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According to our noble Dir brothers of Somalia. The eldest son and most ancient clan of the Somalis. 1) Islam came to Somalia in the first Hijra when the followers of the prophet fled to East Africa and came to Ethiopia as refugees. 2) So Islaam come to Somalia before Mecca was recaptured from the pagan Qurishi. The eldest Son of the Dir Ali madaxweyn who lived at this time around 643 Ad accepted the faith and sent a delegation to the Khilifa in 732-67 Ad. Shortly after that period even the illustrious Sheikh Ahmed (Mohamed Xiniftire studied in Yamen and returned to Somalia via the Dahlak Island where he fathered the Maxamed Xiniftire branch of the Dir which includes The Isaaq Axmed(Maxamed), Biyomaal maxamed ,Gadsan clans.

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abdi taariikhda aad noo sheegtay waa taariikh xiiso leh ee tixraac maleedahay?

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Agoon History of Islam in Somalia from the Time of Mohamed (Saws)

Shortly after the Hijra (670's) the Quraish or prophet's tribe started persucuting muslims and hundreds of the prophets followers fled across the Indian Ocean to present day Zaila and through Erithrea.

It was in this period that the Somalis and their cousines the Afar-Oromo-Harararis and other nations of the horn of Africa converted to Islam.

According to most Historians the people of Zaila who were of Dir origin and Issas-Gadabursi-Isaaq origins, Islam became well established by 800 A.D. By the 1300 century the whole horn of Africa up to Kenya and Zanziber we have Muslim cities flourishing and Muslim sulltanes like Ifat and Adal all over Somali.

As a matter of fact, it was in 1300's that the ancient Somali Dir saint Sheikh Yusuf Alkownin (Aw Barkadle) innvented the Alif-La-Kordhabee or Somali way of reading and learning to read the Quran scriptures. And around this time, another Sheikh by the name of Sheikh Hussein Al Bale of the Bale Oromo Arsi region left Northren Somali and Islam was well established in Southren Ethiopia all the way to northren Ethiopia.

So the Islam of Somalia dates back to the time of the Hijra and many Somalis became muslims even before the Prophet Islamized the Arabs and Islam succeded in Arabia.

Later in he 1400 AD, the Qadiriya Sufi order of Sheikh Cabdul Qadir Al-Jilani spread to Somalia and Ethiopia revitalizing the ancient faith and further incorporating more Kushitics. The earliest leaders of Qadiriya Order were mostly from the saintly Dir sub-clan of Surre. The earliest Surre rulers were called Fiqis (Islamic Scholars of Diin and Lawyers of Sharia). The Oldest of the Surre clan the Qubeys and his younger brother, the Abdalles fathered some of the best Islamic Scholars in the 1600 century and they spread the Islamic faith all over the Somali coast. Imam Surre sent his numerous sons whom he named Fiqis to central Somalia, South, and North.

By 1456 AD, he Muslim Kings of Ifat, led by a Somali worrior, Imam by the name Imam Axmed Gurey (Left-Handed) was fighting Ethiopian Christian Habasha kings who tried to conquer Somalilands. W.A.

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