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Dir Issa Clan Madoobe Dir : in The People of Africa

The peoples of Africa: an ethnohistorical dictionary By James Stuart Olson Page 244

The Issaas are Considered of Dir origin and from the Madoobe Dir family .They number over 150,000 in Djabouti, 50,000 in Somalia and 250,000 in Ethiopia they are divided into Abgaal 75% and Dalool.

Abgaal are:

1)Yonis Musse

2)Sacad Muse


4 Uurweyne






Cities of the Middle East and North Africa: a historical encyclopedia By Michael Dumper, Bruce E. Stanley See Djabouti and Berbera and Mogadisho

The Issas as Madoobe Dir mentioned

A General Survey

of the

Somaliland Protectorate

1944 - 1950

(C. D. & W. Scheme D.484)

by John A. Hunt, M.A., F.R.G.S., F.G.S.

449. Dir, the father-in-in-law of Darod, is said to be the uncle of Esa Madoba and brother of Hawiya Irrir, who founded the Esa tribe of Zeit and the Hawiya of Somalia respectively. Ram Nag, the great-grandfather of Dir, and Samarone the patriarch of the Gadabursi, are of unknown origin, but probably Arabians who landed at Zeila.

Djabouti Population 2005 is approx. 624,000
In the Kenya Reconcilliation meetings these Issa members were present according to the UN:

Name Clan Sub Clan Madoobe Dir

Al-Haaji Hirsi Haji Gaboobe Dir Ciise
Aqil Ahmed Diiriye Ige Dir Ciise
Mohamed yusuf Ahmed Dir Ciise
Abdirisak Yasin Hassan Dir Ciise
Bashir Abdullahi Diriye Dir Ciise
Idiris Haji Jama Dir Ciise
Mohamed Ahmed Wabari Dir Ciise
Mohamed Idle Dir Ciise
Abduwahab Dahir Burale Dir Ciise
Dr. Muse Sheikh Abdi Dir Ciise
Sheikh Bule Elmi Wabari Dir Ciise
Sheikh Ahmed Diriye Dir Ciise
Sheikh Osman Abdi Dharar Dir Ciise
Sheikh Ali Ige Bile Dir Ciise
Sheikh Hamud Duale Dir Ciise
Amino Muse Hadi Dir Ciise
Mulki Diriye Diheye Dir Ciise
Shamso Dahir Farah Dir Ciise
Amino Adan Aynan Dir Ciise
Sahro Yonis Sa’ad Dir Ciise
Habiibo Ateye Giire Dir Ciise
Sargalo Mohamud Dir Ciise
Gele Rirash Abdi Dir Ciise
Abdirisak Sheikh Abdi Dir Ciise
Macaad Nur Igal Dir Ciise
Qalinle Burale Muse Dir Ciise
Faysal Hussein Dir Ciise
Abdi Duran Aqan Dir Ciise
Omar Ali Wa’ays Dir Ciise
Sakariya Ali Molid Dir Ciise
Yusuf Abdow Ali Abiikar Dir Ciise

Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Africa and the Middle East, Volume 1 By Jamie Stokes page 331

1) Yeman and Arab pennisula lay 12 miles from closest point to Djabouti across Red Sea.

2)Islam arrived 9th or 10th Century or 825 CE Afar and then Somali 10th or 11th century. Zaila ruler rule area.

1842 french establish Djabouti colonies of French Somali land 1886 Obbakh established capital purchased anchorage Obbock and exchaning treaties with Sultans of the Tajourah and Gabaad treaty exchanged before Suez Channel was opened in 1869. Capital moved to Djabouti 1896.(Encyclopedia of world constitutions edited by Gerhard Robbers page 255)

1897 Emperor Menilik and France sign treaty demacrating Djabouti and Ethiopian Border and construction of Franco Ethiopian Railway Begin. 1897 to 1917 train built

1942 there are 10,000 Europeans

1946 important port for the French war in Indochina

1946 to 1949 Gadabursi dominate Djabouti 1949 Djabouti Issas and Gadabursi war in capital Gadabursi and Arab dominate national assembley Clubs banned. Duaale

1957 MahamudHarbi elected council French national assembely and first native vice president of the goverment council 1958 he called for independency from France and he was replace by Hassan Guleed Abtidoon 1959. Guuleed opposed independency and advocated union with france and 1967 he resigned establishing party calling for independency from France. Anti independency era Ali Arif Bourhan of Tajora led Guuled.

1977 june 27 independency

Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century African History By Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, Dickson Eyoh page 150
Historical Dictionary of Djabouti Alwan D.A and Mibrathu 2000

African Encylopedia Issas number 400,000 in Ethiopia

Majority of Dir in South Western Somalia and Issa are Dir.

Dir Madoobe Dir number 20,000 in Erithrea and in the North East Exist a group referred to as Madoobe Dir Issas in Erigavo amoung the Muuse Arre. This group is said to be Ceelaye Issas. Many Madoobe Dir live amoung their Kinsman in Southern Somalia.

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