subsidiary of Shell was thought to have acquired exploration concessions in Puntland before the descent into lawlessness in 1991. A BP spokesman said there were "no plans" to work in Somalia and no official had recently visited the country. Source: The Observer


Muslims Yiwu Yiwu Mosque Guangdong and Fujian provinces Fujian, located across the China Straits from Taiwan, is the ancestral home of many Taiwanese. Guangdong Province is adjacent to Hong Kong and the ancestral home of many Hong Kongese. Both Guangdong and Fujian provinces were some of the first areas opened to foreign investment in China and were some of the first locations for sino-foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises engaged in the manufacture of famous international brands of consumer products. Hong Kong-LoWu border-Shenzhen Five major wholesale markets in China: Hanzhen Jie in Wuhan City, Hubei Province; Linyi Market in Linyi, Shandong Province; Nansantiao Market in Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province; China Small Commodities City in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province; Beijing,hundreds of small retail vendors swarm the Tianyi wholesale market And Wuai Market in Shenyang,Liaoning Province. Together, these markets serve the entire coastal region of China and its most populous urban areas including Guangzhou in the south, to Shanghai in the east, and Beijing and Tianjin in the northeast. A branch of the China Small Commodities City market of Yiwu located in Wulumuqui in Xinjiang Province serves as an export post for the Middle East and Eastern Europe. These markets (represented by circles) and their relationship to the manufacturing centers (shaded areas) are set forth in the map below. In 1982, the Yiwu AIC established the Zhejiang China Small Commodities City Group, (Shang Cheng Ji Tuan in Chinese, and hereinafter SCJT), a wholesale market specializing in trading small commodities. China Small Commodities Market (CSCM) Management Company One SCJT subsidiary, the CSCM Management Company, actually engages in the trading of counterfeit goods and serves a major role in distribution of these products to the SCJT’s branch markets. Based upon the author’s own experience, at least 90% of the products sold in the China Small Commodities market are either counterfeit or infringing products. In some cities, such as Yiwu discussed below, the entire local economy is connected to the trade in counterfeits. Role of Yiwu in distribution. Yiwu serves a central distribution center for counterfeit goods to markets around the country. At the center of town, two large transportation companies occupy two open-area transport areas, both the size of football fields. Around the perimeter of these areas are representative local transport offices from cities and towns all over China. Operating continuously day and night, trucks and lorries unload counterfeit products made in southern China in factories financed by criminal organizations in Hong Kong and Taiwan in one open transport area for storage and sale in Yiwu’s wholesale markets. In the other open transport area, other trucks and lorries load counterfeit products already bought from these wholesale markets in for delivery to all parts of China. ============================================================================ Introduction of Yiwu Market --China Commodity City The Yiwu market is the largest consumer goods market in Asia area. Now most overseas Chinese businessman and more than 3000 foreign traders purchase goods every day from Yiwu market and sell ( transport ) to Mid-East, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America. And many traders from Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore do business at Yiwu market. Why do they choose Yiwu market? Because Yiwu market has the largest variety of products found anywhere in the wholesale market place, the cheaper price comparing to other market, convenient transportation and many other advantages. They can purchase two or more ctns per item. Yiwu market is divided into many different markets, including: 1. Art & crafts market---- glass gifts, wooden gifts, crystal goods, bead & stone goods, Christmas gifts, and all kinds of handmade goods etc. 2. Stationeries Market ----pencil, fountain pen, ball pen, pencil box files and all kinds of office supply. 3. Accessories Market---- handmade ring, earring, necklace, hair pin, wig, and all kinds of imitation jewelry etc. 4. Clocks & watchs Market---- all kinds of electric/machine clocks& watchs 5. Sports Goods Market-all kinds of sports and leisure goods( football, volleyball, badminton, stpper, bicycle, running machine, etc? . ) 6. Textile Market --- clothes, cloth material, towel, and tie etc 7. Socks Market--- all kinds of socks( 100% cotton, nylon materials) 8. Tool Market---- screw driver, forceps, electronic tools, hand tools, garden tools, and all kinds of tool set 9. Toys Market---- all kinds of toys (woolen toys, wooden toys, plastic toys, electronic toys etc. ) 10. Electric Products Market----all kind of radio recorder, vcd/cd/mp3 player, earphone, microphone iron etc. There also are Glasses Market, Umbrella Market, Kitchenware Market, Artifical Flower Market, Lace & Ribbon Market etc. Yiwu is very close to Shanghai, the largest city of china. It takes 4 hours by train or car, and only 30 minutes by air to Shanghai city. Generally, we ship our goods from Shanghai and Ningbo international port which have transportation lines to all the major ports of the world. Now we are setting up the partner and customer database. We welcome more honest and powerful partners to do business with us. If you are interested in Yiwu market, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to make your shopping in Yiwu market the most enjoyable, reliable, and hassle free experience. The goods from China Commodity City spread to 160 countries and regions, are salable in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Occident etc, yearly export volume has strongly reached 50% of total trading amount, in which, the export volume of predominant industry goods such as craftwork, ornament, small hardware, glasses, etc is 70% above, in the markets, above 60% merchants have supplying business of foreign trade, so now permanent foreign merchants in Yiwu are more than 5000, foreign commercial institutions are over 200. In May 2002, Shi Guangsheng, former minister of State Foreign Economic & Trade Ministry, drove the quill to write down pigraph of "face to the world, serve the whole country". wholesale marketYiwu Markets is the biggest commodity woholesale markets in the world,it is … train from shanghai to yiwu,You can find anything in Yiwu Wholesale Markets. Yiwu is the largest commodity city in the planet,famous for commodity city and huge products range in the market.The whole yiwu city like a supper market, the booth not only inside markets,but also spread out the streets. There are total 320,000 kinds of commodities in over 1,502 categories of 34 industries spreat out in 4 main markets, and ship to over 200 countries and regions. The boothes is around 40,000 in these 4 main markets, don't including the boothes spread out some street in yiwu. Currently Yiwu market consist of 4 main markets, Yiwu huanyuan market,Yiwu socks market (Knitting market),Yiwu binwang market,Yiwu international trade market(Yiwu futian market). Yiwu Huanyuan market Fashion scarf,Fashion belts,Daily use items,Footwear,Trimming,Lace,Caps,hats,Glove Yiwu Socks market ( Knitting market ) Socks ,stocking,Toe socks,Leg warmers,Tights,it is all about hosiery products. Yiwu Binwang market Necktie,Men's Dress shirt,Towels,trimming and lace (food stuff,garments in this market is most for domestic sale) Yiwu International trade city market ( Yiwu Futian market ) This market consist of 4 main buildings,the 4th building will be completed in Oct.,2008. all the above boothes in Huanyuan market and Socks market will move to this market after October,2008. 1st building ( consisit of District A,B,C,D,E with 4 floors ) Artificial flower,Toys,Fashion jewelry,Hair accessories,Jewelry fittings,Arts and crafts,Photo frame,Crystal items,Holiday items. 2nd building ( consisit of District E,F with 4 floors ) Ladies bags,Wallets,Hardware,Kitchenware,Locks,Scooters,Bikes,ATV,Watches,Clocks,Mobile acessories,Home appliance. 3st building ( district H ) Cosmetic,Stationery,Sports items,Fitness equipments,Garments accessories,Zipper,buttoms,gifts packing materials. 4th building is under construction, will be completed in Oct.,2008. As we said before, also there are a lot of shops along the street, there are some stree famous for one products and become a street market, we call it "professional street", here is some famous professional street in Yiwu: Scarf professional street, it is all about scarf,shawl, it is outside of Huanyuan market, along Huangshan street,Wutai street. Belts professonal stree, it is all about belts,men's belts,woment's belts, it is outside of Huanyuan market, along Chouzhou middle Road. Picture frame,photo frame professional street, it is near International trade market China Railway High Speed train ( CRH) Now there is two shifts per day CRH to Shanghai and Hangzhou, it only take 40 mins to Hangzhou, 2hrs to Shanghai. Yiwu to Shanghai: Train #: D686 10:00 AM 12:13 PM Train #: D92 11:50 AM 13:08 PM Shanghai to Yiwu: Train #: D685 07:25 AM 9:40 AM Train #: D665 13:12 PM 15:25 PM Yiwu Huangyuan market including 1.Socks & Stocking market,about 3000 booths 2.Underwear market,about 200 booths 3.Scarfs & Gloves market,about 1500 booths 4.2 Daily-use markets,about 2000 booths 5.Shoe market,about 500 booths II Yiwu Binwang market including 1.Garments market,about 1000 booths 2.Towel market,about 200 booths 3.Necktie market,about 200 booths 4.Bedding market,about 300 booths 5. food and beverage, about 300 booths III Futian market first phase including 1.Arts and Crafts market about 2000 booths 2.Artifical flowers & garden decoration market,about 1000 booths 3.Toy market,about 6000 booths 4.Imitation jewelry & hair ornament market,about 7000 booths 5.Christams items market ,about 500 booths 6.Gife market ,about 500 booths 7.Photo frame & picture frame market,about 500 shops 8.Jewelry accessory market about 200 boths IV Futian market second? phase including 1.Glasses Market,about 200 booths 2.Stationery market,about 3000 booths 3.Bags & suitecase market,about 2000 booths 4.Cosmetic market,about 800 booths 5.Lighter & shaver market,about 300 booths 6.Hardware & handtool market,about 2000 booths 7.Electric & electronic,about 1000 booths 8.Kitchenware market,about 300 booths 9.Clock & watch market,about 400 booths 10.Raincoat & umbrella market,about 400 booths 11.Sports and Entertainments market ,about 400 booths V Special business steets including 1.Zipper steet,about 300 booths 3.Auto accessory street,about 300 booths 4.imitation jewellery street,about 400 booths 5.Arts and Crafts street ,about 300 booths 6.lighter street, about 300 booths 7.Plastic items street ,about 100 booths 8.Picture and Photo frame steets ,about 200 booths Now we have complete the seeing of all the market in short time because in? Yiwu there is very Convenient traffic,so one market and the next one by taxi only 10 or 15 min is enough. =============================================================================================== Yiwu City Yiwu City in the middle of Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, is. Jinqu the eastern edge of the basin, geographical coordinates of latitude 29 ° 18 ', longitude 120 ° 04'. The total area of ​​1105.46 square kilometers, of which urban area of ​​90 square kilometers (2010). Household population of 740,000, the resident population of 1.234 million, registered a population of 190.79 million (end of 2010). Yiwu Municipality seven streets, six towns: crowded city streets, Beiyuan street, Choujiang street, Jiangdong Street, after the house street, west street, Niansanli streets; on the town, Yiting, the temple town, Chian town, the Soviet Union Town, Dachen. County government in crowded city streets Street 21. Dominated by hills, South East, surrounded by mountains, the southern border of the Big Chill Yongkang sharp elevation of 925.6 meters, the city's highest peak, a large northern river tile Chen shook his head, elevation 41.9 m, as the city's lowest point. Qiantang River is a river, the longest river within the Yiwu River, there is a large and Chen Jiang Hong patrol the river and other rivers. There Yankou reservoirs. Subtropical monsoon climate, annual average temperature of 17 ℃, the average annual rainfall between 1100-1600 mm, annual average sunshine 2129.7 hours, frost-free period of 243 days. Yiwu the biggest supermarket in the world for small commodities wins accolades when it comes to connectivity. It is well-connected with other important cities in the country. Astounding infrastructure enables very easy access from farthest of the places to Yiwu. World-class airport, frequent flights, railways and roadways- everything connects the shoppers paradise to the rest of the world. Moreover, premium hotels and restaurants with international standards are just impeccable. Many people also prefer to approach Yiwu trade agents who provide one-stop solution. They plan your entire itinerary and even provide translation and shipping services. The city also strikes balance as it is beautifully developed as a green city. Regardless the tremendous commercialization, there are lush greens spread all over Yiwu. There are various tourist places as the city offers a glimpse into the past glory of China. Many tourists come to visit Yiwu City for its rich history and culture. ================================================================================================ Xiamen Yiwu Import & Export Co., Ltd (Footwear) is a leading supplier of varies footwear in Fujian province. Our company enjoys a high reputation for high quality products and considerate services. Our main products include eva clogs, slippers & flip flop, sandals,sport shoes,football shoes,canvas shoes,Shes Upper, Shoes Vamp,shoe accessories, shoes moulds, shoe making machines. We are registered export company which authorized by our government, License no: 350211200002159.With a shoes manufacturing factory which covers about 3,000 square meters, we employ approximately 100 high quality talents and 300 specialized workers. Meanwhile we also carry out a strict quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 requirements. You can have a wide selection to choose from our Xiamen Showrooms including slippers, sandals, sports shoes, shoe materials. Our current annual capacity is 5 million pairs. ================================================================================================ Bambo Diapers Mamy Poko Unicarm Diapers Supuy Mall online Bubchen Milk Cream Pigeon Cotton Swabs

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