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The fatuh al Habash mentions the Habar Magadle (Maha Dir) by name as one group which Gureey try to draw into his camp.Nevertheless, the Habar Awal and Habar Yonis joined the Gurey jihaad. For Example, the Makaahil of the Habar Awal was the son of an Amhara princesse who was broght back to Somali by a Habar Awal worrior. The Amhara princes asked her captor one favour which to name the first son. After she bore the son she named him Makahil "Micheal" the angel. As a matter of fact many Mahe Dir like the Habar xabuush or Habar Jeclo were also named in such a case. According to the Fatuh Al Habash, "the fierce and rebellious Isaaq, Issas, and Afar clans who lived close to these groups and was know as "Oda Cali" caused Guurey many problems because as soon as the attacked the Habash enemies and gained some booty they would return to their territorie this angered Imam Ahmed who wanted a displined army. Ali and Mataan a brothers in-law of Gurey and Ahmed Nuur a knephew or Gurey, who later married Gurey's wife Batiyo Delwambero(Dawmbiro). It is interesting to not The name Dalwambero. It is no accidental it sounds like Dombiro. The Darood Somali clans under Imam Ahmed Gurey where led by another Garad who was know as Guuray and he was married to Delwambera's sister Mardiya. It was at this period that the Madaxweyn Dir enlisted the Yabbare, Geeri, and Harla, also it was at this juncture of history that the Darood confuse history. 1) The Darood confuse to distinct persons. Namely, Imam Ahmed Ibrahim Ghazali Aragsame the proper Ahmed Guray and the Garad Gurey who led the Darood armies. After centuries they think that their Garad whose name is mentioned in the Fatuh Al Habash as Guray is the same as Ahmed Gurey. So the legacy of Axmed Gurey is not limited to the Gababuursi or Ciisa or Gurgure but as touched all Somalis. Ninkii kugu yiraahda Isaaq Dir maha waxad tustaa Afar Masalo: 1)Gabeygii Guba oo Habar Yoonis Ugaskoodi leeyahay Idoor waa dire hadey Duulan soo kicis dhageysii. 2) Arabka Isaaq usheeg inuu dhalay Saciid Dhulbahante oo Saladiintoodu Bah Dir ku noqdaan Muse Carre. 3) Majeerteenka markuu Bah Dir sheegto in uu Isaaqnimo un kuso Gali Damal Muuse ( Bah Dir Rooble Traditional polities library of Congress BAH DIR Muqdisho

The Dir history in Iman Samaroons era- meaning of Gadabursi and Gurgure Container: The History of the Dir People. Submitted By: Guest Imam Samaroon Said alle ha unaxriisto 1432 AD when the Amhara cruseaders conquered Somali, Iman Said was the muslim leader who led the Madanluug Dir and when the imam was later fighting in the Westren flank of the Guurey army he was injured at dardarley. The name Gadabuursi was given to his descendents at the last critical moment before he made a final stand to the Amhara at the mandaluug ancestral homeland of Amuud which was destroyed over 50,000 homes where excuvated recently and the place was leveled with the ground 10, 000 thousands perished. The Magadle Dir was completely annilated except for the 10,000 or saw that survive in Cerigaabo. The Madoobe Dir installed a Madaxweyn Dir dynasty The Wardiiq who was the ruling remenants of the Madaxeyn. Madigan, Gurgure and the Barsuug Dir fled west and were encirled by the Oromos- Many assimilated and the union formed a half cast Jarso. The Isaaq Dir reconstituted as Maxamed (Axmed Xiniftire) new Habar alliences formed the Nacadoor,Mikidoor,Nabidoor and the Idoor all disappeared. The name Gaada Biirsay means The one who collected the army or "chests" the name refered to the desparate effort of imam Samaroon Said to collect and muster the power of his kinsman against the infidels. Gaado means shafka ama xabadka (gaada ha i saarin oo kale. Gaadsan the westren Dir 's name means the one with the army or good chest litraray. The Gadabuursi latter suffered a davastating defeat and actually the present day Amuud which has a old cementary called Lafaruug was destroyed by the Amhara King. Also note it was this period that the King Shihad a Diin buried in Zailac Island was killed. The Gudabuursi Dir and Modoobe Dir never recovered from these davastating blows. The Madaluug in Southren Somalia and the Biyamaal as well as The Fiq's Suure all point their Southren movement from Amuud region in the 1600's during the Axmed Guurey era. The Suure Dir who are as a matter of fact still in Hauda region and whom refer them self's as Fiqi's where the Her or sheikh associated with Awbarre/Buube/ Yusuf Barkad kowniin students who entered Mudug region at the time when the Ajuuran ruled at mereg and some served as Imams under one malakh Gareenow Xaasey. The Suure Fiqi's, Biyamaal, Guure, and the Badimaal all entered the south. The Biyamal claim to have entered the Banadir area, a name meaning beynka direeb, in 1700's. The Gurgure/Akisho cluster and reminders of Madaxweyn Dir conquered the Dira Dhabe " meeshu Diri Dhabe" ama waranka ka taagay. The Gurgure which is not their real name (Gurgure means trader hence the word Gorgortan - to bargain) (Posted by guest: Sahal)

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