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Seddeh Geddi
Reer Manyo Sea people

Brave Hatimi from by Tunni wrested power from them established as as farmers of the rich Arable land

Tunni Shan Gamase five sheild Tunni Torres Slave

Xas Uterine
Bah yar Bah weyn
Dangalo Cowife also jealouse

Yusuf Qoton Barkhadley

Dir Clan issas of Somalia djabouti City

book ON The Gurgure Clan ancient Hans Kummer

In quest of the sacred baboon: a scientist's journey By Hans Kummer


Cities of the Middle East and North Africa: a historical encyclopedia By Michael Dumper, Bruce E. Stanley

Cities of the Middle East and North Africa: a historical encyclopedia By Michael Dumper, Bruce E. Stanley

see ancient dynasties and history of Zaila Berbera mogadisho and Djabouti Dir towns

isaaq Dir Clan of Somaliland

Geneology of Isaaq:

Sheikh Isaaq was the eldest son of Mohammed or Ahmed which is the same name since the holy prophet of Islam Mohammed was also Ahmed (SAW). Sheikh Isaaq was the eldest son of Sheikh Mohammed Xiniftire Mahe Dir. The Isaaq clan are directly related to the Bimaal , Baajimaal, Quranyow Mohammed Xinifter ( a branch of the Garre of NFD and Ethiopia) and Dabruube clans who directly descend from Dir through the line of Mahe Dir.

Isaaq Suclans

Sheikh Isaaq married one wife and had four sons with Magaado and an had four more sons with an Absyssinian Ethiopian wife Habar Habuush

Habar Magaadle

1. Arap

2. Awal (Abdulraxman)

3. Garxajis ( Habar Yonis and Cidagale)

4. Ayuub

Habar Habuush

1. Muse

2. Toljalo

3. Ibran

4. Sanbuura

Isaaq and their relationships to Southern Dir

The Mahe Dir clans and the Isaaq when in Southern Somalia act as such and many Isaaq pay the Diya ( Mag) with the above clans and they receive direct protection as cousins. Moreover, when the SNM came into existence it found most of its non-Isaaq support first from the Southern Xinifter Mahe Dir clans like Biymaal subclan Gadsan and also the non Xiniftire clans who are Mahe or other Dir groups. As a matter of fact, the Mahe Dir clans adopted in 1991 the Isaaq founded movement’s name SNM adding just Southern. The Southern Somali National Movement (SSNM) was the leading Southern Dir political movement. Later the Isaaq led SNM whose chairman was Abdirahman Tuur (Habar Yonis) and the SSNM led by Abdi Warsame Isaaq of the Bimaal Gadsan Mohammed Xinifter merged with General Aideed’s SNA Somali national Allience along with Omar Jess an Ogadeen general.

Somalis Universally View Isaaq as Dir

The Somalis universally consider the Isaaq as Dir and they Isaaq identifies themselves as such when in Southern Somalia. When the Barre goverment collapsed in 1990, most Southern Dir were seen in Mogadisho diffrent areas rescuing fleeing Isaaq and those who remained were protected by Dir millitias even without the asking of the Isaaq. Western scholars of Somalia all acknowledged that the Isaaq were Dir ; however, most cited that the Isaaq following the led of the Darood adopted a fictious Arab geneology.

Citation: What Western Scholars Say about

All the major clans Somalis including the Dir, Hawiye and Rahaweyn in the past emphasized their Quraish pedigree by claiming direct descent from Aqiil Ibnu Abu Taalib whom they claim arrived with Ja’far Ibnu Abu Taalib in the first Hijra 615 A.D, the Dir claim that seven years after this contact one Aqiil Ibn Abu Talib returned to the Horn of Africa and fathered Hiil Samaale the founding father of all Somali clans.

For some odd reason baised western scholors exaggerated the Darood, Isaaq, Sheeikhal and Ajuuran clans of Somalia while ignoring the older and similar claims of the older Somali clans like the Rahanweyn and Dir-Hawiye.

I.M Lewis’s books on Somalia all acknowledge the Isaaq’s Dirness and he even draws the charts showing that Isaaq are direct lineal descendents of the Dir clan.

Moreover I M Lewis wrote, ” All Somali pride in their purported Arab ancestory”, and this include the Hawiye and Rahanweyn, even though he notes the recent increase of this claim amoung the Darood, Sheikha, and Ajuuran Hawiye clan.

I.M Lewis

I M Lewis states, “all Somalis regard the Isaaq as lineal descendents of Dir” and he notes their recent development of ,”independent agnatic descent from Arabia. (P-142, Nomadic Democracy)

I.M Lewis states, ” strictly speaking the Isaaq are derived from the Dir, who together with the Hawiye are linked as “Irir” at a higher level of genelogical grouping.” In his book, Understanding Somali and Somaliland Society : Culture History and Society-Ioan M Lewis P- 4

Invention Of Somalia Chart

Richard Burton

In his book, The first Foot Steps 1846 wrote, ” the Isaaq, Gadabuuris, Barsuuk, and Issas of Somalia are all of Dir origin. He spells Dir as “Dur or Tir”

In the classical poem Guba the Isaaq are Identified as Dir and their poet states:

In Gube a Dhulbahante Darood poet Ali Adan, who was trying to play the Ogadan and Isaaq against each other stated:

Doqonkii Ogadeen doollo laga qaad

Loo diid Dannood iyo hadii uu dagi lahaa Ciide

Niman baa xukuma dalkoodi iyo labadii daaroode

Habar Yonis bey uga durkeen dagaladoodiye

The Ogadeen Poet replyed:

Iidoor (Isaaq) Dir weeye hadduu duullan soo kiciyo

Dunji Habar Magaadle ba hadduu , Dabarka soo gooyo

Dumbukhiyo rasaastii hadduu debacsaanuu siiyo (British)

The Iidoor Isaaq are of the Dir clan, and if they launch a raid against us the Ogaadeen

An id all the Dir Habar Magaadle take their ropes and join them.

Then who is equal to me in descent and is to help me ? Silsiladii Gabayada Guba

Isaaq Reply to Guba Poem

In reply to the Ogadeen and the Dhulbahante, the great Isaaq, Habar Yonis, poet who was from the sub clan of Beyle Ugaadhyahan, Mr. Cismaan Beyle, answered to the Darood poets and he agrees with the Ogaaden poet and states, “Yes,the Isaaq are Dir”. And all the Land belongs to the Dir, who is the Darood to claim this land. Isn’t Darood the Stranger I found in the wilderness and whom I gave Donbiro and welcomed him when he was nothing.

Transitionsal Goverments of Somalia

In the past 1o years since Somalia was lacking a central goverment several reconciliation conferences were held in Cairo, Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia between 1993-2009 and all conferences a formula of 4.5, which means the four major clans Dir, Darood, Hawiye, Rahanweyn will share goverment equally. Thousands of Isaaq Ministers, Members of Parliment and Guurti or Clan elders from Habar Awal, Habar Jeclo, Habar Yonis and Arap joined these conferences and they all consider themselves as Dir men and women.

Isaaq scholars from the great Musse Galaal a mentor and silent contributor to all that I. M Lewis writes and well know, respected ex-police chief of Somalia, Mr. Jama Ghalib both respected their Dir heritage and always defended their Dir-ness. Jama Ghalib, in his book, ” The Cost of Dictatorship”, acknowledge the crucial financial and membership support the Isaaq dominated, SNM received from all Southern Dir groups, especially, the Mahe Dir, Mohammed Hiniftire, subclans which the Isaaq is a member of, like the Gadsan, Biimaal, Bajimaal, and Surre clans of Ethiopian region. Also, Jama Ghalib, acknowledged the Hawiye contributions. The world renowned Somali History scholar, Mr. Musse Galaal, who is Habar Jeclo, invited dozens of Somali Dir shortly before his death in Saudi Arabia in the 1980′s and after one of the guests asked him about I. M Lewis and the false propaganda of Isaaq Arabness he spread. Galaal replied, I.M Lewis is a mentor of his but he never agreed about how he distorted Isaaq history. Galaal added, we are all in an Arab country and the richest Arab country where Islaam was born but I will tell you today I am more convinced of my Dirness then ever and I doubt more then ever that all Somalis share a single thing with the Arabs.

The Dir witness said, ” I asked Oh Galaal, my cousine, why do you say this. Galaal said, “look at the Arabs and look at us, especially, us, the Dir Aji, we never eat grasshoppers, a Somali would never eat even the liver, heart, or lowly portions like the tounge of goat or cow. Nor would a Somali eat Lizards ( muusa cagaleey), or penis of goat or sheep or in the past work for or intermarry with any outsiders yet the Arabs do all of that. How can we be of Arab when we dont share none of this, Walaahay we the Somalis are more noble then they, and the noblest of Somalis of all are the Dir Aji from whom we all got our noble and pure manners.” This is two or three weeks before he passed away.

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Name Clan Sub Clan
Omar Ali Hassan Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ismail Ahmed Cige Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Hassan Arabala Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Abdullahi Dahir Abdi Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Abbas |Mohamud Mumin Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Sheikh Said Abdalla Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Bashir Mohamed Abdirahman Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ahmed Abdikarim Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Hariir Adan Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ahmed Ali Nur Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Abdullahi Ali Said Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Farah Jama Farah Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Abdirizak Mohamed Hersi Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ismail Cadantegey Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Mohamed Abdullahi Abbas Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ali Abdi Ahmed Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Said Abyan Hayd Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Mohamed Hersi Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Ahmed Abdirahman Mohamed Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Hassan Sheikh Ibrahil Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Yahya Ahmed Reygal Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Hawo Musse Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Safiya Hassan Qalinle Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Sahra Kahin Abdi Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Amina Osman Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Nimo Ali Hassan Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Said Yusuf Dir Issak-Habar-Yonis
Musse Ali Elmi Dir Issak-Arab
Khadar Iman Adan Dir Issak-Arab
Omar Ali Arale Dir Issak-Arab
Ahmed Iman Adan Dir Issak-Arab
Elmi Warsame Mohamed Dir Issak-Arab
Abdullahi Nur Mohamed Dir Issak-Arab
Mohamed Hassan Abdullahi Dir Issak-Arab
Amina Awil Ali Dir Issak-Arab
Yurub Raabi Osman Dir Issak-Arab
Ebado Mohamud Diriye Dir Issak-Arab
Ahmed Mohamed Guled Dir Issak-Arab
Ahmed Elmi Warsame Dir Issak-Arab
Hussein Ali Adan Dir Issak-Arab
Mohamed Ali Adan Dir Issak-Arab
Awil Ali Mahaad Dir Issak-Arab
Nimo Karrani Dir Issak-Arab
Ahmed Mohamed Omar DirIssak-Ayub
Ahmed Bajir Ahmed Dir Issak-Imran
Mohamud Abi Warsame DirIssak-Imran
Adan Ismail Roble Dir Issak-Sanbuur
Said Adan Mire Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdi Haji Mohamed Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdirizak Hussein Hassan DirIssak-Habar Je’lo
Yusuf Botan Duale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdullahi Hayir Duale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Adan Jama Duale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Farah Subie Mohamed Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Mohamed Ismail Gedi Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Egeh Waeys Roble Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Amina Omar Jama Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Faduma Ali Abdi Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Nuro Mohamud Mohamed DirIssak-Habar Je’lo
Istar Duale Warsame Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Haweya Sahal Gedi Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Jibril Aydid Mohamed Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdi Osman Awale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Ali Osman Hassan Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdi Saleban Biyole Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Mohamud Adan Dirir Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Hussein Ahmed Hassan DirIssak-Habar Je’lo
Warsame Jama Isse Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Ali Hassan Jama Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Ali Saleban Duale Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Abdi Ahmed Garyare Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Salah Nur Ismail Badbado Dir Issak-Habar Je’lo
Omar Haji Awad Qurshe Dir Issak
Ahmed Yusuf Shide Dir Issak
Farah Ali Shide Dir Issak
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed Dir Issak
Mohamed Yasin Awale Dir Issak
Said Mohamed Abdullahi Dir Issak
Mohamed Ahmed Ismail Dir Issak
Hassan Ahmed Ali Dir Issak
Ahmed Ismail Osman Dir Issak
Ahmed Mohamed Adan Dir Issak
Sheikh Said Mahaad Abdalla Dir Issak
Maryan Dirir Dir Issak
Sahra Ismail Adan Dir Issak
Fowzia Hassan Dir Issak
Sahra Mohamed Farah Dir Issak
Rowda Abdullahi Diriye Dir Issak
Kaltun Ismail Adan Dir Issak
Kowsar Osman Dir Issak
Mohamed Ahmed Gaheyr Dir Issak
Omar Mohamed Abdi Dir Issak
Abdullahi Ismail Mohamed Dir Issak
Deeq Abdi Hashi Dir Issak
Said Jabril Ali Nur Dir Issak – 34k

Dir (clan)

Dir is a Somali clan whose members live in northern Somalia.
The Somali people are composed of four major tribes. The Dir, Hawiye, Darod, and Rahanweyn make up the majority of Somalis. The Dir are the most ancient Somali clan, and they are the most widespread group. They primarily live in Djibouti as the Issa and Gadabuursi. The northern clans of the self-declared Somaliland, namely the Isaaq, Gadabuursi,and Issa are also all Dir. In Ethiopia, the Dir clans are also the most numerous Somali clan group.
Southern Dir groups claim direct descent from Hiil, Samaale, Aji, Irir, who was the direct father of Dir. One of the brothers of the Dir included the Digaale and the Hawiye.
According to the Dir clan histories, Dir had four sons named Madahweyn, Mandaluug, Madoobe, and Mahe Dir; according to others Dir had a fifth son named Qaldho Dir.
The Dir in Ethiopia are represented by the Issas, Gurgure, Guure, Quranyo Maxamed, Akisho, Gadabuursi, Gadsan, Gariir, Fiqi Muhumand, Qubeys, Layiile, Mandaluulg, Baajimaal, and Wardaai. The majority live in the Dira Dhabe area, Jijiga region, and by the Awash River. The rest of the Ethiopian Dir clans live in southern parts near the Somali border near Dollo Ado and as far as Guure Dhamoole and Negele Boran.
In the Mudug region of central Somalia and all the way to Hiiraan region is another cluster of Dir clans known as the Suure. The Suure have been associated with spreading the Islamic faith in Somalia and the Qadiriya Sufi tariiqa in southren Somalia. The Suure are among the most influential Dir groups in Southern Somalia, and their territories include large areas of the Mudug and Galgaduud regions. Also the Suure have founded major trade cities in the Hiiran area including Alaabay and Kamhanley.
The majority of western scholars (both Italian and British) simply refered to the Surre as the “Dir of central Somalia” without differentiating them, but recent studies in Somalia reveal that the majority of the Dir in Hiiran, Gedo, Jubba and Bakool are divided into two branches, the Qubeyes and Abdalles, both descendents of Suure.
Other branches of the Dir include the ancient Biyamaal Clan who occuppy an area from 50 km south of Mogadishu all the way down to Jilib and Kismaayo, not far from border with Kenya. The Biyomaal of Marka fought against the Italian colonial rulers of Southern Somalia in a twenty-year war known as the Biyamaal Revolt, in which the Dir assassinated several Italian governors.
The Gurgure Dir inhabit the ancient city of Dira Dhawe, which is also inhabited by the Madoobe Dir Issas.[citation needed] The first to arrive were the Gurguras who named the city Dira Dhawe, or “the place that Dir conquered or hit with his spear”. Finally, the Issas and other Somali groups followed into the region and the Christian Amharas referred the region to as “Oow-raajaa na Issa na Gurgura” or the region of the Gurguras and the Issas.
Gadsan (or Gaadsan) is one of the largest tribes in Dir, especially the western Dir. They reside mainly in three districts: Liban (Jarrati, Waladaya, Doolow and Guuredhamole), Godey (Iimey and Marole), and Gashamo (Nusdariiq, Marsin, Kabtinuur and Qabridhare). There is also other large population of gaadsan, known as Gaadsan-Qalaawileey in the Shabelle and Jubba regions. In Kenya there is a third division of Gaadsan, known as Gaadsan-Kenya, found in many cities such as Bangal, Garseeni, and Holla.
Political groups associated with the Dir clans include the following groups in Somalia and Ethiopia:
• Issas and Gurgure Liberation Front (IGF) of Ethiopia.
• Somali Democratic Alliance (SDA) of the Gadabursi Dir clan.
• Somali National Movement (SNM) of the Northern Isaaq.
• Southern Somali National Movement (SSNM) of the mostly Mohamed Xiniftire Dir Clans (Bimaal, Mandaluug, and Gadsan) of Jubba, Gedo, Bardheere, and Shabeellaha Hoose region.
• Democratic Liberation Front (DLF) supported Central Somalia Dir groups.
Dir subclans
Madaxweyn Dir
• Gurgure: The Gurgure are divided into three major groups, Habar Daar, Quwaax and Liiban, who are made of many sub-clans:
o Habar Daar
 Kunduuble
 Cali
 Cabdille
o Quwaah
 Nabidoor
 Gacal Waaq
 Baiido
o Liibaan
 Gufaatiile
 Sanceele
 Sanaye
• Guure
• Akisho
• Wardaai
• Layiile
• Gariire
• Jiido
• Reer Aw Said and Abkeey Haji
o Farah Said
o Abiikar Said
o Sacdi Said
o Nuur Said
o Ali Said
o Cismaan Saciid
o Huseen Said
o Hassan Said
o Cumar Saciid
Maha Dir (Maxamed Xiniftire)
• Isaaq (Garhajis, Awal, Arap, and H.Jeclo)
• Biyamaal
o Sa’d
o Ismiin
o Suleyman
o Gaadsan
 Reera-Same
 Adan
 Yoonis
 Cumar Abokor
 Cumarjamc
 Tagaleen
 Fiqicilmi
 Dhaweed
 Odeymarke
 Naleeye
 Fiqinuur
 Cumar-maxamud
 Fiqicigal
 Reer-smail
 Reer-qaasin
 Reer-sacdi
• Dabruube
• Barsuug
• Bajimaal
• Magaadle
• Madiigan
Suure (Qubeys and Abdalle)
Abdalle (Gutaale)
• Abdi
o Fiqi Muxumed
o Hogar
o Laxmar
• others
• Guuled
• Xaraan
• Ciise
• Qotonsay
• Cirday
• Giir
• Kaahin

Sulayman Abdalle
• Agoon
o Guuled Agoon
o Warsame Agoon
o Cigaal Agoon
o Jalaf Agoon
• Dabac
• Fiqi Khayre
• Cumar
• Haarun
• Siyaad
• Bayr
• Cabas
• Food Cade
Qubeys (Lafagaab)
• Tolweyne Qubeys
• Reytoonle
o Faqi Cumar
 Yabarcade Faqi Cumar
 Fiqi Walaal (Aw-caalin, Xaaji Cabdalle)
 Samafale,Maxamud weyne, Aw-Cisman, Maxamud Yare
 Xassan Faqi Cumar
 Rooble Cismaan (Faarax, Weheliye, Maxamed)
 Aw-Macalin (Macalin Muxumed, Macalin Yusuf, Sheekh Cali, Macalin Macow)
 Heeraar
 Fiqi Yaxye
o Caalin Mooge
o Maxamed Abtiudug
• Axadoobe Qubeys
o Cismaan Diidshe (Cismaan Iyiinta)
o Cabdalle Diidshe (Cabaas Iyiinta)
• Yabadhaale Qubeys
o Wayaagle
 Yabarow, Xasan, Cumar, Xeefoow
 Faarax
 Maxamuud
 Dhaayoow
o Miidkasse
 Axmed faarax
 Afrax faarax
Mandaluug Dir
(Many Dir believe the Mandaluug are actually Mahe Dir)
• Gadabuursi
Madoobe Dir
• Issas of Djibouti and Ethiopia
Qaldho Dir
• Nooleh
• others

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Isaaq Somali Clan's History Tarikhda Sh. Isaaq .M.Xiniftire Dir
Abwaanadaas ku gabyey gabayada kore dhammaan waxay cadeeyeen isir ahaan ciday yihiin oo ah Daarood…

Ismaaciil Cigaal Bulaale(isaaq)

Adaa Dir iyo Daarood dhex dhigay dab iyo baaruude

Dacar gelisey reerihii ahaa ul iyo diirkeede

Mugga haatan dirir uumiyuhu waa is dilayaaye

Maxamuud Dheeg (Isaaq)

Dir iyo Irir baanu nahay labada daamoode

Dabatada faraha dheer leh iyo Diini iyo Boontu

Meeshay kasoo dalabsadeen yeyga degi wayday.

Axmed Ismaaciil Diiriye (Isaaq)

Miisaannay Ciisow tixahaad madalka keenteene
Macaan baa Ilaahay ka dhigay Malabki Doocaane
Dhegtii maqashay oo idili way mahad naqaysaaye
Madmadoow ma gelin xaajadaa soo mudh-bixiseene
Mabsuud buu ka yahay reer Isaaq meelu joogaba'e
Waad mahadsantiin dhalashadaad muruq u yeesheene

Axmed Ismaaciil Diiriye (Isaaq)

Na soo gaadhe Ciisow tixahaad soo gudbinayseene
Geeraarradiinii hellnay iyo gabayadiinniiye
Una guuxnay hawraarta guud, hiilna loo garaye
Maansadu godkii ay lahayd maydun gees marinne
Alle waydin garansiiyey oo gob iyo caadkeede
Garna waad u leediin tolkiin inad gargaartaane
Gacmihii walaalaha ahaa waysku gunuddeene

Abwaanadaan iyaguna waxay cadday nayaan isir raac ciday yihiin oo ah Dir labada gabay ee Axmed Ismaaciil Diiriye gabaygiisa waxaad ka dhan dhansan kartaa ehelinimada ay isku reerka yihiin Ciise(Ciise oo qabiil Dir ah) oo uu marna walaal tinimo ku tilmaamay marna wada dhalasho oo Abwaanadu gabay ahaan inta badan u isticmaalaan wada dhalashada iyo walaaltinimada dhanka abtarsiinyaha…

Qamaan Bulxan (Ogaadeen)

Iidoor Dir weeyee hadduu duulan soo kiciyo
Dunji Habar Magaadluhu hadduu dabarka soo gooyo
Dunbuq iyo rasaastana hadduu debecsanuu siiyo

Gaygaan waxaa tiriyey Abwaan Daarood ah oo ku tilmaamaya Isaaq inay Dir yihiin mana dhicin gabyaa Isaaq ah oo beeniya gabaygaas Dir nimada ku tilmaamay waxaase dhacday in Gabyaa la Oran Jiray Yawle xaqiijiyey oo ku gabayey, gabay aanan helin hal sadar ka badan oo ahaa… Isaaq waa Dire e hadduu duulaan soo kiciyo…

Isku soo wada duuboo waxaad ka garan kartaa gabayadaas isir raaca ay kala ahaayeen Qabiilada (Harti, Ogaadeen, Abuskuul), iyo Isaaq oo kala ahaa Daarood iyo Dir… waxaa kaloo jirta in markii Somalidu shirar ama wax qaybsi isugu timaado in beesha Isaaq ku qayb qaadato qabiil ahaan qabiilka la yiraahdo Dir oo ah qabiilka Abwaanadii hore ku gabyeen in Isaaq yahay qabiilkaas. Wax garadka, Isimada Beelaha Somaliyeed oo aan ahayn Isaaq markaad waydiisid Qabiilka beesha Isaaq reerka ay isir raac galaan waxay kuu cadaynayaan in Isaaq isir ahaan yahay Dir. Haddii aad odayashaasha iyo wax garadka beesha Dir waydiiso cidda Isaaq isir ahaan galo waxay si toosa oo aan gabasho lahayn kuugu sheegayaan inuu galo Isaaq Habare Xiniftire Maahe Dir.

Aqoonta loo lahaa beelaha Isaaq isir raacoodu markuu ahaa Dir waxaa ayaamahaan danbe soo shaac baxday oo yar iyo wayn beesha qabiilka Isaaq shaaciyeen in ay yihiin Carab oo ka soo jeedaan Haashimiyiin arintaasi waxay keentay jaah wareer aan la garanayn cid la rumaysto Isaaqa hadda sheegaya inay yihiin Carab, ma odayadii hore ee Isaaq oo sheegayey inay yihiin Dir, ma wax garadka iyo Isimada beelaha kale ee sheegaya in Isaaq yahay Dir!!!.

Waxaad ka garan kartaa Dadka taariikhda wax ka qora oo aan ahayn Somalida inay jaah wareer ka qaadeen oo qoraaladooda laba bog oo ay isku mid kaga hadlayaan aadan ka helayn mararka qaar waxaad arkaysaa hal qaafiyad (baaragaraaf) oo iska hor imanaya oo marna leh Dir marna leh Carab, waxaadba ila eegtaan labadaan qoraa ee Biritishka u dhashay…

Richard Burton oo ka qoray Isaaq wuxuu buugisa taalaabooyinkii koowaad 1846 ku qoray….

In sheikh Isxaaq oo ka soo jeeda xatramuut kayimi dhulkiisii isagoo ay weheliyaan 44 shiikh magaalada la yiraahdo Met(Myadh) oo ah meesha uu hadda ku aasan yahay, wuxuu guursaday naag xor ahayd oo la oran jiray Magaden(Habar Magaado) waxayna u dhashay Garxajis Awal and Arab; waxaa kaloo wax udhashay islaan adoon ahayd waxayna u dhashay jeclo(Habar Jeclo sambur(sambuur) iyo Rambad. Kadib qabiilooyinka waa wayn ee habar garxijis iyo Awal ayaa waxay doorbideen magaca habar oo sheegaya ama tilmaamaya Hooyo mar haddii aan la garanayn aabahihii(waa siduu u qoray).

Waasida uu qoraalkiisa udhigay Richard Burton, isagoo sii wata qoraalkiisii wuxuu qoray…

Raad raaca abtirsiinyaha ilaa hadda Somalidu utaqaan waa Dirr(Dir), Aydur(?) Darud(Daarood) iyo Hawiye, markii loo eego qaybo magacyada qabiilada Dir iyo Aydur oo aan la hubin laakiin magacyadoodu waa Eese(Ciise), Gudabirsi, Ishak(Isaaq) iyo barsuuk…

Richard Burton or Richard Francis Burton (British consul, explorer and Orientalist, was born at Barham House, Hertfordshire, on the 19th of March 1821 Died 20-Oct-1890… Sexual orientation: Matter of Dispute) In his book, The first Foot Steps 1846 wrote …

Sherif Ishak bin Ahmed left his native country Hazramaut, and, with forty-four saints, before mentioned, landed on Makhar,—the windward coast extending from Karam Harbour to Cape Guardafui. At the town of Met, near Burnt Island, where his tomb still exists, he became the father of all the gentle blood and the only certain descent in the Somali country: by Magaden, a free woman, he had Gerhajis, Awal, and Arab; and by a slave or slaves, Jailah, Sambur, and Rambad. Hence the great clans, Habr Gerhajis and Awal, who prefer the matronymic— Habr signifying a mother,—since, according to their dictum, no man knows who may be his sire(sire = male parent, male ancestor).

The old and pagan genealogies still known to the Somal, are Dirr, Aydur, Darud, and Hawiyah, according to some Dirr and Aydur, of whom nothing is certainly known but the name, are the progenitors of the northern Somal, the Eesa, Gudabirsi, Ishak, and Bursuk tribes.

Waxaad halkaas ka garanaysaa in ninkaa qoraaga ahi ku jaaah wareeray oo marna leeyahay waa Xatramuuti oo la yiraahdo Sharif Ishak bin Ahmed marna waxuu qoray wuxuu ku tilmaamayaa inay ka soo jeedaan qabiilka Dir…

Waxaa kaloo jira nin kale oo isku dayey inuu wax ka qoro qabiilada Somalida ninkaas oo la yiraahdo I M Lewis isagoo ku jaah wareersan wuxuu ku qoray buuggiisa blood and bone….

Markii loo eego Qabiilka Isaaqu waxay sheegtaan inay ka baxsan yihiin oo ay isir raac toosa ay yihiin Carab, kaliya ay kula xiriiraan qabiilka Dir la yiraahdo guur Aabahood ka guursaday. Somalida kalase waxay u tixgaliyaan ama u arkaan inay si buuxda u yihiin Dir. Marka waxay u muuqaataa in Isaaq Carab ka dhigeen Isir raacooda si u helaan ixtiraam una ilaashadaan kobcinta awoodooda iyo isku filaanshahooda iyagoo 400, 000 qof 1958 kii ahaa.

Isla qoraagaasi wuxuu buuggiisa kale ee fahanka bulshada Somali iyo Somaliland( Culture History and Society-Ioan M Lewis P- 4) wuxuu ku qoray…

Dhab ahaan markaan u hadalno Isaaq waxay ka soo jeedaan Dir kuwaaso iyaga iyo Hawiye laysla xiriiriyo oo laysku yiraahdo Irir.

Ioan M. Lewis in his book blood and bone p104 wrote:

Thus while the Isaaq regard themselves as a separate clan-family tracing their agnatic origins directly to Arabia and only acknowledge a connexion by marriage with the Dir, other Somali regard them as of full Dir affiliation. It would appear that Isaaq have Arabicized their genealogy as a means of acquiring prestige and in keeping with their growing strength and their separate identity as an independent group numbering some 400,000 souls (in 1958)

I.M Lewis states, ” strictly speaking the Isaaq are derived from the Dir, who together with the Hawiye are linked as “Irir” at a higher level of genelogical grouping.” In his book, Understanding Somali and Somaliland Society : Culture History and Society-Ioan M Lewis P- 4

Buugiisa kale ee la Yiraahdo Nomadic Democracy wuxuu ku qoray in Somalida oo dhammi Isaaq u tixgaliyaan isir raac ahaan Dir waxuu kaloo ku caddeyey in waayadaan danbe soo baxayso inay gooni ka yihiin oo ay isir raac ahaan ka soo jeedaan Carab

I M Lewis states, “all Somalis regard the Isaaq as lineal descendents of Dir” and he notes their recent development of ,”independent agnatic descent from Arabia. (P-142, Nomadic Democracy)

Jaah wareerkaasi maaha mid ku kooban dadka aan u dhalan Somalida oo kaliya ee waxaa iyana ku jaah wareeray oo ay dhinacay u qaadaan garan waayey Somalida Abwaano ka mid ah. Taasna waxaad ka garan kartaa Abwaano Somali ahi oo aan ahayn Isaaq gabayo ay tiriyeen iyagoo mid ay u raacaan garan waayey Dir iyo Carab waxaana ka mid ah Gabayadaas…

Gabaygaan oo aanan garanayn Magaca Ninka tiriyey Qabiilkiisu se waa Daarood

Taariikhda duuga ah markaan, dib uga faaloono
Diiwaanka waxa kuugu yaal waa, Dir baa nahaye
Maantana Durriyad baan nahay, baad nagula doodeene
Hadba inaad dad noo sheegataan, waa dayuusnimo e

Gabaygaan oo uu tiriyey Abwaan la Yiraahdo Fakad(Daarood)

War Dir haddii aad tihiin amase Irir, ma aanan diideene

Dab qaraabo idinkoon ahayn, haysku soo darine

Anigaaba kaa diir xigoon, duray wadaagnaaye

Doonbiro dirkii ay dhashayoo, duuban baa nahaye

Dad is raba inaad kala dishaan, waa habeen dumaye

Adunbaase dorraad nagu lahaa, duul kalaan ahaye

Durriyadaydun noo sheegateen, diide maanatana e

Waxaad ka garan kartaa gabayadaas, in jaah wareer ka jiro isir raaca maadaama ay marba meel sheeganayaan Beesha Isaaq oo aanay fadhiyin waayadaan danbe isir raac meel loo qaado waxna iska bedeleen sidii waayadii hore lagu ogaa ee ahayd Dir inay yihiin.

Haddaba markaad eegto intaas arimood oo kala bedelan, Odoyaashii hore ee beesha Isaaq oo sheeganaya inay Yihiin Dir Odoyaashii qabiilada kale oo uga markhaanti ka caya inay ahaayeen Dir iyo wararkaan danbe ee baahday oo ay beesha Isaaq ku sheeganayaan inay isir ahaan yihiin Carab. Qoraayaashii ajnabiga ahaa oo ku jaahwareeray ciday ku sheegaan iyo Abwaanadii danbe oo iyana jaah wareer ka qaaday… Waxaa haddaba is waydiin mudan qof hadduu hadba reer kuu sheegto qofkaas hadalkiisu mala rumaysan karaa oo arin Dhab ah maloo qaadan karaa?!!!... hadday jawaabtaadu maya noqoto maxay noqonaysaa beel dhan oo hadba reer sheeganaysa hadalkoodu soo waxaan dhab ahayn oo dhalanteed ah maaha?!!!!..


Suldan Hassan Dhi’is Dir Madaluug
Mohamed Sheikh Hussein Dir Madaluug
Abdi Yare Jama Dir Madaluug
Rage Hashi Kalif Dir Madaluug
Name Clan Sub Clan

There are nine distinct Southern Madaluug Dir in Kenya, Doollo/ Nageele and Jubba Shabelle Valley. The remaining are in Harrara and Western Somali regions

Reer Isaaq ( Largest group) Live in Godey, Qabri Dahare, Shilaaba Jarati and Jubba Shabeele valley. The Mekhaahil subclan lives in Jilib -Kismaayo area

Reer Ahmed- Shilaaba, Jarati and large numbers in Kismayo,Jamaame, Afmadow mixed with Bimaal, Suure and their Gadsan Kinsman

Reer Hassan are in Godey, Qallafe and Nageelle. Large numbers live in Hiiraan and own farms with their Suure (Fiqi cumar and Fiqi Muxummed) The Reer Nuure live West of Baladweyn. The Reer Maajuun live in Bay Region with the Quranyow Maxammed Dir and some settelled amounf Rahanweyn Eelay. The Reer Majuun and a Madaxweyn Dir group the Reer Aw Said live in this are.

Jirre Madaluug- only group remaining in Tog Faafan, Jigjigga

Masalalay- NFD Kenya Bardheere Dollow

Reer Xuseen

Samaroon Saciid of Awad proper Gadabuursi

Reer Majjuun amoung Eelay and Quranyow Maxammed Garre Dir of Bay

Makahiil large numbers amoungst Dir Bimaal and Surre of Jammaame and spreading out as far as Afmadow and Kismayo. Also in NFD amoung Quranyow and Dir of Bardheere and Doolow Ado. In this region the Mandaluug live closely with the Reer Yaxye, Dheere Madaxweyn and R. Dayo

Buufow Ethiopia near great bend of Shabeelle Xamaro Xaddad

Angoolle and Xeeble and Reer Nuure all live in Dollow but own large farms West of Beledweyn this group alone numbers about 22,000 souls.

Dir Issa Clan Madoobe Dir : in The People of Africa

The peoples of Africa: an ethnohistorical dictionary By James Stuart Olson Page 244

The Issaas are Considered of Dir origin and from the Madoobe Dir family .They number over 150,000 in Djabouti, 50,000 in Somalia and 250,000 in Ethiopia they are divided into Abgaal 75% and Dalool.

Abgaal are:

1)Yonis Musse

2)Sacad Muse


4 Uurweyne






Cities of the Middle East and North Africa: a historical encyclopedia By Michael Dumper, Bruce E. Stanley See Djabouti and Berbera and Mogadisho

The Issas as Madoobe Dir mentioned

A General Survey

of the

Somaliland Protectorate

1944 - 1950

(C. D. & W. Scheme D.484)

by John A. Hunt, M.A., F.R.G.S., F.G.S.

449. Dir, the father-in-in-law of Darod, is said to be the uncle of Esa Madoba and brother of Hawiya Irrir, who founded the Esa tribe of Zeit and the Hawiya of Somalia respectively. Ram Nag, the great-grandfather of Dir, and Samarone the patriarch of the Gadabursi, are of unknown origin, but probably Arabians who landed at Zeila.

Djabouti Population 2005 is approx. 624,000
In the Kenya Reconcilliation meetings these Issa members were present according to the UN:

Name Clan Sub Clan Madoobe Dir

Al-Haaji Hirsi Haji Gaboobe Dir Ciise
Aqil Ahmed Diiriye Ige Dir Ciise
Mohamed yusuf Ahmed Dir Ciise
Abdirisak Yasin Hassan Dir Ciise
Bashir Abdullahi Diriye Dir Ciise
Idiris Haji Jama Dir Ciise
Mohamed Ahmed Wabari Dir Ciise
Mohamed Idle Dir Ciise
Abduwahab Dahir Burale Dir Ciise
Dr. Muse Sheikh Abdi Dir Ciise
Sheikh Bule Elmi Wabari Dir Ciise
Sheikh Ahmed Diriye Dir Ciise
Sheikh Osman Abdi Dharar Dir Ciise
Sheikh Ali Ige Bile Dir Ciise
Sheikh Hamud Duale Dir Ciise
Amino Muse Hadi Dir Ciise
Mulki Diriye Diheye Dir Ciise
Shamso Dahir Farah Dir Ciise
Amino Adan Aynan Dir Ciise
Sahro Yonis Sa’ad Dir Ciise
Habiibo Ateye Giire Dir Ciise
Sargalo Mohamud Dir Ciise
Gele Rirash Abdi Dir Ciise
Abdirisak Sheikh Abdi Dir Ciise
Macaad Nur Igal Dir Ciise
Qalinle Burale Muse Dir Ciise
Faysal Hussein Dir Ciise
Abdi Duran Aqan Dir Ciise
Omar Ali Wa’ays Dir Ciise
Sakariya Ali Molid Dir Ciise
Yusuf Abdow Ali Abiikar Dir Ciise

Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Africa and the Middle East, Volume 1 By Jamie Stokes page 331

1) Yeman and Arab pennisula lay 12 miles from closest point to Djabouti across Red Sea.

2)Islam arrived 9th or 10th Century or 825 CE Afar and then Somali 10th or 11th century. Zaila ruler rule area.

1842 french establish Djabouti colonies of French Somali land 1886 Obbakh established capital purchased anchorage Obbock and exchaning treaties with Sultans of the Tajourah and Gabaad treaty exchanged before Suez Channel was opened in 1869. Capital moved to Djabouti 1896.(Encyclopedia of world constitutions edited by Gerhard Robbers page 255)

1897 Emperor Menilik and France sign treaty demacrating Djabouti and Ethiopian Border and construction of Franco Ethiopian Railway Begin. 1897 to 1917 train built

1942 there are 10,000 Europeans

1946 important port for the French war in Indochina

1946 to 1949 Gadabursi dominate Djabouti 1949 Djabouti Issas and Gadabursi war in capital Gadabursi and Arab dominate national assembley Clubs banned. Duaale

1957 MahamudHarbi elected council French national assembely and first native vice president of the goverment council 1958 he called for independency from France and he was replace by Hassan Guleed Abtidoon 1959. Guuleed opposed independency and advocated union with france and 1967 he resigned establishing party calling for independency from France. Anti independency era Ali Arif Bourhan of Tajora led Guuled.

1977 june 27 independency

Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century African History By Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, Dickson Eyoh page 150
Historical Dictionary of Djabouti Alwan D.A and Mibrathu 2000

African Encylopedia Issas number 400,000 in Ethiopia

Majority of Dir in South Western Somalia and Issa are Dir.

Dir Madoobe Dir number 20,000 in Erithrea and in the North East Exist a group referred to as Madoobe Dir Issas in Erigavo amoung the Muuse Arre. This group is said to be Ceelaye Issas. Many Madoobe Dir live amoung their Kinsman in Southern Somalia.

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