Saturday, September 22, 2012


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Qamar was born on 19 September 1957 in a small village outside of Mogadishu, the capital city ofSomalia. She was the third of 11 children. She spent her childhood in Mogadishu, whereshe also went to school and graduated from college. Qamar subsequently moved abroad to East Germany to study political science, and later studied law in England. She eventually graduated as a lawyer and became a British citizen. In the mid-1990s, Qamar returned to her native Somalia, where she later joined the nation's Transitional Federal Government. From 2007 until her death, she served as the national Minister of Health.

WHO: Somali attack a blow to country’s health system.

Somalia’s Minister of Health, Dr. Qamar Aden Ali, was among those killed in Thursday’s terrorist attack in Mogadishu.

Dr. Qamar Aden Ali

The World Health Organization (WHO) called the attack a tragic blow to the nation’s medical fraternity. Marthe Everard, WHO’s representative for Somalia, told UN Radio that Dr. Qamar Aden Ali, a lawyer by profession, was a tireless advocate for health in Somalia: “She has focused on public health especially for Mogadishu. She was very much concerned about the situation in the Hospitals and the continuous problems they face of course as the emergency is a daily basis and people shot, people wounded so it’s all the time that she was very concerned that the supplies were there, that the doctors could do their job.” The attack occurred during a ceremony for medical students graduating from Banadir University, a teaching institution training Somalis to provide healthcare to their fellow citizens suffering from decades of humanitarian crisis. WHO, which has been supporting the training of medical students at the university, says the attack serves only to reinforce WHO’s commitment to alleviating the country’s health crisis and supporting those determined to improve health care.

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