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The Jubbaland conflict involves almost all the Somali clans, since each and every Somali clan claims at least at partial ownership of Kismayu or the
Lower Jubba region. Kismayu is the capital city of the Lower Jubba region,which itself consists of five main districts: Kismayu, Jamama, Afmadou,Badhadhe and Hagar. Historically the Ogaden and Marehan clans took over Kismayu from the Galla tribe (a mixture of Borana/Oromo and Wardey). The traditional Ogaden elders claim they captured Kismayu from the Galla tribe with the help of their Marehan counterparts, while the traditional Marehan elders claim they were the first who crossed the Jubba River and who captured the region from the Galla. The Majerten clan elders argue that the Harti clan lived in the region for more than a century making the Lower Jubba region and Kismayu in particular a place to which each and every Somali clan
claims at least a partial ownership.

Other clans in the area are the Harti sub-clan of the Dulbahante, the Bartire of Absame, and a group of other minority sub-clans mainly from the Hawiye clan: Doqondide, Shekhal, and Galjecel. In Kismayu there are many other Hawiye clans such as the Habar Gidir and Hawadle, and non-Somalis like Bajunis, Brawas, Arabs and Swahilis who all claim that the town has
been captured from them.


Anonymous said...

it is true that galla/oromo/boran owned the lower juba however they didn't settle kismaayo. the only people who settled kismaayo bajun, oji and some waswahili speaking like the mashunguli. the first somali speaking group who settle first in the rural area was the gaaljecel especially the doqondiide branch. the forced oroma/wardey(galla) out of the region with the help of their partner clan dogoodiye. they both share the saransoor ancestry. the ogaden especially the birtire came from ogaden region through north of kenya and later joined the gaaljecel clan. the ogaden and dogodiye later moved to northeast of kenya pushing the wardey, oromo, the garre(gurrah) further west. however the galjecel and the birtire clan remained in the kismaayo region because they were rich in livestock like camel, cattle etc. now the majerten(harti), came during the colonial period while coloborating with the italian and settle in the city though they looked more civilized than the other somali tribes and they intermarried with the bajun tribes etc. the marehan just came after 1969 when the dictator siad barre took over the control. because he wented to control the somali people through land, manpower etc. the first people galjecel especially the doqondiide branch they later called the doorwaqe and dirisame subclans and the doqodiye which moved to further north to kenya.the shekal biyomaal, awrmale etc joined just after the the gaaljecel-doqoodiye clan. and by the way gaaljecel communnity are not minority they far larger than the marehan .

Anonymous said...

Don't spread lies here. Wardeey were fighting among the ogaden to displace the Galla, and later on harti came. This other tribes came later, especially the hawiyes. Bajuni were also there. The history of jubaland tribes is available in the british library achives and also on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Lies if warday was fighting among ogaden to force what you call galla,then who is galla.

Anonymous said...

If warday was fighting among ogaden to force peole you named galla out of wama land. Then who is warday¿

Unknown said...

Wardey is dir & kismayu belongs to us not Darood gaalijeecel or any other clan wardey is diree the name womo comes from wardey kings also wardey were the first people too live in Jubba hossee womo wardey are much larger than most of the diree clans

Ahmed said...
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