Sunday, May 15, 2011

GADSAN DIR AND MACLIN WEYNE WARS Karaban village in Luuq district

Karaban village in Luuq district

There have also been reports of about 1000 Somali families crossing into Ethiopia (Barey District) on 19 September. They fled from Karaban village in Luuq district (Somalia) due to fighting over land ownership between the two clans: Gadsan (Dir) and Mo’alin Weyne (Rahanweyn). Further, almost 100 people a month are reported to be arriving in Sudan from Somalia traveling from Galkayo via Ethiopia into Sudan over a period of one and a half months.


Anonymous said...

I did not know that the DIR clan has such an immense geographical locations. Please let us know more about other DIR clans especially in southern Somalia and far SE part of Ethiopia. I am familiar with the DIR clans of north Somalia and Dira-Dhaba, Shinile Zone but lack knowledge of the DIR outside of these regions.

We would like to know how to help for those of us fortunate to live in Djibouti, Dira-Dhaba, north Somalia how we could help our DIR brothers and sisters facing difficulties in south Somalia and extreme SE Ethiopia. Please post here any information to alleviate their problems. I thank you.

DIRSAME said...

Thanks For your comment and concern of Wellbeing of the Dir. On exact locations of the Southern Dir please Browse this site there are many Dir Groups in The Central Somalia mostly Suure (Cabdaale and Qubeys of Galgaduud, Mudug, and Bari regions. Moreover, the Dir Inhabit South of Mogadisho all th way to Jamaame and near Kismayo. The Dir a very numerous in Gedo,Doolow area in Goomey,Rabdhura, Doolow ado. In Southern Ethiopia you have the Guure,Gadsan, Dabruube, Gariire, Suure (Cabdalle and Qubeys) Madaluug

Anonymous said...

To DirSame,

Thank you for the information. As a Dir myself (Issa), I would like to form stronger ties between all the Dir clans in the Horn of Africa and beyond. You hear about the Darood and Hawiye organizations throughout the Diaspora but hardly anything structural or functional pertaining to the Dir-your site seems to be the exception. Keep up the good work! May all Dir descendants prosper. May Allah guide us all to the righteous path.

If there are any organizations out there in the Diaspora relating to the Dir concerns and aspirations, I would like to be a member and contributor.

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