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Dir Origins and the Kushitic roots

Dir Origins and the Kushitic roots


In the begining Waako sent down what you would call (Aado) or the proper way to live. That was in the begining that according to ancient and oldest memories of the blood Dir race can remember. This aado which the Dir claimed to be God sent from the Heavens (waaqal daruurad) entitled the Dir to claim the privilage of being Waaqle's choosen people (The Aji) who had the Heer and Ado from up above (Guuto) Guudka. Note Aji named His son Dhiire( The man or the Bold one) Dir the per excellent ancestor or simply "Dirkii" Firkii or the manly ancestor. This ancient Diire ancestors come from the West and entered Somalia. Fathering Madoobe, madanluug, maahe and Madaxweyn. Our roots are with the Kushitic people, and the rulers of these ancient Dir were called the "Rooble" they were fierce worriors who one could not look in the eyes il- Kulule""they were refered to. There culture was based on "Garta Waaq"or wisdom that the true monothesistic sky- God had inspired with their forefathers. Latter the Dir name would give the ancient somalis the names Diiriye, Dirir, Dhiiri(Bold ones) and the northren Pole star (Diriir afqoyso) was named and believed to determine the AAyo (Ayaanka) the luck of the race. These anceint Dir proto-types fathered all somali cultures. Latter the Darood and Hawiyes followed their footsteps. The whole ancient somali culture can be traced back into Ethiopia and Northren Kenya and believe me the line between Oromo-Somali or Afar is hard to draw. You will see the Oromos believed in Waako and today many somalis like the: Dir (Sinjiwaaq, Gacalwaaq) Darood (Jid waaq, DagalWaaq, SiwaaqRoon clans) Hawiye (Waaqle, Waaqtiire) Point to our old African History and if you trace the ancient Dir influence on the Oromo whose name for a worrior is Diire or Diraa, who use the Dir terms for war like: Loola (war) Aba Duula Gobanimo Guuto ( Full) Guluf you will see the deep and rich past of the Somaalis and the illustrious history of the Dir and trust me we wouldn't be spaculating the true origins of the Jarso or the Noole who Dir who became lost in the great Oromo invasion of Harrar in the time of Gureey. Guul Dir

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Though we are proud to be Muslims, we should dispel the notion that Somalis came from Arabs. Some clans even trace their roots to prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) tribe. My clan is guilty of that. I can only speak for Sheikh Issa and Sheikh Ishaaq, their clansmen claim to be from Arabia. We do have mixture of Middle-Eastern and North African blood as proven now by DNA, but to conclude that we are descendant of prophet Mohammed is preposterous. We have more commonality with the Oromos, just look at some of the words and numbers between our two peoples. They almost sound identical.

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