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The Rer Bare (or Rerebere, Adona) are a tribe in Ethiopia's eastern Ogaden region on the Shabele River, near Somalia, who currently speak Somali. According to the Ethnologue, "it is uncertain if they spoke a different language earlier"; if so, it is extinct. It seems to have been first mentioned in print by Lionel Bender in 1975:
D. W. Mcclure, Sr. first reported to me the presence of Sudanese immigrants on the Wabi Shebelle River at Gode in the eastern Ogaden. They are said to have their own language, bearing the given name [Rerebere]. Later Taye Reya informed me that Sudanese immigrants are found along the Ganale and Dawa Rivers as well, and that they are referred to by the Somali as rer bare (rer means sub-tribe in Somali.) They are also known as adona, and they speak Somali as well as their own language... I cannot say with certainty whether they speak one or more languages of what any of them is... So far no linguistic data has come my way.
• Bender, M. L. The Ethiopian Nilo-Saharans. Artistic Printers, Addis Ababa 1975.
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• Ethnologue - Rer Bare
Wabi Shebelle River around Gode, eastern Ogaden, near Somali border, and along the Ganale and Dawa rivers.
Alternate names REREBERE, ADONA
Classification Unclassified.

Comments Bilingualism in Somali. They speak Somali. It is uncertain if they spoke a different language earlier. They are called 'Rer Bare' in Somali, which means 'tribe Bare.' Extinct.
Apart from Somali minority groups inhabiting the Ogaden, the other minority groups
practice flood recession irrigated agriculture along the Wabi Shebelle, Genale, Weib
and tributaries of these rivers. The minority groups include Rer Barre, Woredubbe,
Shebelle, Guruantee and Gerimaro (Ayele Gebre-Mariam & Tadesse Haile 1990).
Minority groups such as Boni, Yibir and Midgan live among the Somali clans and are

The clans living in Godey wereda mainly consist of
Abdalla Tolomogge, Rer Mohammed, Bah Gerri, Awdak and Abdille. Godey wereda
has an estimated cattle population of 352,000, 244,350 sheep, 135,000 goats and
45,000 camels and equines together (SCF-UK 2001b). The ecosystem of the wereda is
fragile and subject to intensive grazing, intensive destruction of tree for fuel wood and
construction material. The area is highly denuded and exposed to soil and wind erosion.
This phenomenon of environmental deterioration has been observed even during the
early 1990s (Ayele Gebre-Mariam & Tadesse Haile 1990).

Adadley wereda. According to SCF-UK (2001a), the wereda has a population of
46,661 persons. The clans in Adadley wereda are Awlihan, Abdille, Makahil, Harti,
Sherif, Shekash and Lelkede. 10% depend on riverine cultivation, 28% are agropastoralists,
60% are pastoralists and 2% are urban dwellers (SCF-UK 2001a). The
wereda was established in 1964 and then the headquarters was at Gereblow. Traces of
the village/settlement are not seen nowadays. In 1991, after the collapse of the Siyaad
Barre regime, the Awlihan returnees established Bohol Hagere as the new capital of the

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