Saturday, March 3, 2012

Arab Traders of Yiwu City- China The New Silk Road

Arab Traders of Yiwu City China The New Silk Road
-> The New Silk Road : How a Rising Arab World is Turning . By Ben Simpfendorfer -> 3 Million Visited Yiwu 2007 -> The Red Guest House of Yiwu
-> Italian Made Lonati Kniting Machines Used in Yiwu. 1400 socks firms in Yiwu -> Mengna Hoisery Industary In Yiwu and Sole supplier of socks products for China Olympics (quality) -> Commodity Distribution Center Yiwu ->City of Wenzhou 3 Hours North of Yiwu ->City of Shanghai up North of Yiwu ->Guangzhou South of Yiwu

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