Thursday, August 30, 2012

Xildhibanadii la diiday--The New List of Somali Spoilers who can not join as the New Members of the National Parliament

Mogadishu: Friday, August 17, 2012 (Somaligov News Portal): The New List of Somali Spoilers who can not join as the New Members of the National Parliament Or in the Forthcoming Cabinet after they have already committed crimes against humanity such fraud, helping warlords and swindled money on behalf of the Government of Somalia.

If they think that they are above the law then it's the right time to issue warranty of arrest and we will put you in a jail to face reality of your endless crimes since 1991 until now.

Special thanks to the Amnesty International & Other Human Rights Organizations for submitting this list of Somali Spoilers who thought that they have been above the law.

  1. Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed (Hawiye: Abgal)
  2. Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan (Digil & Mirifle: Asharaaf)
  3. Dr. Abdiweli Ali Mohamed “Gas: (Darod: Majirteen)
  4. Abdirashid Sharmake (Darod: Majirteen)
  5. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed “Farmajo” (Darod: Marehan)
  6. Hassan Abshir Farah (Darod: Majirteen)
  7. Mohamed Mohamud Gacma-Dhere (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  8. Osman Ali Ato (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  9. Barre Adan Shire “Barre Hirale” (Darod: Marehan)
  10. Mohamed Sayid Adan (Darod: Marehan)
  11. Ahmed Omar Jes (Darod: Ogaden)
  12. Hussein Mohamed Farah “Aideed” (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  13. Ahmed Du'alle Haf (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  14. Mohamed Jama Furuh (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  15. Mohamed Qanyare Afrah (Hawiye: Murursade)
  16. Salad Ali Jelle (Hawiye: Abgal)
  17. Muse Sudi Yalow (Hawiye: Abgal)
  18. Omar Mohamed “Omar Finish” (Hawiye: Abgal)
  19. Ismail Mohamed Buubaa (Dir: Isaaq)
  20. Mohamed Hassan Hayir “Mareeye” (Dir: Isaaq)
  21. Mohamed Abdullahi Omar (Dir: Isaaq)
  22. Abdullaahi Sheikh Ismail (Dir: Biyo-Maal)
  23. Prof. Abdirahman Adan Ibrahim “Ibi” (Dir: Biyo-Maal)
  24. Abdiasis Sheikh Yusuf Dired (Dir: Fiqi Mohamed)
  25. Ing. Munye Said Omar (Digili & Mirifle: Tuni)
  26. Sheikh Adan Madobe (Digili & Mirifle: Hadamo)
  27. Col. Hassan Mohamed Nur “Shati-gud” (Digili & Mirifle: Harin)
  28. Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade (Digili & Mirifle: Lisan)
  29. Ibrahim Adan Kiish Bur (Digili & Mirifle: Lisan)
  30. Prof. Mohamed Omar Dalha (Beesha Shanaad: Jarer-weyn)
  31. Prof. Ali Khalif Galeyr (Darod: Dhulbahante)
  32. Abdikarim Jama (Darod: Dhulbahante)
  33. Prof. Abdi Ismail Samatar (Dir: Gadabursi)
  34. Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samatar (Dir: Gadabursi)
  35. Sakariye Haji Mohamed (Darod: Leelkase)
  36. Hussein Arab Isse (Dir: Isaaq)
  37. Prof. Ali Mohamed Gedi (Hawiye: Abgal)
  38. Prof. Abdirasak Osman Hassan Jurile (Darod: Majirteen)
  39. Gen. Abdi Hassan Awale “Qayb-Did” (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  40. Col. Mohamed Ahmed Alin (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  41. Prof. Mohamed Abdi Gaandi (Darod: Ogaden)
  42. Abdirahman Abdishakur (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  43. Yusuf Garad Omar (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  44. Ahmed Mo'allim Fiqi, the Current Director of the NSS (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  45. AVV. Aydid Iko-Hanaf (Dir: Isaaq)
  46. Gen. Jama Ali Jama, Former Puntland President (Darod: Majirteen)
  47. General Ade Muse Boqor, Former Puntland President (Darod: Majirteen)
  48. Jamac Jangale (Darod: Dhulbahante)
  49. Ali Ismail Abdi-Giir (Darod: Leelkase)
  50. Maslah Mohamed Siyad (Darod: Marehan)
  51. Abdullahi Ahmed Adow (Hawiye: Habar-Gidir)
  52. Gen. Mohamed Darwish (Darod: Majirteen)
  53. Gen. Mohamed Shiekh Hassan the Former Director of the NSS (Hawiye: Abgal)
  54. Abdilaahi Mohamed Omarr, Minister of Foreign Affairs(Dir: Isaq)
  55. Yusuf M.Deg, Former, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Dir: Isaq)

Approved by the Somali Technical Selection Committee for Parliamentary Selection & The International Community so, if you can't stop threatening to us then we really know who you're? We'll stop you in any nation to charge you on account of your endless crimes in Somalia.

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