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Habar Yoonis
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The Habar Yoonis (Somali: Habaryoonis) is a Somali clan, part of the larger Isaaq group. Habar is the maternal grouping in the Somali tribal segmentations. Said Garxajis married, from the Daarood sub-clan, Geri Koombe (Aba-Yoonis). The most numerous Said Garxajis are from his Daarood (Aba-Yoonis) wife and hence the maternal segment's name. The clan includes Eidegalla, Arap and Ayoup of the Isaaq clan. Also included in Habar Yoonis is the Eliye of the Issa clan, and finally the Harti sub-clan of the Abgaal and Sacad sub-clan of the Habar Gedir, both of which comprise of the larger Hawiye clan. As well, the Sheikhal, Saleebaan, and Ceyr of the Hawiye, the Ashraaf clan of the Rahanweyn are also included. The Habar Yoonis is a sub-clan of the Sheik Isaaq clan. They are famous for being the only sub-clan in Somaliland that has a sizable population in all the cities of Somaliland and Ethopia's Somali region. One of the ancestral cities of the Habar Yoonis is Burco and the Aroori plain, which they still inhabit and control to a great degree.

The Burco countryside where the Habar Yoonis dominate to this date.
• 1 Clan structure
o 1.1 Cali Saciid
o 1.2 Carre Siciid
o 1.3 Isaxaaq care Siciid
o 1.4 Ismaciil Carre Siciid
o 1.5 Cabdalle Ismaaciil
o 1.6 Muuse Cabdalle
o 1.7 Abokor Looge
o 1.8 Faarax Maxamed
• 2 Cumar Cabdalle
• 3 Adan Cumar
• 4 Mohamed Adan
• 5 Xildiid Maxamed
• 6 Cismaan Xildiid
• 7 Xirsi Cismaan
o 7.1 Ceynaashe Xirsi
o 7.2 Sugulla Ceynaashe
o 7.3 Muuse Ismaaiil
o 7.4 Yoonis Ismaaciil
• 8 Musa Care
• 9 Has Three Sons
• 10 Damal Muse
o 10.1 Habar Yoonis Sultans
o 10.2 Idaares Abdalle
• 11 References
• 12 External links

[edit] Clan structure
Saciid Ismaaciil (Garxajis) Is Nick name and Has two sons
[edit] Cali Saciid
(Hassan Haaji and Faarax haaji) Faarax Haaji 1)Ismail Faarax and abdi Faarax
Ismail Faarax 1) Reer ciagaale dheere 2) Reer collow 3) reer Amarre 4) Reer AWAD 5) Reer aw cabdi 6) reer xasan xirsi 7) reer cali xirsi 8) reer cadaawe

HASSAN Haaji, 1) reer samater 2) reer siyaad 3) abdi hassan 4) cismaan hassan 5)cumar xasan 6)jidh jidhan
[edit] Carre Siciid
• Carre Saciid (larger group)
Carre had seven sons:
• Ismaaciil Carre (Cabdale, Muuse and Yoonis)
• Muuse Carre(Ibraahim, Hassan and Damal)
• Isxaaq Carre(Kaliil, Cabdalle, Qaasim)
• Dandaan Carre
• Kuul Carre
• Gambo Carre
• Makaahiil Carre
[edit] Isaxaaq care Siciid
1)Cabdalle Isaxaaq 2)Qaasim Isaxaaq 3)Kaliil Isaxaaq
Cabdalle Isaxaaq= Ahmed Hassan and Hussein Hassan
* Hussein Hassan, ( heer ugaadh, ahmed liig, and cali abdalle).
* Ahmed Hassan, (mahamed ahmed, hussein hassan, and (geeda saluug, salah geel))
[edit] Ismaciil Carre Siciid
Ismaciil Carre, a branch of the Habar Yoonis, is considered to be the largest family branch of all branches within Somali clans. He is the only 4th generation descendant of Isxaaq who is buried along him in his tomb.
His lineage was: Ismaciil, son of Carre, son of Said, son of Ismaiil, son of Sheikh Isaaq bin Ahmed. Ismaciil had three sons: Musse Ismaciil (Gadhweyne and Reer Cawl), Abdalle Ismaciil (Cumar Abdalle, Idarees Abdalle and Muuse Abdale) and Yonis Ismaciil (Sacad Yonis). Ismaciil Carre members are recognized to be the backbone of the SNM struggle against the rule of Somali dictator Siad Barre. Ismaciil Carre members live mostly in the Hawd Ethiopia, Burco, Erigabo, Nugaal, Sanaag and Togdheer regions of Somaliland.
Three Sons of Ismaaciil Carre
1. Muuse Ismaacil (reer Awl + Gadhweyn)
2. Yoonis Ismaaciil (Sacad Yoonis)
3. Cabdalle Ismaaciil (majority of this section)
[edit] Cabdalle Ismaaciil
Cabdalle Ismaacil had three sons, the largest of his descendant are among the Cumar Cabdalle (Omar Abdalla).
1- Idrays Cabdalle a-Muuse idarays -xasan muuse -xasan magan -xasan buureed b-Max/ed idarays c-Siciid idarays
2- Muuse Cabdalle 3- Cumar Cabdalle
[edit] Muuse Cabdalle
1- Abokor Looge 2- Faarax Maxamed
[edit] Abokor Looge
A- Cigaal Abokor 1)Maxamed Cigaal (reer Maxamed Casse) 2)Xassan Cigaal (reer Diiriye) 3) Beyle Cigaal subdivided into 1) Bagaalo (Muuse cabdi + Maxamed cabdi) 2) Farax cabdi and 3)Ismaaciil cabdi 4) Maax Cigaal (reer maax).
B- Muuse Abokor (divisions of Muuse also missing)
C- Cali Abokor: 1. Hagar Cali ( Rooble Hagar, Faarax Hagar ) 2. Xasan Cali ( divisions of Muuse also missing)
[edit] Faarax Maxamed
A- Xasan Faarax B- Cali Faarax (Bah Warsangali + Cali Xasan) C- Jibriil Faarax +Xuseen Faarax(Ba-Gumaroon)
D- Cabdi Xasan Faarax)1)CUMAR CABDI{2}GADIID CABDI E- Allamagan Faarax
[edit] Cumar Cabdalle
had three sons:
A- Ugaadh Cumar (a sub clan by itself) B- Kaliil Cumar C- Adan Cumar (which is the most numerous at this junction).
[edit] Adan Cumar
3 sections:
1. Cigaal Adan (grouped into Gumbuur)
2. Maxamed Adan (the most numerous)
3. Cilmi Adan (reer Cilmi)
[edit] Mohamed Adan
2 sections:
1. Xildiid Maxamed (the most numerous)
2. Rooble Maxamed (Carabala).
A- Baho Rooble B- Reer Samatar (the most numerous)
Rooble/carabala, are the providers of Akils (Caaqil) for their alliane Baho ismail (Rooble Maxamed+Idarays cabdalle+Abokor xildiid)
[edit] Xildiid Maxamed
4 sections:
1- Xasan Xildiid (grouped within Gumbuur alliance) 2- Xuseen Xildiid (reer Xuseen): A- Ismaaciil Xuseen B- Samtar Xuseen c- Galab Xuseen.
3- Abokor Xildiid (reer Abokor): A- Cali Abokor (most numerous) B- Ibraahin Abokor
4- Cismaan Xildiid (the most numerous)
[edit] Cismaan Xildiid
1. Mumin Cismaan
2. Cali Cismaan (Ba-Dhulbahante)
3. Cabdi Cismaan (Ba-Dhulbahnate)
4. Maxamuud Cismaan (Ba-Dhulbahnate)
5. Xirsi Cismaan.
6. Ibrahim Cismaan
7. Iidle Cismaan
[edit] Xirsi Cismaan
8 sections:
1. Ceynaashe Xirsi (17 sections)
2. Siciid Xirsi (reer Weyd + reer Waraabe + reer Cigaal + Cabdi )
3. Cabdi Xirsi (Cawd and Diiriye)
4. Warsame Xirsi
5. Faahiye Xirsi (geedi and ducaale)
6. yuusuf Xirsi
7. Cali Xirsi
8. Xildiid Xirsi.
[edit] Ceynaashe Xirsi
17 sections
1. Axmed Ceynaashe
2. Liibaan Ceynaashe
3. Sugulla Ceynaashe ( 18 sections)
4. Guutaale Caynaashe
5. Guuleed Caynaashe
6. Xirsi Caynaashe
7. Samaale Caynaashe
8. Faarax Caynaashe
9. Ciise Caynaashe
10. Butiye Caynaashe
11. Maygaag caynaashe
12. Kooshin Caynaashe
13. Cumar caynaashe
14. Cigaal Caynaashe
15. Cabdi Caynaashe
16. Suubaan Caynaashe
17. Wacays Caynaashe
[edit] Sugulla Ceynaashe
1. Diiriye Sugulla ( Bah Makahiil and Baha Diiriye)
2. Axmed Sugulla
3. Roble Sugulla
4. Maxamuud Sugule (bah Adam madoobe)
5. Ducaale sugule (bah Adam madoobe)
6. Maxamed Sugule (bah Adam madoobe)
7. Wacays Sugule
[edit] Muuse Ismaaiil
The Muuse Ismaaciil sub-clan of the Habar Yoonis is the second in population after the Cabdalle Ismaaciil. They inhabit the Sanaag region in Somaliland, and some parts of Sool around the district of Xudun. The Muuse Ismaaciil are the traditional inhabitants of the city of Erigavo. Some sections of the Muuse Ismaaciil (reer Cawl) settle in Burco and parts of Ethopia around Gorgor and Qalocan area of Wardheer district. They traditionally had their own sultan who governed the eastern sections of the Habar Yoonis.
• Sultaan Ducaale Muuse(1890-1955)was the first M.Ismaaciil sultan
• Sultaan Cali Suldaan Ducaale (1920-1977)
• Sultaan Rashid Sultan Cali the present sultan (b.1955).
Muuse Ismaaciil tribal divisions are:
• Salax Muuse
• Maxamed Muuse (urursuge)
• Saalax Muuse ( Tuurwaa)
• Yoonis Muuse.
The Tuurwaa are the most numerous and they are three sections:
• Muuse Tuurwaa
• Jibriil Tuurwaa (Xasan and Yoonis) (Qori Jarato)
• Cismaan Tuurwaa
The Cismaan and the Muuse Tuurwaa are the main divisions in terms of population in this stage of segmentation and they spilt as the following:
Cismaan Tuurwaaa:
• Xaamud Cismaan
• Cawl Cismaan (reer Cawl)
Xaamud Cismaan, 3 sections:
• Maxamud Xaamud
• Cabdale Xaamud
• Cabdi Xaamud
• Cawl Cismaan, Ugaadhyahan Cawl (1 son) ,
• Beyle Ugaadhyahan Cawl
• Faarax Ugaadhyahan Cawl
The Beyle Ugaahyahan are the largest and are the traditional enemy of the Daarood (Dhulbahante) sub-clan, this is the only major H.Y sub-clan that shares land with the Dhulbahante in the Hawd region. From this section of the clan hails the famous Guba poet Yawle.
Beyle Ugaadhyahan
• Maax Beyle
• Gadiid Beyle
• Cismaan Beyle (Yawle's sub-clan)
• Adan Beyle.
Notice some sub-clan division are missing, specially the Muuse Tuurwaa the second largest in Muuse Ismaaciil.
[edit] Yoonis Ismaaciil
Yoonis Ismaaciil is better known as the Sacad Yoonis subclan. Sacad Yoonis members live mostly in the eastern part of Somaliland, more specifically in Burco city, Sanaag, Sool, and western Nugaal Regions of Somaliland. Two of the 82 Somaliland parliament seats are held by Sacad Yoonis clan members. The link below is a visual breakdown of the Sacad Yoonis clan structure.
Sacad's sons:
• Hasan Sacad (largest branch)
• Maxamed Sacad (Iidarays)
• Maxamuud Sacad (Reer Maxamuud)
Hasan Sacad had son called Jibriil Hasan
Jibriil's sons, Barkad Jibriil, Rooble Jibriil, Adan Jibriil,
Barkad Jibriil had four sons:
• Cali Barkad
• Hasan Barkad
• Camaar Barkad
• Jaamac Barkad
Cali Barkad had three sons
• Faahiye Cali (reer Faahiye Cali)
• Ahmed Cali (reer Axmed Cali)
• Naaleye Cali (reer Naaleeye)
Faahiye Cali had three sons:
• Bayle Faahiye
• Caweer Faahiye (reer Caweer)
• Xildiid Faahiye (reer Xildiid)
Bayle faahiye had son Cumaar Bayle:
Cumaar Bayle had eight sons:
• Nuux Cumaar (Reer Nuux)
• Maxamed Cumaar (reer Xuseen)
• Cabdale Cumaar (reer Cabdale)
• Cali Cumaar
• Xasan Cumaar
• Xuseen Cumaar
• jibriil Cumaar
• Guuled Cumaar
Nuux Cumaar had six sons "Reer Nuux"
1. Cali Nuux (reer Cali nuux)
2. Diiriye Nuux
3. Liibaan nuux
4. Guuled Nuux
5. Dibjir Nuux
6. Daahiir Nuux
Cali Nuux had eight sons
1. Abokor cali (reer Abokor)
2. Wade Cali (reer Wade)
3. Rable Cali (reer Rable)
4. Magan Cali (reer Magan)
5. Ducaale Cali (reer Ducaale Cali)
6. Maxamuud Cali (reer Maxamuud Cali)
7. Axmed Cali (reer Axmed Cali)
8. Ibraahim (reer Ibraahim)
First Sacad Yoonis Caaqil was reer Nuux and still all Sacad Yoonis chief Caaqil is reer Nuux. The Present Sacad Yoonis Chief Caaqil is Saciid Xasan Cali (xuxuule).
Maxamed Sacad - Iidarays
1. Muse Samatar (largest group of the IIdarays)
2. Cabdi Samatar (split into Ba' Arab and Fiqi Egaal)
3. Reer Wacays
Iidarays are the original inhabitants of Ceelafweyn (Ceelafween), a town between Burco and Ceerigabo in Sanaag province of Somaliland. Mahammed Nuur (Fiqi Egaal) was the first man to build a home near the famous water basin in the town. The town now has a sizable popualtion of habar-jeclo clan members who originally lived in the mountains in the vicinity of Ceelafweyn. Iidarays also live in Ceerigabo, Burco, Dararweyne, and Xudun Area. There is a large diaspora population of Sacad Yoonis branches in the UK.

2, Maxamud sacad is divided two parts.
[edit] Musa Care
[edit] Has Three Sons
Ibrahim Muse, Hasan Muse and Damal Muse
Ibrahim Muse is the Largest section in Muse Care and his grandsons are 6
1- Jibriil Adan Fiqi 2- Muuse Adan Fiqi 3- Cali Adan Fiqi 4- Muxumed Adan Fiqi 5- CabdulRaxmaan Fiqi 6- Samane Fiqi
[edit] Damal Muse
1- Roble Damal == 2- Adan Damal ==
[edit] Habar Yoonis Sultans
The royal sub-clan (the one that provides the Sultans) of the Habar Yoonis are the Reer Sugule, who hail from the Caynanshe branch of the Habar Yoonis.
1- The first H.Y Sultan was Sultan Diiriye Suguule (1760-1840) 2- Sultaan Amaan Sultan Diiriye (1790-1854). 3- Sultaan Xirsi Sultan Amaan (1824-1879) 4- Sultaan Cawd sultan Diiriye (1830-1899)
In 1899 Sultan Cawd (Awd) was killed during a battle with the rival Daarood (Ogaden) tribe in western Ethiopia. There were 2 first cousins sultans each supported by different segments of the Habar Yoonis clan some Pro-Devrish and others opposed to it, the Pro-Devrish sultan Nuur A. Amaan eventually defeated his opponent Madar X. Amaan and for a period of 15 years him and his son held the sultantes, only after their death did the H.Y proclaimed him a sultan.
5- Sultaan Nuur Axmed Sultan Amaan (1844-1910)killed during the Devrish struggle. 6- Sultan Doolaal Sultan Nuur(1856-1917)also killed during the Devrish years. 7- Sultaan Madar Sultan Xirsi Amaan (1876-1938) 8- Sultaan Cali Sultan Madar (1900-1979) 9- Sultan Xirsi Qani (1916-1987) 10- Sultaan Yuusuf Sultan Xirsi Qani (1925-1991) 11- Sultaan Ciise sultan Xirsi Qani (1929-1999) 12- Sultan Cismaan Sultan Cali sultan Madar (b 1957) 13- Sultaan Maxamed Sultan Xirsi Qani (born 1967)
[edit] Idaares Abdalle
The oldest of the Abdalle Ismaciil sub-clan, who were also Sultans of the Habar Yoonis. Together with Reer Sugule (Current Emirs) they are known as "Reer Odweyne" after their town and where the Sultans reside.
Before 1960.
1-Shermaarke Saalax Baasha (1790-1861) the conqueror of Zaylac and the man who for the first time in Somali history brought Zaylac under the rule of Somalis, the first Somali Qadiif who in 1825 with 5 cannons and 60 H.Y musketeers took Zaylac and forced its Arab ruler Maxamed Al Baari out. He was accorded the title of Qadiif Al Soomaal by Cabdixamiid Baasha and was presented with two Arab and one Turkish slave women. The founder of what was referred to as the Government of Zaylac.
2- Sultaan Diiriye Suguule (1760-1844) the first H.Y sultan and the originator of over 30 Somali idioms and sayings.
3- Boqor Xirsi Amaan the warrior king (1823-1879) the first founder of centralized northern Somali state, the first sultan who ever imposed regulated tax on both the coast of Berbera and Bulaxaar, coining the Somali term of "sed boqortooyo" before 'cashuur' was even known. The only power the Persian recognized in Somalia in their bid to counter Siiciid Baraqash and the first Somali man to be referred to King Amaan by the Qajar Shaah of Iraan in 1857. Every year via his connection to Suur sultanates of Oman he received his Royal Presents from Persia. His wars against the Kuumbo in furthering his borders south west to Somali Galbeed and his legendary death in the battle with his cousin Guuleed Xaaji is a legend even among his enemies the Kuumubs:
Keysahaa aduun ina Amaan Koos Dhan Buu Heleye
Isba kii bani Israel ma hadin kamana yaabayne
Ragbuu keeno gali yidhi weysa soo kabiye
Ragow Kibirka waa lagu kufaa taana hala ogaado.
4- Sultaan Nuur Amaan (1844-1910) the first sultan who declared war against the British and gave shelter to the Dervish when all Kuumbu sultanates including Garaad Cali Garaad Maxamud (who sent a letter to the Brits crying for their help against what he called new religious fanatics, and who was killed as result), Sultaan Cali Shire, Boqor Osman mahamoud sided with the colonials. The first battle of the Devrish took place in Burco in 1899 when Sultan Nuur Amaan led the new devrish to Burco and later was forced to withdrew. Sultaan Nuur Amaan abondened his Sultanate for the cause and later was killed some say by the Devrish some say by some Kuumbu's.

6- Engineer Said Faarax (1910-1963) the first Somali civil engineer and a graduate of Edinburgh University class of 1933, the designer of Burco city roads and much of colonial infrastructures.
7- Maxamud Axmed Cali the Father of Somali education, the first modern Somali educator.
8- Xaaji Yuusuf Xaaji Aadan (1914-2005)(second Father of Somali Education, the first founder of Somali political party in Somaliland and pioneer of Somali education also the composer of the Somali national anthem.
9- Maxamed Naxar the first chairman of the SNL before Maxamed Xaaji Ibraahim Cigaal and among its founders.
10- Sayid Axmed Sheekh Muuse (1910-1979) the founder of the first religious party Xizbul Allah in 1957 and first Somali graduate of Azhar university and the author of Xizbulaah wa Xizbul Shaydaan.
11- Abdirahman Ahmed Ali (tuur) First Somaliland President
[edit] References
Habar Jeclo
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Main article: Somali clan
Habar Jeclo (Somali: Habarjeclo) is one of the three main Isaaq (إسحاق) clans. They are comprised from three of Sheikh Isaaq Ahmed's sons, Muusa, Mohamed and Ibrahim binu Is-haaq. They mostly live in the eastern parts of the self-declared state of Somaliland, stretching from the outskirts of the city of Berbera all the way to Ceel Afweyn in Sanaag. and Evigavo
Of the three sons the majority (about 90%) of the Habar Jeclo are descended from Muse binu Is-haaq. There are many families and subclans within the Habar Jeclo clan. Some who are larger than others and others that are very prominent in overseas country but less so in Somaliland. For example the descendants of Musa make up four large groups, which in turn go down to even more and more families. The three largest Habar Jeclo subclans are believed to be the Barre Adrahman subclan of the Musa Abokor, the Noah subclan of the Mohamed Abokor and the Reer Yonis subclan of Muse Abokor. In Somaliland the Mohamed Abokor, Samane Abokor, Sanbuur and Cibraan settled in the Togdheer Region and Haud, while the Muse Abokor is more concentrated in the Sool and Sanaag Regions.
[edit] Major subclans
• Adan Madoobe (wolf of the north)
• Ahmed Faarah
• Alah Magan Abdulle
• Ali Barre
• Ba'iide
• Farah Ba'iide
• Ahmed Farah Ba'iide(the lion of the north)
• Bayle faarah
• Eibraan
• Fahiye Farah
• Idarays
• Omar Jibriil
• Reer Daahir (eagle of the north)
• Reer Dood
• Reer Yoonis
• Samane Abokor
• Solomadaw
• Sanbuur
• Uduruhmiin
• Yeesif
• Ibreem Yeesif
[edit] Notable Habar Jeclo people
• Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame 'Hadrawi', Somali poet and songwriter
• Ahmed M. Mahamoud Silanyo, Kulmiye chairman; former SNM chairman

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Habar Awal
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Main article: Somali clan
Habar Awal (Somali: Habar Awal) is one of the major subclans of the Somali Isaaq family. Its members inhabit the western and northern portions of Woqooyi Galbeed, Saaxil, and northern Togdheer regions of Somaliland. They also inhabit Ethiopia's eastern Haud area and Djibouti. The Habar Awal is named for the youngest son of Sheikh Ishaaq. Awal had six sons:
• Ciise Muuse
• Sacad Muuse
• Afgaab Muuse
• Egale Muuse
• Cabadala Muuse
• Celi Muuse
The Sacad Muuse spilts into Isaxaaq Sacad (Xuseen Abokor, Jibriil Abokor, Abdalah Abokor, Ugaadh Abokor, Ciisa, Makaahil, Muse Case, Maxamed & Yaasuf.) Cabdala sacad, C/rahman sacad and xassan sacad (cabdala xassan)
The main clans of Ciise Muuse Are
• Aadan Ciise
• Maxamed Ciise
• Abakor Ciise
• Iderays Ciise
Aadan Ciise :-(particularly the Aadan Ciise had nine sub-clans), Maxamuud Jibriil ( Aadan Ciise) are very powerful, Afgaab-Muuse Spilits into two Daahir Afgaab And Nageeye Afgaab. Celi muuse splits into the Maxamed celi and Xuseen celi.
Habar Awal reside in at least three of the six regions of Somaliland, namely Woqooyi Galbeed, Saaxil and Togdheer. Also, in Woqooyi Galbeed, there is a prominent district region called Gabiley where most of the farms of Somaliland are located.
The two main sources of revenue for the Somaliland comes from Saaxil (Berbera port) and Woqooyi Galbeed (Gabiley customs), also they have a wealth of amimals (camel, cattle and sheep) in an area from hargeisa go ogaden and this makes the Habar Awal a very powerful and influential tribe in Somali politics and certainly in Somaliland.
[edit] Notables
• Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal, president of the self-proclaimed Republic of Somaliland
• Abdillahi Suldaan Mohammed Timacade, prominent Somali poet
• Rageh Omaar, journalist who currently works for Al Jazeera English

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