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National endowment for Democracy waa hay'ada mareykan ah oo lagu eedeeyo mararka qaarkood waxa ay la shageysaa sir-doonka mareykanka ama CIA meelaha ay la dagalamayaan ururo ama dowlado. Inta badan waxa ay aad u cawiyaan ururada u dagalama Demoqrasiyada, xuquuqal Insaanka, ama danah reer galbeedka bal fiiri ururada ay somalia ka cawiyeen

Banadir Radio
To broadcast a series of radio programs that will raise awareness of democracy, human rights, and women’s rights in Mogadishu. Banadir Radio will also implement joint programs with civil society groups to promote activities focusing on peace and invite activists to participate in debate and talk show programs.

Dr. Ismail Jumale Human Rights Organization
To continue to play an active role in the Eldoret peace negotiations and to conduct three human rights training workshops, which will be tailored to various participant groups—including police officers, primary school teachers, and youth—and designed to strengthen their awareness of human rights. The organization will also continue its investigation and documentation of human rights abuses and combine its findings into regional reports, which will be made available to the public.

HornAfrik Media
To conduct training for twenty journalists with the help of journalism instructors and human rights experts. The trained journalists will produce documentaries on human rights issues, women’s rights, and democracy and related issues, as well as produce six call-in shows focusing on human rights, democracy, and women’s issues. HornAfrik will also publish 1,000 copies of a reference book based on the issues studied in the classes.

Horn of Africa Relief and Development Organization
To undertake youth training at Pastoral Youth Learning (PYL) Centers in six villages in Sanaag, Somalia. Training will follow the PYL curriculum, which focuses on peace and responsible community leadership, resource management, human health, and animal health. After the training, the youth trainees will visit pastoral communities to research local governance systems, natural resource management, and development challenges before cooperatively carrying out a small-community development project throughout the year.

Somali Journalists Network
To conduct two sets of training workshops to improve the standards of Somali journalists. The first workshop will address conflict reporting and conflict resolution, while the second will focus on journalist safety.


Consortium of Somaliland NGOs (COSONGO)
To conduct four civic education training workshops for participants from local NGOs, community-based NGOs, and village elders and to produce and disseminate follow-up reports. In addition, COSONGO will produce a Somali-language version of its monthly newsletter, currently published in English.

HAWO Group
To promote democracy and women’s rights among grassroots women’s organizations through a series of trainings for the women in the Sool and Sanaag regions. Workshops will focus on organization capacity building, training-of-trainers on human rights in the media, the need to respect human rights in daily law enforcement functions, and the importance of women(s rights. HAWO will also produce a monthly radio program on democracy, human rights and good governance that will target a grassroots women audience.

Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee
To continue its civic education campaign aimed at youth through the use of its traveling circus. The program features acrobats and street theater as tools to disseminate civic education messages. To increase participation of youth in political decision-making, the Committee will also produce booklets and leaflets on good governance and democracy and organize a series of youth workshops and symposiums.

Nagaad Umbrella Organization
To organize a series of training workshops to address women’s rights and participation in political decision-making, including one workshop with participants from neighboring countries and one with male politicians and religious leaders. Participants from a training-of-trainers workshop will campaign for women candidates and promote women’s rights in the upcoming parliamentary elections. To promote women’s rights and democracy through civic education programs, such as television projects, songs, and poetry.

To conduct human rights seminars and training workshops and to publish its monthly human rights newsletter, including three English-language supplements. For Somaliland’s upcoming national elections, Samo-Talis will conduct voter education; provide advice to political parties on free, peaceful, and ethical participation in the elections; consult with electoral commission staff; and provide election monitoring.


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Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CDHR)
To advocate for and increase awareness of fundamental human rights and democratic processes in Somalia. CDHR will hold a series of four, 3-day workshops in Mogadishu on democratic institution building, democracy and legitimacy, human rights and conflict transformation. CDHR will also convene two roundtable meetings to conduct stakeholder analyses, identifying power centers and interests, importance and influence, networks and coalitions, and natural resource management of the various stakeholders concerned with good governance in Somalia.

Dr. Ismail Jumale Human Rights Organization
To strengthen the capacity of human rights organizations to investigate, document, and advocate against human rights abuses in all eight regions of Somalia. The organization will conduct a series of workshops on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, rights of internally displaced persons and guiding principles on internal displacement, and the role of the police in human rights protection.

Hiran Women Action on Advocacy for Peace and Human Rights (HIWA)
To increase the level of knowledge and support for human rights and democracy in the Hiran region of Somalia. HIWA will conduct a series of workshops in the Hiran region's capital, Beledweyn, that will engage women, elders, intellectuals, youth, artists, and religious leaders in discussions of human rights, the rights of women and children, democracy and good governance, and the rule of law.

International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)
To strengthen the sense of unity among journalists and build a coalition of interests to assert values of journalism and free expression. IFJ, with the support of the Somali Journalists Network (SOJON), will organize a conference of Somali journalists that will also serve as the SOJON General Assembly. A conference report will outline challenges facing Somali journalists and form the basis of future actions.

Radio Daljir
To promote community awareness of the impact of gender discrimination and to provide women with a venue for advocacy. Radio Daljir will create a Women's Desk to supplement its programming for the people of the Galkayo region of Somalia. The Desk will engage the local community in producing programming on gender discrimination, politics, female genital mutilation, and other forms of violence against women.

Somali Journalist Network (SOJON)
To increase the professionalism, capacity, and organization of journalists in Somalia to aid in the democratic transition. SOJON will train local journalists in the basics of journalism, professional ethics, collective bargaining, diversity, pluralism, and leadership skills. SOJON will also nominate journalists as National Press Freedom Protectors to monitor free press abuses.

Somali Peace Line
To hold a series of five workshops in Mogadishu promoting human rights and conflict resolution among traditional clan leaders. The human rights workshops will provide an introduction to characteristics and categories of human rights. The conflict resolution workshops will give an overview of the Somali conflict, provide tools of conflict analysis, compare traditional conflict resolution methods with modern techniques, and develop a framework for peace building.



Hargeisa Women Group Association (HAWO)
To mobilize the communities of Haraf and Jiidali to review existing community structures and promote women's involvement through a series of meetings and workshops. HAWO will conduct outreach and awareness meetings in addition to workshops on organizational development and management. In addition, HAWO will train Hargeisa school teachers to incorporate the principles of democracy, good governance, and human rights into their curricula.

Institute for Practical Research and Training in Somaliland (IPRT)
To increase the capacity and public accessibility of the Somaliland parliament. IPRT will continue publication of the Xog Warran, the official House of Representatives bulletin. IPRT will also work to increase the capacity of the library resource center in the House of Representatives; host a training workshop for the media to improve their access, skills, and knowledge of the legislature; and launch and maintain an official website for the Upper House of the Parliament to increase the public's access to the legislature.

Nagaad Umbrella Organization of Hargeisa Women NGOs
To mobilize political participation in grassroots communities and increase representation of women and minorities. Nagaad will hold trainings on democratic values for women's groups, youth groups, and teachers in all six regions. Nagaad will organize a grassroots mobilization campaign on voter education in the three months prior to parliamentary elections, and train newly-elected parliament members in leadership skills and good governance after the election.

National Election Commission (NEC)
To enable the seven-member National Electoral Commission to travel through Somaliland to identify polling stations and inform voters about the election process. Through two two-week trips, the Commission will hold consultations with community elders and other stakeholders to identify accessible polling stations. NEC will also hold public meetings to raise public awareness about the election process.

To raise public awareness of human rights through an advocacy campaign. Samo-Talis will lobby decision makers on human rights and will hold meetings for parliamentarians and traditional leaders. Samo-Talis will continue to publish 3,000 copies of its monthly human rights newsletter as an insert to an independent daily newspaper, and will also establish a public resource center equipped with Internet access, books, and periodicals.

Women Rehabilitation and Development Association (WORDA)
To conduct a civic education program in the Togdheer region of central Somaliland. WORDA will hold a series of four civic education training workshops on human rights, good governance, and democracy. WORDA will also conduct two awareness raising outreach campaigns in each of the five districts of Togdheer using easily understandable messages and community theater.

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