Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Royal Bimaal Sultanat of Merca

The Biimaal ( Gaadsan, Ismiin, Da’ud and Sa’ad) are a Somali ethnic group of about 1 million people who live mainly in the province of lower Shabelle, lower Jubba, Bakool and Gedo, large numbers also live in Kenya and Ethiopia. Their language, is Somalia, is a Hamatic language; more specifically, similar to the Arabic. The Biimaal Kingdom played a major role in Somali History during the 18th and 19th centuries. Under Italian colony, Biimaal people opposed against the invaders and severely fought against Italian troops. During that time thousands Biimalis lost their life to stop invaders to touch our soil. Today, they are the most numerous ethnic group in Somalia, settling the most populated area from Mogadishu to kismayo and as mentioned above in Gedo and Bakool region. However, they are not armed, not even ready to involve in this civil war. Origins The Biimaal were originally a major clan in what is today lower Shabelle, lower Jubba, Bakool and Gedo, founded. 1400-1900 Biimaal kingdoms were having a good trading with Arabs particularly Omanian and Yemenis. In the interpretation of Biimaal name is means Bin malik, which other cajami people named him Biimaal. Some people assume that the meaning of the name is water user, which is not close to the fact because Biimal has other Arabic name as I mentioned above. At that time, the land of Biimaal was occupied by many other tribes and clans during the civil war. Daarood tribes had migrated down Jubbaland in early time when they fled from the droughts in their lands and settled Biimalis lands and because the previous Darood president they planted their roots in biimalis land. Habargidir of Hawiye subclan also decided to claim lower shabelle, trying to settling every small village, but the complication faced them was that if three hundred thousands people how you can displace two million people. That mission has failed In 1900-1907, the Italian leaders tried many times to negotiate a land deal with Bimal king. In 1905 about 2000 Bimalis and 1000 Italian soldiers were killed when they attempted to destroy these obstacles against Italian interests which caused many Italian lives before. Though many biimalis armies got killed they still dominated to protect Somali shore. After a long bloody battle, the Italian leader sleeked alliance with other Somali tribes which finally destroyed Bimalis forces.

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Salaama Calaykum. I'd like to know a bit more about the Biimaal Kingdom. Do you know any of the Suldaans names?

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