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The Suure Dir and Quraish descent beliefs

Aqeel ibn Abu Talib. Aqeel ibn Abu Talib

The Suure Dir and Quraish descent beliefs

The Somali clans sometimes claim Arab descent with substantial history or knowlegable account. The common theory of the Suure Mahe Dir is that the Ashaab or followers of Prophet S.A..W migrated from Jiddah to Djabouti coast in what is known as the First Hijra and Islaamic traditions say over 80 ashaabis and khallif Uthman and a daughter of the prophet came to the Horn or Africa and gave birth to descendent of Dir and Samaale clans in general. This account and who were the ashaabis who came is given.

Dir claim to be descendants of Muhammad ibn Aqil, the son of Aqeel ibn Abu Talib. Aqeel ibn Abu Talib was second of four sons of Abu Talib ibn ‘Abdu’l-Muttalib, who was the uncle and protector of prophet Muhammad, head of the Banu Hashim. They have a strong tribal relationship with the other Hashemites.

700 AD 1st Hijra : Quraish Ancestory of Dir Aji Samaale HIIL

Some aspects of Islam in Africa‎ - Page 31

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That first Hijra to Ethiopia was of great significance to the new faith and to

the beleaguered community of the early Meccan Muslims. ...

biographer Ibnu Hisham describes christian king Sirat Rasul mentions 33 companions of SAW who come to the horn *84 males and children and women Uthman ibnu Affan 3rd Caliph and SAW's son in law Ruquyya daughter SAW Abdul Rahman Bin Awf Zubeyr Bin Al awwam and Gafar Bin Abi Talib(read suratal Maryam 19 and his wife sahla Amar and khalid sons of said bin al As Abu Hudayfa b Uthman mazum his wife sahla wife Umm Salama bint Abi Umaayya all three amoung ten who were promised heaven

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