Sunday, June 3, 2018

Tribal Conflict Claims 15 More Lives- Qubeys Surre and Saleeban Habar Gidir Conflict 2011

Mudug Conflict Over Pasturelands Fueled by Weapons From Region
Clan fighting over pasturelands between two rival Somali sub-clans in central Somalia has triggered revenge killings, land disputes and conflicts and claimed the lives of at least 15 people on Wednesday.
 Residents of the region informed Somalia Report that more than 25 others were injured in fighting that began on Wednesday afternoon in the rural areas between Amaara and Ba’adweyne villages in Somalia’s Mudug region.

Most of the injured are the disputing tribesmen, according to the residents. They were admitted to hospitals in the Galkayo and Hobyo Districts.

The area is calm as of Wednesday evening, although the two pastoral communities are arming for future rural clashes, according to Mukhtar Hussein Ahmed, a resident of Galhure village near Amaara.

He said the fighting was between two armed militias from the Saleebaan and Qubeys sub-clans who had been fighting in the rural areas during the last two years. “The latest clashes were provoked by revenge killings, disputes over pasture lands and water in the countryside between Amaara and Ba’adweyne villages in Central Somalia,” Mukhtar said.

He added the fighting started near Amaara village, and spread to the surrounding rural areas. The residents of Galhurre confirmed to Somalia Report that the rural communities living in that area are fleeing their homes due to the heavy fighting, with shells from mortars and firearms endangering their homes.

An elder from the Qubeys sub-clan of Dir has strongly criticized the administration of Himan & Heeb, based in the Adaado District of Galgaduud region, for arming rural communities to instigate the conflicts between the two sub-clans.

“The administration is equipping the pastoral communities with weapons and armored vehicles,” Mohamed Abdi Ahmed, an elder from one of the sub-clans told Somalia Report by telephone. “Elders from the two sub-clans have stepped in to help resolve the repeated conflicts, and negotiations have started to settle the situation,” he added.

Somali rural communities are largely livestock herders, and conflicts and deadly clashes over grazing lands and water are common plights among the Somalia’s many clans.

Somalia Report tried to contact the administration of Himan & Heeb to address the fighting between the two sub-clans in central Somalia, but they were not available for comment.

During this year, the conflict between the two sub-clans of Qubeys and Saleebaan has killed at least 80 people, including women and children.

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