Monday, August 20, 2012

Somalia has a $5.9 billion economy General Notes and People

Somalia has a $5.9 billion economy, according to the U.S. State Department. That compares with neighboring Kenya’s $32 billion economy, the region’s largest. Investors in Somalia include Africa Oil Corp. (AOI), based in Vancouver, and partners Red Emperor Resources NL (RMP) of Australia and Texas-based Range Resources Corp. (RRC), which said in March they will invest $50 million drilling two wells in Puntland, a semi-autonomous northern region of the country.

  • Jabril Abdulle, director of a Mogadishu nongovernmental organization, the Center for Research and Dialogue.
  • Ahmed Soliman, a Horn of Africa researcher with Chatham House
  • Somalia Technical Selection Committee (TSC)
  • Halimo Ismael Ibrahim, co-chairwoman of the TSC
TSC co-chairwoman Ibrahim : Criteria Used to Select MPs

“The criteria that we used on our protocol…is age, from 21 to 75, the education level, and their experience, and crime records, and [if] there is mental health problem, and the last one is protecting the values of Islam,” said Ibrahim.
Last week, the TSC excluded more than 60 nominated members of parliament because of their alleged involvement in Somalia’s conflict. But, in a disagreement, Ahmed said the TSC has no mandate to target specific individuals due to their alleged role in the Somalia’s fighting without a court conviction.

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