Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dabruube iyo intuu Dhalay. Madigaana waa beel Dabruube ah ayuu nala wadaagay nin Dabruube ah

Dabruuwe Mohamed. 

SUBCLANS AND FAMILY TREE The Dabruuwe clan has five major subclans, whose there mnemonics is: Rage dabruwe.Yusuf dabruuwe Weheliye dabruuwe. also dabruuwe and bimal they are brothers tree is as following: The Mathigaan or Madigaan is a sub subclan of Dabrube, the Subclan of Dabruuwe and is one of the tribes that inhabits in Ethiopia and Somaliland. Historically, the Mathigaan were mainly pastoral and farmers who separated from other Dabruuwe in nearly 400 years ago, however, the record of written documents and inherited information from ancestors is well reserved in lower shabelle. The Dabrube tribes lived in different parts of somalia and Ethiopia, but they each had their history an

Beesha wexey u kala baxdaa:

Raage Dabruwe

Yusuf Dabruwe

Wehliye Dabruwe

Beesha Madigaana waa Dabruube beel ka tirsan oo luntay, Kuna baahsan Ethiopia iyo Wooqoyiga Somalia

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