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This is believed to be the genealogy of Tumaal
1. Cusman ( Reer Cusman)
2. Oisse Adde
3. Cumar
4. Warabeeye
5. Galgalo
6. Reer Cumbuure
7. Reer iidle

This is believed to be the genealogy of Yahar clan

Reer Dhulow
Reer Abiikar
Reer Aden
Reer Mohamed

The genealogy of Muse – Deryo

Muse Deryo

Ali Osman

The following genealogy might explain clan organization of Madhiban

Mohamed (Madhiban)
Mahad Mohamed
Hufane Mohamed
Arsade Mohamed
Hildid Mohamed
Kheyr Mohamed
Adan Mohamed
Kulber Mohamed
Hussein Mohamed
Liban Mohamed
Daud Mohamed
Horogle Mohamed
Farah Mohamed

This is believed to be the genealogy of Yibir Clan
Rer Beli
(are found in Ogaden)
Rer Malekhal
(Central Somalia)
Yibir Gudud
(North Somalia)
(North & Djibouti)
Rer Gedidery
(Majirtinia & North)

Mohamed Hanif Yibir
• Musa
• Ayub
• Gedi
• Anjid
• Jama
Source: Oral History told by Somali elders.

Title: [SW Analysis](WriteNet) REPORT FROM PROF. K. MENKHAUS

For example, the Galgala have assimilated into the Abgal in Jowhar and Mogadishu. However, they identify themselves as Nuh Mohamud, a sub clan of the Majerteen clan. Some Gaboye, Tumal and Yibir assimilated into the Isaaq in Somaliland, while others have assimilated into the Darod in Puntland and central regions. There are also other Gaboye, Tumal and Yibir who assimilated with Hawadle, Murasade and Marehan clans in Galgadud region.

Peoples on the move: introducing the nomads of the world - Page 218David J. Phillips - 2001 - 488 pages - Preview

The Midgan believe they are descended from the Somali Hawiye or Dir clan. But they are indistinguishable from the Somalis because they often call themselves by the name of the clan to which they are attached or by their own lineage name.

Peoples of the Horn of Africa: Somali, Afar and Saho I. M. Lewis - 1998 - 228 pages -

According to Kirk,68 the Tumal are said to be descended from Hayak, a son of Darod, and to have become degraded only through intermarriage with Midgan and Yibir ; this tradition of Somali origin debased by intermarriage with sab runs ...

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