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by HAN (Horn Africa NewsLine)July 12, 2003

TO: IGAD TECHNICAL COMMITTEE Mr. Bathuel Kiplagat, Special Envoy for Somalia and Chairman of the IGAD Technical Committee H.E. Amb. Ismail Goulal Boudine Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti to Somalia Dr. Atalla Al-Bashir Executive Secretary of IGAD H.E. Amb. Abdulaziz Ahmed Special Envoy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia for Somalia CC: OBSERVERS OF THE SOMALI PEACE PROCESS Amb. Carlo Ungaro Special Envoy of Italy (Chair of IGAD Partners Forum for Somalia) Amb. Mostafa Khedre Deputy Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt Dr. Walid Musa European Union and European Commission Delegation in Kenya Amb. Mohammed Salim Al Khussaibi Special Envoy of the League of Arab States Mr. Glenn Warren Embassy of the United States in Kenya Amb. Winston Tubman UN Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia

CONCERNED of the continued armed conflict in Mudug Region waged by Sa’ad clan militias affiliated with USC/SNA against civilian populated villages of Saleban Abdalle clan (SSNM). APPALLED by the loss of innocent lives and displacement of thousands of people caused by the July 9, 2003 attack of USC/SNA militia forces against the villages of Towfiq and Awle, and the preceded attacks of January and June of 2002. ALARMED of the current movement of USC/SNA arms and militias in the limits of the conflict zone. GUIDED by the principals of the Declaration on Cessation of Hostilities and the Structures and Principles of the Somalia National Reconciliation Process, which is binding on both USC/SNA clans and SSNM clans and their supporters in Somalia. HEREBY: REPORT to all stakeholders and observers of the Declaration that USC/SNA armed militias equipped with battlewagon armored with heavy machineguns attacked Saleban Abdalle territory of Towfiq and Awle in Jariban District in Mudug. INSIST upon immediate investigation of the reported violation of article 2 (1) of the Declaration which commits all parties to abstain from the conduct of hostilities in Somalia from 27 October 2002 and to maintain this state of affairs during the peace process, its implementation and subsequently. REMIND the leadership of USC/SNA of their commitment in this declaration clearly outlined in article 2, sub-section 3, that all political, military and other groups maintain only defensive military positions and capabilities, and refrain from any military provocations. CALL upon the leadership of USC/SNA to assist us in bringing lasting peace to the concerned territory in accordance with article 2, subsection 2, which says to use only peaceful means in the resolution of all disputes between political, military and other groups and the communities they represent. APPEAL to the international community, UN agencies, EU, International NGO’s and all humanitarian organizations to render immediate assistance to displaced peasants in Towfiq and Awle whom greatly suffered from continued aggression. Communiqu×™ By: Mahad Abdalle Awad, M.P., Transitional National Assembly

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