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JIDWAAQ absame
by Garaad salah on Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:05 pm
Jidwaaq Absame
1 Barre (Bartire)
2 Roobe ( Abasguul)
3 Shahrudin (Yabare)
1 Quwaaxde
2 Tiimocase
3 Tuurcase
1Yacquub Quwaaxde
2 Wadi Quwaaxde
3.Yusuf Quwaxde
1 Sacaad Yacqub
2 Laagmadoobe Yacqub
3 Laagcase Yacqub
4 Yonis Yacqub
Habar sacad
1 Samatar Sacaad
2 Hassan Sacaad
3 Ahmed Sacaad
4 Adan sacaad
Samaatar Sacaad
1 Adan Sacad
2 Ahmed Sacad
3 Ibrahimsacaad
Adan Sacaad
1 Ahmed Adan
2 Ali Adan
3 Hirsi Adan
Ahmed Adan
1 MOhamud AHMED
1 Guleed MOhamud
2 Omar MOhamud
3 Hirsi Mohamud
Garaad Guled Mohamud
1 Garaad Abdulle Guled
2 Hussein Garaad Guleed
3 Noor Garaad Guleed
4 Yusuf GaraadGuleed
5 Ahmed Garaad Guleed
Garaad Abdulle Garaad Guleed
1 Garaad MOhamed Garaad Abdulle
2 Amiin Garaad Abdulle
3 Diini Garaad Abdulle
4 Ibrahim Garaad Abdulle
5 Hassan Garaad Abdulle
Garaad Mohamed Garaad Abdulle
1 Garaad Ali Garaad MOhamed Garad Abdulle
2 Abdi Garaad Mohamed Garad Abdulle
3 Hussein Garaad MOhamed Garaad Abdulle
4 Omar Garaad Mohamed Garaad Abdulle
5 Mohamud Garad MOhamed Garad Abdulle
Garaad Ali Garad MOhamed Garaad Abdulle
1 Garaad Mohamud Garaad Ali Garaad MOhamed
1 Garaad Cilmi Garaad Mohamud
2 Hassan Garaad MOhamud
3 Caalin Garaad Mohamud
4 Faraah Garaad MOhamud
5 Omar Garaad MOhamud
6 Noor Garad MOhamud
7 Ibrahim Garad Mohamud
8 Hussein Garaad Mohamed
Garaad Cilmi Garaad Mohamud
1 Garaad Hussein Garaad Cilmi
2 Hassan Garaad Cilmi
3 Ahmed Garaad Cilmi
4 Farah Garaad Cilmi
5 Rooble Garaad Cilmi
6 Xuble Garaad Cilmi
7 Adan Garaad Cilmi
8 samaan Garaad Cilmi
Garaad Hussein Garaad Cilmi Garaad Mohamud
1 Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
2 Adaan Garaad Hussein
3 Abdullahi Garaad Hussein
4 Ali Garaad Hussein
5 Abdi Garaad Hussein
6 Bulle Garaad Hussein
7 Noor Garaad Hussein
 Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
1 Garaad salah Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
2 Abdi Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
3 Idris Garaad Ahmed Garad Hussein
4 Ali Garaad Ahmed Garad Hussein
5 Omar Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
6 Noor Garaad Ahmed Garaad Hussein
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My sources give the descendants of Telemoge as:
Telemoge - Sinwaaq - Cabudwaaq - Sinwaaq - Aw Mahadle - Cabdiqariim - Yaxye - Nagaaye
The database gives the following lists (number of entry in brackets):
Talamuge (417) - Cabdi - Sunwaaq - Siin Waaq - Cabudwaaq (422) - Siin Waaq - Aw Mahadle - Cadbikariin - Yaxye (426) - Nagaaye
Tolomoge (3653) - Cabudwaaq (3672) - Yaxye (3679)

Here is the Telemoge family tree according to documents I found in the Kenya National Archives (approximately 1930-1950). The names were given in English spelling, those that I could recognize I changed into Somali spelling, the others I left. You might generally have to double-check the spelling.
1. Telemoge
1.1. Samwodel
1.1.1. Ibrahim Cabdalla
1.1.2. Maxamed
1.2. Sinwaaq
1.2.1. Cabudwaaq Sinwaaq Aw Mahadle Isaaq Haruun Samatar Cali Cabdi Guleed Ways Koshin Maxamed Yaquub Ibrahim Muusa Cabdi Qariim Yaxye Mahad Jala Nagaaye Qasim Adan Cali Maxamed Gadid Suleyman Ibrahim Mahad
1.2.2. Samajali Cabdalla Samatar Yussuf Ochur

Here is what the Kenya National Archives give as the Awlyahan Bahaale Genealogy. I don't quite know how it fits in with what you have in your database (and which is more accurate). But maybe you will figure out how to incorporate a few of the names and connections. The spellings, again, are "pre-Somali-script" and quite inaccurate.
1. Awlyahan
1.1. Tur Adi
1.1.1. Hawis
1.1.2. Songat
1.1.3. Aboukir
1.2. Jibrail
1.2.1. Aboukir Ali Afwa Khassim
1.2.2. Mumin Hassan Wafatta Aden Kheir Afgab

For Maqaabul Barwaaq Tegelwaaq Ogaadeen I have found two genealogies in the Kenyan Archives. They match for the most part, but there are a few differences that I can't fit together. The first one is nice and short:
1. Sacad
1.1. Hassan
1.2. Ibrahim
2. Makahiil
2.1. Mohamed (Habr Eli)
2.1.1. Gumcadle
2.1.2. Garwayn
2.2. Mohamed
2.2.1. Ibrahim
2.3. Yussuf
2.3.1. Samatalis
The second one is quite elaborate:
1. Sacad
1.1. Hassan
1.1.1. Indagud
1.1.2. Yussuf
1.1.3. Abdallah
1.1.4. Ugad
1.2. Ibrahim
1.2.1. Abdiraxman Yussuf Ahmed Ali Hussein Tibril
1.2.2. Deiryere
2. Hatti Abdiraxman (Makahiil)
2.1. Muhammed
2.1.1. Hussein Mohamed Ismail Yunis Ismail Adan Abuker Dukit Muusa Abukir Qaasim Abukir Muhammed Muusa Talharer Cusman Suliman Qaasim Harun
2.2. Muhammed
2.2.1. Ibrahim Eli Abdallah Wasrmogi Mohamed Sarmani Makahiil Negeyah Yunis Kuul Ismail (Afweyne) Adan Ibrahim Muusa Hussein Omar Hussein Omar Hassan Abdallah Edidera Waksemeya Beyd
2.3. Yussuf
2.3.1. Muhammed Tamar Samatar Khayr Koshin
2.3.2. Maxad Roob
2.4. Hassan
2.4.1. Sacad Nuukh Adan Zamani Hassan Ubaxleh Mohammed Muusa
1.4.2. Abuker
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Abdurrahman Bin Ismail Aljabarti (Daarood)

منتدى السادة الأشراف آل الجبرتي العقيلي

Abdurrahman Bin Ismail Aljabarti (Daarood)

منتدى السادة الأشراف آل الجبرتي العقيلي

أدوات الموضوع انواع عرض الموضوع
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معلومات العضو
الجبرتي الصومالي

الصورة الرمزية الجبرتي الصومالي
إحصائية العضو

الجبرتي الصومالي

الجبرتي الصومالي غير متواجد حالياً

إرسال رسالة عبر مراسل MSN إلى الجبرتي الصومالي
المنتدى : منتدى السادة الأشراف آل الجبرتي العقيلي
Impp Abdurrahman Bin Ismail Aljabarti (Daarood)

The 9th century Islamic writers Al- Masudi and Yaqub Ibn Abudllah Al-Hamawi wrote in their book Aqeeliyoon( a book that describes the lives and lineages of the descendants of the prophet Mohammed's young cousin Aqeel Ibn Abu Talib) that several Quraish sub-clans moved to the city of Jabarta and the Zeila region around the ninth century A.D. Some key sub-clans include Banu Shams, Banu Abd Manaf and Banu Hashim. From the Banu Hashim, many Aquiline settlers lived in Jabarta such as Ahmed Ibn Husein Ibn Ali Al-Jabarti, Ahmed Ibn Omar Al-Zayli and most importantly he mentions the sufi Qadiriyah sheik Ismail Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Abdisamad Al-Aqeeyli Al-Zayli who is considered a Sufi saint in Yemen, the father of Darod(Abdirahman) the man most modern Darood claim have descended from. This sufi sheikh also had other sons -who all carry the surname "Jabarti"- where their tribes can be found in Southern Yemen, Eriteria, and parts of Saudi Arabia.

The majority of Darod clan members claim to be descendants of Muhammad ibn Aqil, son of Aqeel ibn Abi Talib. Aqeel ibn Abi Talib was the second of four sons of Abu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib, who was the uncle and protector of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. Abu Talib during those early days was head of the Banu Hashim. The Darod have strong tribal relationships with the other Hashemites.

According to early Islamic books and Somali tradition, Muhammad ibn Aqil's descendant Abdirahman bin Isma'il al-Jabarti, a son of the Sufi sheikh of the Qadiriyyah Order, was born in Jabarta, northeastern Somalia in either the 9th or 10th centuries AD, where he took the daughter of the Dir chief as his wife.
The Darod were supporters of Imam Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi during his 16th century conquest of Ethiopia, especially the Geri, Marehan, Yabarre, Harti, Bartire sub-clans, who fought at the Battle of Shimbra Kure and many others .

Darod is the son of the famous Sufi Sheikh, Ismail bin Ibrahim Al-Jabarti, who is believed to have been born in Arabia. He is considered by almost all Darod Somalis to be descended from the Bani Hashim.

According to the book Aqeeliyoon, his lineage is: Abdirahmaan Bin Ismaa'iil Bin Ibraahim Bin Abdirahmaan Bin Muhammed Bin Abdi Samad Bin Hanbal Bin Mahdi Bin Ahmed Bin Abdallah Bin Muhammed Bin Aqil Bin Abu-Talib Bin Abdul-Mutalib Bin Hashim.

Sons of Daarood
Darod had five sons

Muhammad bin Abdirahman: Kablalax Daarood
Ahmed bin Abdirahman: Sade Daarood
Hussien bin Abdirahman: Tanade Daarood
Yousuf bin Abdirahman: Awrtable Daarood
Eissa bin Abdirahman: Ciise Daarood

Daarood's resting place
Daarood is buried in an old town called Haylaan near Badhan in the north-eastern Sanaag region of Somalia. His wife Doombira is buried just outside of the town.

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