Friday, May 4, 2012

Assimilation Cultural Imperialism acculturation

Assimilation the process of expecting minority cultures to disappear from public view of as distinctive groups. The tools used in the past included indirect and sometimes direct social and govermental policy to promote assimilation. Efforts to do so here, as well as U.S, have been proven ineffective, and also have promoted social conflict.

Anglo- Confromity in referenve to the perceived absorption of immigrants into Canada and the assimilation in compliance with British .-style values and priorities, with the subseaquent loss of cultural, languge and primary identity. This is similar to the melting pot concept of U.S, implying that there is a "dominant culture" into which all other cultures must yeild  to.

Aboriginal peoples as being the original inhabitants of this land with certain inalienable rights to resources and power over their political, economic, cultural and social affairs.

Culture concept of shared mianings(beliefs, values and symbols that typifies a group whether as a nationality, a race or religion.

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