Saturday, February 11, 2012


This is believed to be the genealogy of Tumaal
1. Cusman ( Reer Cusman)
2. Oisse Adde
3. Cumar
4. Warabeeye
5. Galgalo
6. Reer Cumbuure
7. Reer iidle
This is believed to be the genealogy of Yahar clan
Reer Dhulow
Reer Abiikar
Reer Aden
Reer Mohamed
The genealogy of Muse – Deryo
Muse Deryo
Ali Osman
The following genealogy might explain clan organization of Madhiban
Mohamed (Madhiban)
Mahad Mohamed
Hufane Mohamed
Arsade Mohamed
Hildid Mohamed
Kheyr Mohamed
Adan Mohamed
Kulber Mohamed
Hussein Mohamed
Liban Mohamed
Daud Mohamed
Horogle Mohamed
Farah Mohamed
This is believed to be the genealogy of Yibir Clan
Rer Beli
(are found in Ogaden)
Rer Malekhal
(Central Somalia)
Yibir Gudud
(North Somalia)
(North & Djibouti)
Rer Gedidery
(Majirtinia & North)
Mohamed Hanif Yibir
• Musa
• Ayub
• Gedi
• Anjid
• Jama


Anonymous said...

We elders of the Wareebeya clan hereby clearly declare that we are not from the Tumaal tribe as you posted in this blogger page.We descend from Dhulbahante tribe especially the Hayaag clan Reee ABokor

Guuled said...
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Guuled said...

History is important, it is very important not to covert as it is, but I see this page many mistake, someone connected unrelated Somali clans, all these clans have not the same lineage, so I am advising not to make formal history, or real Somali history. They have the same problems, but they have not as I informed the same lineage.

Guuled said...

We, the Muse (Deria) elders declaring that we do not have any lineage related issue all these Somali clans. We are Dir, Muse Madobe, and Deria is nick name, it means courageous. So, our elders don't tell the story on this page which is untrue. If someone is collecting clans having the same problems that is another case. So, find true story and publish next.

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