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The Surre Dir subclan The Qubeys and their Distribution in Somalia Deeganada Beesha Qubeys

 Qubeys قبيس سر در is a member of the Surre (clan). Surre is one of the sons of the greater Mehe Dir Tribe. Qubeys is brother to Abdalle Surre Dir. Surre (Abdalle & Qubeys)

Qubeys قبيس, along with Abdalle, are a subclan of the Surre (clan). Surre Mehe is a member of he Royal Dir tribe.
The Word Qubeys is an ancient Somali word which was once common amongst the traditional Somali population. The word itself means cleanliness. With the introduction of Islam and the Arabic language to Somalia over 1000 years ago, Somalis changed the tradition of naming their sons Qubeys to Dahir or Tahir or طاهر in Arabic which also means cleanliness.
The Qubeys and Abdalleh Surre Dir clans are known to have spread and taught the Islamic religion in southern and central Somalia. With the modern Somali society, it is believed that the Surre, both Qubeys & Abdalle have a large number of Faqīh (Islamic Jurists) and Islamic scholars
It is believed by various historians the Qubeys Surre & Abdalle Surre migrated from the northern part of Somalia currently known as Somaliland approximately 1316 A.D. The Surre Clan migrated to parts of southern and central Somalia as well as parts of Ethiopia and Kenya. However a small fraction of the Qubeys clan remained in Somaliland and reside in Togdheer Somaliland till this day.
Currently the Qubeys Clan reside in the following cities. Some which they inhabit alone and some where they are the majority or a significant population of the city:
  • Bacadweyne Mudug
  • Ceel-Xagar Puntland
  • Significant amount reside in Galkacyo Mudug
  • Marajiicley Galgaduud
  • Kabxanley Hiiraan
  • Baraag Ciise
  • Qaycad
  • Dhaah - Hiiraan
  • Wardheen - Hiiraan
  • Buuloburte - Hiraan
  • Dheen
  • Gawaaney
  • Jaqey
  • Qobor
  • Jamaame
  • Labaceel
  • jiicdheere
  • shabeelow
  • Golweyn
  • significant amount reside in (merca) lower-shabele
  • Significant amount reside in Mogadishu Banadir
  • Small cluster reside in Burco Togdheer Somaliland
  • Koolo Ethiopia
  • Bangale Kenya

Clan tree

  • Dir
  • Mehe
  • Surre
    • Qubeys
      • Tolweeyne
        • Axadoowe
          • Abdalla
          • cusmaan
        • Reer Toonle
          • mohamed abti-udug
          • waqantiile abti-udug
      • Yabadhaale
        • Midkasse
          • Idiris
          • Cusman afey
        • Wayaagle
          • reer baani

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