Monday, November 12, 2012

African Fashion Cloths with Class

Dashiki is one of traditional african men’s outfit which has become a trend as african attire. The dashiki was initially patented as a traditional west african men’s wear but nowadays, not only african men wear the dashiki. If you are not familiar with dashiki,here are some pictures which can ease you to figure them out.

Dashiki is a colorful fabric with an embroidered V shaped collar and the embroidered sleeves which is available for formal and informal designs. African men usually combine the dashiki with a kufi or African cap and a sokoto which is known as the drawstring pants while the informal dashiki design has a traditional print either on the sleeves and V neck.
Then, for the african women’s attire,there is an outwear called kaftan. Kaftan is a loose flowing colorful dress for african women. It is also embroidered on the neck and sleeves. Most Kaftans are made of cotton, silk, lace with colorful prints and brocade. You can also find some Kaftans with beads, amulets, and mirrors to make them more beautiful. Tauregs of Africa has introduced the new tie- kaftan design which signifying fertility.
African Linen LI0034
African Linen for men set Li0039
African Linen For Men LI0035
African Linen LI030
African Traditional men linen
Traditional print Skirt set
African Kente Design Skirt & Blouse K002
African Kente Design Skirt & Blouse
African Kente Design Skirt & Blouse
African Kente Design Skirt & Blouse
African Traditional Dashiki Print design


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