Monday, April 9, 2012

Abdi SinimoSomali singer and songwriter who established the balwo musical style.

Abdi Sinimo

Cabdi Deeqsi Warfaa, more widely known as Abdi Sinimo or Abdi Sinimoo, is a Somali singer and songwriter who established the balwo musical style.[1][2] He was born in the 1920s in Jaarahorato, a historical village 25 miles (16km) north-east of Boorama. He was the fourth son in a family of eighteen children, 9 boys and 9 girls.

The first band he created was in Borama during 1944 and it was called Balwo. Members of his band were:-

• Cabdi Deeqsi Warfaa (Abdi Sinimoo)

• Koobali Caashaad

• Hussen Aare Meecaad

• Xaashi Warsame

• Khadiija Ciye Dharaar (Khadiija Balwo)

• Nuuriya Catiiq


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