Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Somali and Ancient Egyptians Languege - Words that are similar

These are the pre-Islamic God's of the Somalis. The word on the left is the one used by Ancient Egyptians and the one on the right is the Somali word:

Ra Ra (The sun)

Neter Neder (divine being)

Hipo Hibo (the sound b doe not exist in Hamitic languages - gift)

Horus Huur (a stork)

Tuf Tuf (spit)

Habi (the Nile) Wabi ( a river)

Ar Ar ( a lion)

cb kab (shoe)

brq biriq (lightning)

ayah Dayah (moon)

dab dab (fire)

anka aniga (I)

su, asu usi (he)

Ka Ka, Kaah (spirit)

medu muud (liquid

Culturally, the similitudes between the present day Somali culture and that of Ancient Egypt are undeniable.:
1) the use of the dance zaar, recorded on the Rosetta Stone.
2) The use of the head-rest (wooden usually) found in African. It was used then and now to keep elaborate African coiffure from crumpling during sleep. It is one of the most common articles found in ancient Egyptian sites.
3) The practice of circumcision including female circumcision.
4) The practice of sacrifice and ritual after a house is completed.
5) The practice of washing and touching the bodies of dead persons.
6) From the vestimentary (dress) code: the White kilts, the broad bracelets, the chest and neck ornaments, etc.

All the things you describe here Ethiopia has it to culuraly. The Head rests can be found all over ethiopia and Ethiopians are known for animal sacrafises during special ocassions and a lot of groups have the same kind of chest and neck ordiments like the egyptians. Plus the boats of the ancient egyptians which is called Paypares boats http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~ancient/boats... the sam as the boats ethiopians still use in lake tana.

 I Would like to add to this list:

Habi- Wabi= River
Bastat= Bisad= Cat
Ra= Qo-rah= Sun

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