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Al-Ansar Institute
of Islamic Education and Basic Science
Marka, Somalia
Following the long devastating war in Somalia many innocent Somalis lost their lives. The children became the first victims. Many of them lost their caring and loving parents and other family members. The majority of the children lost their dreams of a life that could have been achieved through education. All government institutions including the educational facilities were completely plundered and destroyed. An entire generation who were fully dependent on government supported educational institutions missed education all together, others ended their schooling prematurely. Regrettably, the rule of gun became the norm in every part of the country. Most of the teachers, technicians and professionals working at various public and private sectors left the country. The few that were left resorted to other means of survival. This has led to an acute shortage of human resources, which hampered recovery and jeopardized long term development. It is against this background that Al-Ansar Institute was conceived by a dedicated and highly motivated team of instructors based in Marka, Somalia.
What is the mission?
  • To provide learning and hands-on-training opportunities to the future generation of Somalia.
  • To enable the youngsters whose education was interrupted through a decade long civil war, obtain a high quality education.
  • To prepare and lead the youth to a higher educational and intellectual level.
Where does it operates.? The institute operates in the coastal and historical city of Marka, located in the southern part of Somalia. Marka is the capital city of the lower shabelle region and is located 70 km south of the Somali capital Mogadishu.
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Who is heading the institute? The non-profit institute is headed by Sheikh Salim Omar Osman, the founder, a former Chemistry teacher of Marka secondary school and a graduate from the faculty of education of the Somali National University.
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What is the level of education?
When the institute was first established (1991), only primary levels consisting of grade one to five were in effect, however, after generous support from caring individuals from the Somali community (inside and outside the country), two additional levels (intermediate and secondary) were added to the institute. At present over 500 students are enrolled.
What are the courses offered?
Science (biology, chemistry and physics), mathematics, geography, history, social studies, English, Arabic, Islamic studies, and physical education.
How are the facilities?
The facilities are very scarce. The building hosting the institute is very old and needs immediate renovation. Because of the extremely high demand, the classrooms are overcrowded. Laboratories are ill equipped and supplies are short. Conventional methods are often used to demonstrate laboratory activities for science and technology subjects. The library is without shelves and good quality books.
Despite the limitations, the institute is committed in producing high quality graduates who are able to compete for further educational advancement and contribute substantially to the future development of the country.
Who funds the institute?
The institute is funded by private donations. Your charitable gifts can make a significant difference to the education of the future generation of Somalia.
What are the needs?
The many needs include rehabilitation and renovation of the physical facility of the institute, teachers retraining, reconstruction of the library, good quality books of various subjects, office supplies, computers, laboratory equipment, incentives for the instructors and the cost associated with the day to day operations.
How can I donate?
Your donation will definitely help overcome the various needs of the institute. You can make your contribution directly to the institute through ALBARAKAT, Marka, Somalia, telephone: 011-2521-549364 addressed to Sheikh Salim Cumar Cusman.
Please note that no administrative fee will be associated to your donation.
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The principle of the Institute Sheikh Salim Omar Osman lecturing the students.

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