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Wagosha Movement announces war against Azania in Somalia

Monday, July 11th, 2011 | Posted by wagoshanews
Wagosha Movement announces war against Azania in Somalia

Members of Somalia’s Wagosha Movement Executive committee have declared war against the self declared clan administration of Azania led by an Ethiopian refugee from Zone 5, Muhammad Abdi Muhammad Gandi.

Spokeswoman of the group, Changwa Mtalika Mwetamboza, told Wagoshanews website that the meeting held in Kumbwerera village in Somalia’s Jamaame district discussed the threat of this clan administration and agreed to wage war against it.

“The aim of this so called Azania state to continue massacring Wagosha people, and we say enough is enough. Our youth are ready to take up the arms and deal with these outsiders from Ethiopia and other places firmly. We will fight against them and crush them until they leave our land” said Mrs Mwetamboza, who said that her people will ensure that Jubba regions are liberated from the invaders.

She said “they killed our people en masse and now they are regrouping in Kenya, while thousands are coming from Ethiopia to occupy our land. We will never accept and surrender. We will fight until the last minute”.

The spokeswoman has also warmed Kenyan politician of Somalia origin to stay away with their clan driven agendas toward Jubba regions, and instead concentrate in developing their people and their regions.

Mrs Mwetamboza added that while almost all senior officials of Al-Shabab are from Garisa in Kenya’s North Eastern Province, the Kenyan politicians of Somali origin have been lying to their government that they will create a buffer zone to defend Kenya from Al-Shabab.

“Why don’t these hypocrites politicians of Somali origin in Kenya don’t report to Kenyan government the truth of their evils, why do not they stop issuing Kenyan ID’s and passports to Al-Shabab members from their clan. Families of Al-Shabab officials are living in Garisa, their children do go to school in Garisa and they are fed with Kenyan tax payers money. We tell them today is not yesterday and they will regret if they do not stop meddling with Jubbaland affairs” said Mrs Mwetamboza.

She said Wagosha Movement and its people do not have any problem with Kenyan government, but would like to warn the Nairobi government that politicians of Somali origin, specially those from Ogaden clan are pursuing clan interest in Somalia, a move that will cost and endanger the Kenyan security and the horn of Africa in general.

In April 2011, Muhammad Abdi Gandi who hails from Ethiopian region of Zone 5 declared himself as president of Jubba regions, daring even to change the name of the region into unknown name of Azania.

The so called Azania state has been confronted and rejected by the real owners of Jubbaland.

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