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WAR :Marehan subclans of Hawarsame, Rer Hasan and Habar Ya'qub, which dominate Gedo, against the subclans of the Ali Dheere and Rer Ahmad,

WAR :Marehan subclans of Hawarsame, Rer Hasan and Habar Ya'qub, which dominate Gedo, against the subclans of the Ali Dheere and Rer Ahmad,


Update : 03.06.2004

Nearly 60 killed, thousands displaced in Bulo Hawa clashes

03. June 2004

Nearly 60 people have been killed in clashes between rival clans in the southwestern town of Bulo Hawa, humanitarian sources said. About 2,500 families had been displaced in and around the town while another 2,000 people had fled to Mandera in neighbouring Kenya, they added. Relief workers in Bulo Hawa, Gedo Region, told IRIN by telephone that the latest round of fighting, which took place on Tuesday, was "a continuation of tension between rival clans that had built [up] since May" over control of the local administration.

One of the sources said local NGOs were planning to conduct an assessment of the situation together with local authorities, but could not immediately ascertain the number of those injured. "The death toll as of yesterday was 59, while 52 people have been admitted in hospitals and 24 are in a private compound," the source told IRIN on Thursday. The latest fighting pitted an alliance of the Marehan subclans of Hawarsame, Rer Hasan and Habar Ya'qub, which dominate Gedo, against the subclans of the Ali Dheere and Rer Ahmad, the sources told IRIN.

OCHA-Somalia, which called meetings of various humanitarian agencies and NGOs to discuss how to send help to the displaced and injured, said tension had remained high in the region, although the latest clashes had died down. "It is a very complicated situation. It is still very tense and we would not be surprised if clashes broke out again anytime," Calum McLean, the head of the OCHA office in Somalia, told IRIN on Thursday. "Nothing has been resolved so far."



Hawrarsame Alert

Hawrarsame suffer from clashes which killed more than 100 in SW-SOMALIA


Dear Sir/s.

On behalf of local residents of Bula-Hawa, who have been displaced to the outskirts of the town
and towards the border location of the BP1 area inside Kenya, we hereby like to officially request
your honourable officers that our Hawrarsame communities experienced unforgettable, harrowing
difficulties and problems done by cruel and ruthless religous Al-Itihad-extremists, the Jubba Valley
Alliance and the Abdi-Qasim (TNG) groups.

We are a caste and a discriminated community living in Bula-Hawa district and the surrounding
villages. The fighting erupted in the town on 8th of May 2004, after killing of the Hawrasame businessman named Diriye Ibrahim Khalid in an argument over the control of the town, those groups launched a well coordinated attack against our existence and presence on the ground and they mercilessly shelled innocent civilians and burned hundreds of houses, shops, restaurants, pharmaceutical outlets, milling machines etc. and committed a total economic sabotage.

As we are isolated, discriminated and disdained communities, who don’t share inter-marriage culture among the Marehan communities, we suffered such tragic events done by Marehan sub clans and external extremists supporting them.

Therefore, we are appealing to you to save the lives of thousands of vulnerable Hawrasame people displaced to the border town of Mandhera-Kenya, and outskirts of Bula-hawa town whereby their houses and business locations were deliberately set a fire. We are requesting immediate assistance and help to those effected the fighting.

We are also appealing that those responsible e.g. for burning a house with seven children inside, destroying our properties and causing water-wells to collapse, to brought justice.

The people of the Hawrasame clan are the target now, and we need the international community to ensure the safety of our people and our existence, since there is a clear danger of ethnic cleansing and genocide as happened Rwanda in 1994.


The author is a member of this community and is known to ECOTERRA, but requested:

"Telling the truth causes a big threat against my life The HAWRARSAME do need to publicise the atrocities committed by these agressors, but please don't mention my name. Thank you for your continued support that you always provide for marginalized comunities."


May 10, 2004

War baxin ku saabsan xalada b xaawo ee maanta iyo masawiradii qasaarihii dhacay oo dhan

Burburkii qeyb magaalada ka tirsan oo uu dab qabsaday May 8, 2004, kaddib markii ay halkaas ku dagaalameen kooxo maleeshiyo ah oo labadaba ka tirsan Garabka SNF/SRRC ee uu hogaamiyo Maxamuud Sayid Aden

Xaafad Magaalada Beled Xaawo ka tirsan oo dab la qabadsiiyay May 8, 2004

Isbitaalka Beled-Xaawo oo ay ka muuqato qasaare balaaran kaddib markii halkaas May 8, 2004 ay ku dagaalameen laba Maleeshisho oo labadaba ka tirsan Garabka SNF/SRRC

Sida la wada ogyahay maalmahan waxaa degmada Beled-Xaawo ka jiray dagaalo ay isaga soo horjedaan ururka SNF/SRRC ee gobalka Gedo. Dagaaladii ka dhacay B/xaawo 8dii may, 2004, waxay geysteen qasaarooyin naf iyo maalba leh. Wararka qaar waxay sheegayaan in geerida ay gaareyso 13, dhawacana 14 guud ahaan ee labada dhinacba. Inta hadda la ogyahay khasaaraha xagga maalka ee dagaalku geeystay waxaa ka mid ah suuqii weynaa ee loo yiqiinay farjanno ama Cali Timacadde iyo xaafad ka mid ah magaalada oo dab la qabadsiiyay iyo isbitaalkii weynaa ee magaalada oo la bililqaystay waxaana arrinkaas lagu eedeynayaa maleeshiyada magaalada qabsatay. Dhinaca kale, waxaa socda dadaalo ay odayaasha wadaan oo la doonayo in lagu soo celiyo qalabkii la boobay oo dhan. Guud ahaan amniga magaalada ayaan weli fiicnayn, cabsi
dagaal oo mar kale soo noqotana waa laga baqayaa, dadweynaha weli waxay wadaan qaxii kalsooni darro jirto awgeed.

Fiiro gaar ah: Warbixinta kor ku qoran waxaa Allgedo soo gaarsiiyay Cabdullahi Kaalmoy iyo Shire Coley oo labaduba ku sugan Magaalada Beled-Xaawo, halka uu masawiradana noo soo gudbiyay Mohamed Hussein oo ku sugan Magaalada Nairobi, Kenya.

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