Monday, November 12, 2012

Kuulaha cunaabiga cambarka -Somali- Koranic Amulet-Somali amber necklace

Kuulaha cunaabiga cambarka somalia waa laga dhameeyay sababta oo ah cunaabigii hore ee miyi iyo magaalo yaalay markuu duugoobo waxaa aad looga qimeeya dunida oo idil siiba wadamada carabah. Waxaa dhacday ganacsatada in ay miyi iyo magaalo soo uruuriyeen oo ay doofiyeen 

Somali- Koranic Amulet-Somali amber necklace with intermittent carved sandalwood beads Sold $471.50
African necklace
African jewelry
Berber men give to their wives at marriage an amber necklace, then the women will wear afterwards on special occasions.

Amber necklace represents a significant part of a Somali woman's dowry, prized for its color and magical healing properties.

Description of the components of the necklace
Silver prayer bead, Islamic origin, from a "musbaha", Ethiopia 1900.
Silver Charm, Yemen 1900.
Precious dark Amber from Sudan. Amber has been the favorite material for jewelry throughout History for all cultures. It has been given some magic and healing powers.
Silver cage bead, Yemen 1900.

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