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Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid has named 20 new crop ministers 2015 Nominated Ministers and Their Clans

Nominated Ministers and Their Clans

January 28, 2015


Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid has named 20 new crop ministers last night, here we publish their names along with their clans.

There are 4 major clans and half in the Somali power sharing system, they are Dir, Darod, Digil & Mirifle , Hawiye and Others (0.5)


1.      Mohamed Omar Arte : Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Labor, Youth and Sports ( Dir, Isak, Habar Awal)

2.      Ahmed Hassan Gabobe : Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs ( Dir , Biyomaal)

3.      Abdisalan Hadliye Omar : Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Dir, Godabiirse)

4.      Noor Farah Hersi : Minister For Constitutional Affairs ( Dir, Isak, Habar-Yonis)


1.      Hassan Ahmed Modey : Minister for Commence and Industry ( Jarer Weyn)

2.      Sahra Mohamed Ali Samatar : Minister for Women and Human Rights ( Tumal)

3.      Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir : Minister for Ports and Marine Transport ( (Rer Aw Hassan)

4.      Saed Hussein Eid : Minister for Livestock, and Pasture ( Meheri, Arab Salah)


1.      Abdirahman Mohamed Husen : Minister for Interior and Federal Affairs (Habar Gidir)

2.      Abdirahman Yusuf Hussein Aynte : Minister of Planning and International Cooperation ( Murusade)

3.      Mohamed Moktar Ibrahim : Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources ( Gal Je’el)

4.      Abdirizak Omar Mohamed : Minister of Petroleum, Water and Natural Resources ( Hawadle)

Digil and Mirifle

1.      Mohamed Adan Ibrahim (Fargeti) : Finance Minister (Rahanweyn, Disow)

2.      Ali Hassan Osman : Minister for Agriculture (Rahan Weyn)

3.      Hawo Hassan Mohamed : Health Minister (Rahanweyn, Hadamo)

4.      Salah Sheikh Osman Mose : Minister of Public Works and Resettlement ( Digil, Gelledi)


1.      Abdikadir Sheik Ali Dini : Defense Minister ( Marehan)

2.      Guled Hussein Kasim : Information and Telecommunication Minister ( Ogaden)

3.      Ali Ahmed Jama (Jangali) : Minister for Air Transport And Aviation (Dhulbahante)

4.      Khadra Bashir Ali : Education Minister (Lelcase)

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