Sunday, May 15, 2011


Elayo old buildings and Las Qorey Karin Hegane animal paintings inscriptions of unknown writings between the paintings deciphered to be 2500 years old

Wadi Valley Mudun ancient ruines of a substantial town settelment with 3 huge mosques and 2000 tombs qabuuro.

Baladi Valley near Bossasso on the north coast 3 km long extraordinary earthworks said by the natives to be a grave.

half way between Iskushuban and Gardo Arie valley once was large town with thick walled constructions

Goan Bogame in Las Canood area 200 buildings Xamarweyne style

Golharfo 25 Km East of Hudun pictures of weapons, animals, and household paintings

Somali Poet: Afqalooc Moogahan ogayn qasuurtuu ka dhisay madigaan Daryaale

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