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Bacadweyne is located in Somalia
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 5°20′0″N 47°54′0″ECoordinates5°20′0″N 47°54′0″E
Country Somalia
DistrictHobyo District
Time zoneEAT (UTC+3)
Bacadweyne is a city located in the municipality of Bacadweyne sub district in the Mudug region of Somalia. It is situated in the Hobyo District. Bacadweyne City is an ancient city well known for Islamic education, business, and the production of natural salt. The natural salt from the Bacadweyne municipality is sold throughout Somalia and Ethiopia. There are also green zones (fertile lush lands) in certain townships governed by the municipality of Bacadweyne. Those green zones are utilized by farmers, cattle herders, and camel herders. The camel from Bacadweyne have been bought by Saudis in Saudi Arabia through the Indho Deero Companies for over twenty years. Tourists from around the world travel to Bacadweyne districts to visit the ancient city
Bacadweyne municipality is one of the main components of the Galmudug State Government.


Bacadweyne is continually developing. Bacadweyne City has a middle school, secondary school, 16 Quran memorization institutes, police station, prison, several Dahabshiil money transfer posts, skilled football (soccer) players and teams.
There is construction taking place to complete the downtown area of the city, the Bacadweyne Local Hospital, and the Bacadweyne Technical Institute. This institute will provide the following courses; agriculture, veterinary, business, Quran Science, health and nursing, electrician, languages and IT.
Bacadweyne Local Airport has been completed and is in use.
These developments were made possible by the Qubeys Surre clan members who live in North America, Europe, Kenya, Somalia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Honorable and Notable Figures[edit]

Institutions, main roads, and main streets in Bacadweyne have been named after honorable Surre and Somali figures.
Notable Figures from Bacadweyne:
  • Jimaale Hasan
  • Hasan wehelye Rooble (Hasan Mataan) Leader, Revolutionist, and Nabadoon
Islamic Scholars
  • Sheikh Ahmed Ishaaq Abdi
  • Sheikh Mohamed Hasan Dirshe
  • Sheikh Ibrahim Suulay
  • Sheikh Mohamed Ali Wacays
  • Sheikh Mohamed Bare Jama
  • Sheikh Mohamed Saleh
  • Sheikh Daud Mohamud
  • Sheikh Mohammed Indhayare Afcad
Artists and Poets
  • Hasan Diriye Farah, Singer and
  • Moalim Ali Guray
  • Zainab Laba Dhagah,Singer
  • Mohamed Galaal,Famous warrior.
  • Diirshe Warsame Shirwa (Diirshe Qoonay)
  • Moalim Abdulahi Idris
Clan and Tribal Leaders
  • Ugaas Abdulahi Hashi
  • Hasan Geedi
  • Hasan Haji Omar
  • Sheikh Adam Jimaale
  • Haji Ali Ilay
  • Dahir Afcad (Yolah Afacad)
  • Haji Ali Husein
  • Haji Abdi Madoobe
  • Abdulahi Kooriye
  • Ugaas Haji Basgodane
  • Ugaas Haji Omar Qubeys
  • Ugaas Haji Omar Osoble
  • Ugaas Salah Abdinur Ugaas (Mohamed Ali Hareed)
  • Ilmi Ahmed
  • Yusuf Dhore
  • Aagaan
  • Alinuur Indhayare Afcad IYL
- this is not a complete list of the leaders of Bacadweyne. More yet to come -
  • Drs. Zakiya Abdi Salam
  • Dr. Isaaq Hashi
  • Dr. Mohamed Hasan Adam (Abdulahi Shuluh)
  • Dr. Jaylani Ali Keydiye
  • Mr. Mohamed Abdi Nur (Juuje)
  • Mr. Asad Khalif Ahmed
  • Mr. Abdulahi Ise (SYL)
Surre Dir clan members whom have contributed to the advancement, peace, and prosperity of Bacadweyne and Somalia:
  • Gen. Abdi Karim Yusuf Adam (Gen. Dhagabadan)
  • Sheikh Yusuf Direed

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