Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Somali Bimaal Clan Boqortoyada Bimaal

Magaalada Marka ( The Capital of Bimaal Clan

History repeats it self, between 1880 and 1920, The Bimaal clans men and women of Southern Somalia opposed Italian invaders and were systematically massacred not with Italian might but with the support of other Somali clans who thought they could rule through the white coloniser. A Somali poet who was not happy with his clans decision in facilitating white colonisers’ atrocities against a noble Somali clan, summarised her opinion in the following poem passage:
“Waayel tolkey, sidii Weyl lo’aad, gaallaa waraabsadoo watey. Waranle tolkey iyo wadaad-kiis aan ka warsugaa”.
It roughly translates “My Clan elders has been owned by the white coloniser, as one owns the destiny of the cattle he/she gives water and feed.

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