Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Suure Dir Clan and Their Claims of Arab Origins-Also the Afar Dir Relations

The Dir Suure clans claim Dir was the Son of Aji Aqiil ibnu Abi Taalib

The Suure Dir who have well respected Fiqis Islamic jurisprudence scholars and who have been instrumental in religious studies in many part of Somalia claim descent from Aqiil Ibnu abi Taalib and the claim in the first Hijra many Ashaab well know figures like :

84 males and children and women including-- Uthman ibnu Affan 3rd Caliph and SAW's son in law Ruquyya daughter SAW Abdul Rahman Bin Awf Zubeyr Bin Al awwam and Gafar Bin Abi Talib(read suratal Maryam 19 and his wife sahla Amar and khalid sons of said bin al As Abu Hudayfa b Uthman mazum his wife sahla wife Umm Salama bint Abi Umaayya all three amoung ten who were promised heaven.

The Suure claim this is in the: biographer Ibnu Hisham .while others claim only 33 come.

The Afar or Dankalis of Djibouti and Eritrea

The ruling house of the Afar Assayo Marre and their king Ali Mirre claim the Madoobe Dir Issas are cousins to Afar because the Afar claim direct descent from One Harmalis Jacfar ibnu Abi Taalib a cousin of the Samaale clans claimed ancestor Aqiil ibnu abi Taalib

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